My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 104, Campus bully

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Lin Hai just returned to the villa, and ah Hua came running with all her wounds.

“Where you don’t want to rob a bitch and fight with other dogs?” Lin Hai was shocked.

Ah Hua gave Lin Hai a resentful look and said with a cry: “Dad, you don’t need to be sarcastic. It’s not that you stole a look at the ghost girl’s body, and then ran away by yourself. As a result, she took it out on me. You see, I’m not handsome.”


What are you peeping? Is it better that he runs out without clothes?

But thinking of Chu lin’er’s furious appearance, Lin Hai was still a little scared.

Regardless of her, she can’t fight herself with peach wood sword.

“Lin Hai, you little thief!” As soon as she entered the room, Chu lin’er’s angry voice came out.

“Hey, what are you shouting at? You run naked in my house on your own initiative and complain about me! ” Lin Hai has a look of confidence.

“You, you…” Chu lin’er’s chest was rolling.

“What are you? Disagree? Fight me if you don’t agree. Come here, fight here! Can you fight? ” Lin Hai slapped his chest with a thumping face.

“Bang!” As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Hai got a foot in front of his chest and flew up and hit the wall.

“Lying trough! What’s the situation? ” Lin Hai is forced.

Nima, brother has peach wood sword. This chulin’er couldn’t fight himself before?

By the way, why didn’t the peach wood sword shine that white light?

Suddenly, Lin Hai remembered.

Grass and peach wood sword were polluted by Hu Wei before. How can I forget this stubble!

“Didn’t you let me hit you? This princess beat you to paper today! ” Chu lin’er takes one shot after another and beats Lin Hai violently.

Lin Hai holds his head and feels bitter.

Your sister, at last, knows what it means not to do.

What do you think you are doing to stimulate this aunt.

“Hu Wei, lie in the groove, your uncle!!!”

When I think of this beating, it’s all because Hu Wei has polluted his peach and wood sword, which can’t be avoided. Lin Hai’s cursing.

“Bang!” After a long fight, Chu lin’er kicked Lin Hai to the corner and collided with ah Hua.

“One dog, one man, give me that honest reflection!” Chu lin’er always worked out the tone, left a word and left.

Lin Hai squats in the corner of the wall. Look at me with ah Hua. I look at you. It’s all a face of bitterness.

“Dad, with my countless experience of reading bitch, I’ll give you an idea, find a chance to work with her, and become your woman, and she won’t dare to talk.”

“Fuck your sister!” Lin Hai kicked the unreliable dead dog aside.

Grass, live in the same room with this female ghost who has a strong tendency of violence. You can’t live without some self-defense.

Lin Hai thought about it, opened wechat and contacted Zhang Tianshi.

Little muddleheaded fairy: Zhang Tianshi, the peach wood sword is polluted. What should I do?

Zhang Tianshi will come back soon.

Zhang Tianshi: what’s the pollution?

Little muddleheaded fairy: the first saliva of Li Gui.

Tianshi Zhang: that’s easy to say. Just wash it with ambergris.

Little silly fairy: where is ambergris?

Tianshi Zhang: look for the Dragon King (a strange expression at the back)

Little silly fairy: don’t you have three bags of peach wood swords? (a tearful expression)

Well, Tianshi Zhang ignored him directly.

Nima’s, old man!

Lin Hai raised a middle finger.

I happen to have Dragon King of Donghai among my friends. Can I have some ambergris with him.

Little silly fairy: Dragon King, can you give some ambergris? Thank you, thank you! (a kneeling expression at the back)

East China Sea Dragon King: 1000 merit points 1 liang, do not bargain!

Lin Hai’s eyes turn white. Ma De, don’t say 1000. My brother has no merit.

Little muddleheaded fairy: can you owe it first? (a pitiful expression at the back)

Donghai Dragon King: busy, don’t make trouble if you don’t buy it.


Your sister! There was a slander in Lin Hai’s heart.

Ma De, I’ll have some saliva with you. As for it, if it’s not useful, I don’t want to give it to him for nothing. My brother doesn’t think you’re dirty.

Lin Hai thought about it, and suddenly he had a flash of inspiration.

Cao, I think you have ambergris. Ma De, go to find little Nezha!

Little Nezha is the Dragon Slayer if he doesn’t agree with him. Isn’t it a small idea to make some ambergris?

Thinking of Nezha, Linhai thought of the bellybag that saved Liu Xinyue’s life.

Before I said, I want to thank Nezha. Lin Hai thinks he can’t break his promise.

Out of the villa, Lin Hai thought as he walked, what gift would you give Nezha?

Carrots, too? Grass, obviously unsuitable.

When mentioning carrots, Lin Hai suddenly remembered that he owed a carrot to the golden flower boy. He promised to save Liushan and gave it to him.

Or give Nezha cigarettes?

No way!

Lin Hai thought about Nezha’s cigarette shape, and immediately shook his head.

Mad, take the bad children. The king of tota is not allowed to hunt himself down?

What can I do for you?

As Lin Hai walked, he looked at the shop by the side of the road.

“Well? One Piece Anime?” Lin Hai suddenly found a bookstall.

Shit, don’t kids like anime?

Lin Hai immediately had an idea. He bought a set of 30 pieces of One Piece.

Back at the villa, Lin Hai sent Nezha a a message.

Little muddleheaded fairy: is it there?

Uh huh? No response?

Little muddleheaded fairy: how about people? They can’t fall in love, can they? (a bad smile on the back)

This time, Nezha will be back soon.

Nezha: don’t talk about it. I’m in the little fairy class.


Attend class;class begins? Is he still in the fairy class?

Lin Hai immediately felt a bit of a pull.

Little muddleheaded fairy: what lessons do you have?

Nezha: learning from Laojun’s Daodejing, I’m bored to death. (a crying expression behind)

“Hahaha…” Lin Hai was amused.

Think of little Nezha, so lively and active, but sitting in the classroom, shaking his head and carrying the Tao Te Jing, I immediately feel full of joy.

Little silly fairy: give you a good thing.

You sent Nezha the first volume of the comic book “One Piece”.

Nezha: One Piece? What? I didn’t hear it when I was in the sea?

Lin Hai burst into sweat.

Nima, don’t bring a word of the sea, just go to the sea with you, OK?

Little muddleheaded fairy: just look at it.

After a while.

Nezha: Thank you, Taoist friends. I like this book so much!

Lin Hai saw that the time had come.

Little muddleheaded fairy: That, three princes, Xiaoxian has something, I want to ask you for a favor.

Nezha: what’s up? You say?

Fuck, look at the tone. It shouldn’t be a big problem.

Little confused fairy: Little Fairy needs some ambergris, but now there is no merit. Look

Nezha: wait a minute, ten Prince of the West Sea Dragon Palace, with me a class.

Lin Hai is surprised, lie trough, this little Nezha can’t go to kill that ten prince on the spot?

If that’s the case, Nezha can’t be provoked by the Dragon King of the West Sea, and NIMA can’t find herself desperately?

Although our people are in the world, who knows if these immortals have any means to kill themselves thousands of miles away.

Just thinking of ordering Nezha, wechat rang.

Open it.

Nezha sent you a bucket of ambergris.

Nezha: see if it’s enough. If it’s not enough, I’ll give them two mouths to make him vomit more.

Little silly fairy: enough, enough!

Nima, this little Nezha is just a super campus bully. He wants things by smoking his mouth!

Just about to extract ambergris, ah Hua runs over.

“Dad, Dad, you go to watch TV!”

“Watching TV?” Lin Hai went to the living room and was stunned at a glance.

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