My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 114, This compensation is reasonable

Lin Hai also found the motorcade that came at a gallop, making a look at Guo Fei.

Guo Fei walked to the side of the road and took a submachinegun from the soldier.

“Dada…” Towards the road in front of the motorcycle, there was a little shooting.

When the gun rang, the Li family were all shocked.

Tinkle! The stick fell to the ground. Several people squatted on the ground directly, holding their heads and shivering.

Mad, these soldiers dare to shoot.

“Crouch!” The motorcycle headed by a sudden brake fell to the ground, the back of the rush also stopped.

“What are you doing!” Guo Fei took a gun and shouted loudly.

“Road, passing by.” The first tattooed man with a bare arm, he got up and nodded.

“Yes, passing, passing.” Behind a group of young people riding motorcycles, also hurriedly accompanied the smiling face to build stubble road.

“Passing by?” Guo Fei eyebrows a horizontal, “Why do everyone pass a knife with him passing by?”

“Ah, go home and cook. It’s for chopping. It’s for chopping.”

“Cutting vegetables? Chopping vegetables or something?” He cuts vegetables with a machete? “Get out of here! ” Guo Fei shot them at one end.

“No, don’t shoot. get out. We’ll get out of here.”

These motorcyclists come and go faster. They are scared by Guo Fei and run away.

Driving far away, the first motorcycle stopped. Fei Yangyang took out his mobile phone and called the skinny monkey.

“Boss Fei, why did you just come and leave…”

“Lie in your mother’s bed!” Before the thin monkey finished speaking, Fei Yangyang was furious.

“If you want to die, what can I do! Grass mud horse, scared me to pee! Mad, I’ll settle with you later! “

Hang up the phone, thin monkey a face of bitter force came to Li Sanleng.

“Brother Sanleng, Fei Yangyang counseled, saying that he had just peed his pants.”

Li Sanleng gave him a blank look. NIMA, you think it’s just him peeing. Just now when the gun rang, I didn’t pee either.

At this time, a police van, whistling over.

“What’s the matter? He’s not here… ” As soon as Zhang Fan got out of the car, he roared arrogantly.

It’s just that, halfway through, something’s wrong.

Zhang Fan’s head was buzzing when he found the soldiers in front of him.

“My mother, what’s the situation?”

Quickly ran two steps, came to Guo Fei.

“That, comrade captain, I am the director of the town police station. You are…”

“Police station director?” Guo Fei glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

“Come on, there’s nothing for you here. What should I do?”

Guo Fei waved to Zhang Fan, the head of a local police station in a town, and he would not take it seriously.

“Here…” Zhang Fan is in trouble. In his own area, there are a group of soldiers with guns and live ammunition. What’s the obvious conflict between them and the common people? What’s the matter without me?

If anything happens to him, I will be dismissed first!

But he didn’t dare to challenge these soldiers. He looked left and right.

“Huh?” When he saw Lin Hai, Zhang Fan’s eyes were bright, and then he came running.

“Oh, director Zhang, you can come!” Li Chusheng thought that Zhang Fan was running for him, and rushed to meet him.

“Director Zhang, look at these people. They are bandits. Now it’s fa…”

“Ha ha, Xiao Lin is back.” Zhang Fanli didn’t pay any attention to him. He passed him directly and came to Lin hai, greeting him warmly.

He can remember that last time the great man in the sky had a close relationship with Lin Hai in front of him. Even mayor Huang was trying to flatter the old Lin family.

Moreover, it’s said that mayor Huang will be promoted to Secretary in a short time. It’s said that if he didn’t climb up to the great man through the old Lin family, the secretary would probably parachute, and he won’t be able to turn at all.

Zhang Fan thought that he had been in this remote area for four or five years. If he could climb the tree of the Lin family, maybe he could go further and become a director of the county.

Therefore, at the sight of Lin Hai, Zhang Fan came running over, which was called a passion.

“Director Zhang, here…” Li Chusheng is directly stupid.

I haven’t heard about Zhang Fan’s friendship with the old Lin family. How can he be familiar with the old Lin family boy?

“Director Zhang, what are you doing here?” Lin Hai’s impression of Zhang Fan is neither good nor bad, because before, his family had no right to contact others.

Zhang Fan has been in the grass-roots for many years. He has been practicing monkey essence for a long time.

When he saw Lin Wen, he was angry. He was supported by Lin Hai and a beautiful girl, and her body was still stained with mud.

On the opposite side, all the village ruffians of Li’s family were pointed at by a group of soldiers with guns, and there was a pile of fallen sticks on the ground. How could he not understand?

“Xiao Lin, I’ve received reports from the masses. They say that Li family and others are going to bully your father with their guns and sticks. I’m in a hurry. Ma De is pretty good. Under the rule of Zhang Fan, how can these bastards be allowed to behave wildly? I’ll come here in person.”

Zhang Fan opens his eyes and lies there.

“Director Zhang, you…” Li Chusheng was directly shocked by Zhang Fan’s shamelessness.

“What are you? I’ll tell you, village head Li, take good care of the young people in your family. If you go on like this, I’ll catch them all sooner or later!” Zhang Fan’s words were correct, and he scolded loudly.

Lin Hai is funny for a while. This Zhang Fan is really a man. What can I say when I see him.

Lin Hai did not expose it, but smiled at Zhang Fan.

“Director Zhang, since you are here, I will leave it to you.”

“Don’t worry, Xiao Lin, I’ll deal with it. Who dares to bully the honest man by relying on the large number of people? I shot him.” Zhang Fan’s chest shot of the sound of the mountain, a big look.

“Uncle Lin, what’s going on? You tell me, don’t be afraid, I’ll make up my mind for you! ” Zhang Fan turns his head to Lin Wen.

“Hum, director Zhang, Li Erleng has occupied a part of my house. I asked him for a theory. He was unreasonable and pushed me down. Everyone saw it.” Lin Wenqi said.

“Bastard!” Zhang Fan seems to have heard how hurtful things are, turning around sadly.

“Um … Li Erleng! Where are you dead? ” After watching for a long time, Leng didn’t find Li Erleng.

“Director Zhang, I am here.” Li Erleng’s mouth is leaking the wind and says a weak sentence.

Looking at the pig’s head, Zhang Fan was shocked.

“You, are you Li Erleng?”

Zhang Fan said in secret that he was so ruthless. I don’t think he could even recognize his mother.

“Why do you occupy the land of Lao Lin’s family? Ah! When people come to you for theories, they are also unreasonable. They hurt people and turn against you! I don’t know how to compensate for the occupation of other people’s land! ” Zhang fan blows beard to scold with wide eyes.

“Who said no, I, I did?” Li Erleng whispered.

“Compensate?” Zhang Fan was stunned by this.

Li Chusheng was at a loss. Hearing that Li Erleng had already paid for it, he was very happy and rushed over.

“Er Leng, do you say you have paid for it?”

“Compensate, compensate.” Li Erleng is a little guilty.

“How much did you lose?”

“There it is.” Li Erleng pointed to the twenty yuan on the ground.


Li Chusheng stared at the crumpled 20 yuan on the ground and blinked.

“That’s twenty dollars?” Li Chusheng asked with a confused face.

“Yes, yes.” Li Erleng said with his head down.

Your sister!

Li Chusheng would like to rush up and slap him twice.

Mad, I thought things were going to change. NIMA, it’s a good thing. It’s evidence for others.

You can see that you are bullying people by paying them 20 yuan for one point.

Zhang Fan picked up the twenty yuan and laughed directly.

“I said Li Erleng, you and he treat people as monkeys, and pay 20 yuan for one point. Then he will look for this market!” Zhang Fan directly threw the money on Li Erleng’s face.

“Twenty yuan for one piece of land. I think the compensation is reasonable.” A voice, behind him.

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