My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 111, All the way

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Lin Hai finally breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he had enough to watch.

“Hahaha, Xiao Lin, at first I didn’t believe that you put down my soldiers. Just now, you have a good hand.”

“Commander in chief is flattering.” Lin Hai waved his hands.

“What is humility? Do you think my guard even eats dry food? If you can get rid of them, you really have the ability. ” Zhan Xiangrong waves his hand.

“The brothers of the commander are not weak.”. Lin Hai hurriedly replied.

“Commander Zhan, do you know Mr. Lin?” Peng Tao came up and said in surprise.

“Ha ha, yes, Xiao Lin and I have known each other for a long time.”

When Peng Tao heard this, he was relieved. It’s very good. He doesn’t need to offend anyone.

Think about it, don’t you?

Since you two have known each other for a long time and seem to know each other well, can you find a place to sit down and say something? Block up the road of Mao, isn’t it disturbing?

Thinking of this, Peng Tao takes a step forward.

“Commander in chief, do you want to let it go first? You can see that the car has been blocked for a long time.”

“Oh, yes. First, remove the guard post. Don’t give any trouble to director Peng.” Zhan Xiangrong said in a hurry.

Grass, don’t give me any trouble? The boss of trouble.

“Commander in chief, Mr. Lin, I won’t bother you to reminisce about the past. I’ll leave if there’s something else in the Bureau.”

Peng Tao said hello and left with a group of policemen.

“Xiao Lin, are you going back home? I’ve been investigated by the Intelligence Section before. Is your route ready to go on the highway? ” Zhan Xiangrong asked.

Hearing this, Lin Hai was speechless for a while.

As for NIMA? In order to deal with me, even his intelligence department has used it. Should my brother be flattered, or should he not laugh or cry?

“Commander Zhan, I’m going back to my hometown to take my parents and sister to live in the city.” Lin Hai replied truthfully.

“Oh, the whole family is moving to the city.” Zhan Xiangrong nodded.

“Xiao Guo!” Zhan Xiangrong suddenly turns around and shouts to Guo Fei.

“Come!” Guo Fei stands upright.

“Take up the second platoon and follow me back. You take the third platoon and follow Xiao Lin to move back.” Zhan Xiangrong suddenly said.

“Yes!” Guo Fei made a salute and arranged for the soldiers to go.

What? Lin Hai is covered again.

What’s the meaning of this? Get yourself a truck of soldiers back to move?

Nima, do you want to be so active?

“Commander in chief, don’t bother…”

“Xiao Lin, what are you polite to me? Don’t worry. Let them go and do it properly for you.” Zhan Xiangrong waves his hand and gets on the command car.

“Go home and take care of your parents. Then I’ll invite my brother and sister-in-law to dinner.”

“Ah, commander in chief…” Didn’t wait for Lin Hai to finish saying, the command car butt a smoke, quickly drove away.

“Alas.” Lin Hai sighed. What’s the matter?

Back home, NIMA took a guard platoon. I didn’t know that I thought I was going to kill the bandits.

But Zhan Xiangrong is also kind. Lin Hai can’t let these people go back. Who knows if Zhan Xiangrong thinks he won’t give him face?

“Chief, when shall we start?” Just thinking, Guo Fei came over and asked Lin Hai for instructions.


Nima, why did brother change his head after a while?

“So, instructor Guo?” Lin Hai and Zhan Xiangrong knew Guo Fei’s position when they chatted.

“You see, I’m a few years younger than you, and I’m a student. Don’t call me chief. Call me Xiaolin or Haizi.”

“Ha ha, OK, then call you Haizi.” Guo Fei also felt that it was awkward to be called chief Lin Hai, but he was so familiar with Commander Zhan that he could only follow him.

“Coach Guo, I’m sorry for the injury to your brother.” Now that the settlement has been reached, Lin Hai also expressed his apology.

“Well, after this, I believe that they will train harder in the future, which is a good thing!” Guo Fei’s character is also very straightforward, and Lin Hai and Zhan Xiangrong are closely related, but he has no shelf for himself and others, and his liking for Lin Hai suddenly increases.

“It’s late. Let’s go.” Lin Hai got on the bus and took the lead in the road ahead.

The bald BMW followed the back of Linhai, looking at the truck of soldiers behind, and suddenly felt dizzy.

Lying trough, Shifu has such a strong relationship with the commander that he directly sent a car of soldiers to help move the house. Even if the whole Jiangnan City, there is no one else.

Ma De, I’m master’s big apprentice. Is this truck of soldiers easy for me to talk?

If I don’t like who I see one day and wave my hand, these soldiers will go up and kill him in no time?

Wow, he’s so cool.

Bareheaded driving and daydreaming all the way, Lin Hai received his mother’s call.

“Haizi, are you almost there?” Mother’s words are very anxious.

Lin Hai’s heart tightened.

“It’s going to take another hour. What’s the matter, Ma?”

“Alas, because of the land in the East, your father and Li erling ‘

“Mom, you go to look at Dad. Don’t conflict with others. What’s the matter? Wait until I arrive!” Lin Hai Hung up the phone, and his heart suddenly mentioned his voice.

If there is a conflict with others, Lin Hai is not worried, but Li Erleng is different.

Although the village of the Linhai family is called xiaolinjiawan, there are not many people with the surname of Lin, but those with the surname of Li are big families.

From Lin Hai’s recollection, the village head of xiaolinjiawan, that is, the Li family, took turns to do so, so that the people surnamed Li in the village all felt superior.

I don’t know when the younger generation of the Li family began to get together and hang around in the village to do some sneaky business.

In the village, many residents have been usurped by these people, but they are overbearing and overbearing, and they often scold the villagers without any reason.

Someone once told the town, but the town was also pacified. After all, the surname Li was a big family, and the town was not easy to deal with. Finally, it was a warning.

In this way, the arrogance of these people is even more encouraged. They not only retaliate against the complaining villagers, but also threaten that whoever dares to fight against Li’s family again will let him out of Xiaolin’s Bay.

The villagers dare not to be angry. After that, if there is any conflict with the Li family, they basically choose to keep silent and eat dumb to protect their safety.

Today, Li Erleng, as mentioned by his mother, is the backbone of the group, and his father is stubborn. Lin Hai is really afraid that his father will have a conflict with them and suffer losses!

Thinking of this, Lin Hai was so worried that he stepped on the accelerator and went straight to the end, racing up at the high speed.

Look behind the bald head, I’ll wipe it. Shifu, do you want to drive fast?

As an apprentice, we should naturally follow the master’s steps. The speed of bareheaded and strong is also raised.

Two luxury cars drove directly to 200mph, which made it hard for the big truck behind them.

“Instructor, what to do? I can’t keep up. ” The driver asked Guo Fei, the copilot.

Guo Fei frowned. He didn’t know why Lin Hai suddenly accelerated, and it was still so fast.

But he knew why he came here. If everyone lost, he would help move a hammer home?

If I can’t help you, I will fight commander’s temper, and I will not split myself when I go back.

Mark, Guo Fei is biting his teeth.

“Step on the gas pedal to the end, keep up with me!”

An hour’s journey, directly let Lin Hai open into 20 minutes.

After getting off the highway, Lin Hai’s car speed is not reduced, and he runs on the asphalt road in the countryside.

Lin Hai’s eyes were red with blood, and his heart mentioned his throat.

“Father, don’t be busy, don’t be busy, wait for me to come back, wait for me to come back!”

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