My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 126, Play together

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As soon as Lin Hai looked up, he saw a fat middle-aged man come in.

“Chief Zhu.” Two guards, they said hello.

“Um.” Zhu Dachang snorted.

“Boy, are you kicked in the head by a donkey and dare to run to the city government to make trouble?” Zhu Dachang held his nostrils high and said.

“Which scallion are you?” Lin Hai has two legs. Now Mayor Tang has sent someone to invite him. What section chief would he be afraid of?

“What’s the matter with you! My name is Zhu Dachang. I’m the driver of secretary general Niu of the municipal government. Just call me Zhu section chief. ” Zhu Dachang looked at Lin Hai and said.


“What’s your name?” Lin Hai put his legs down and blinked.

“Zhu Dachang, what’s the matter?”

“Ha ha, it’s OK, pig large intestine. It’s a good name.” Lin Hai gave him a thumbs up.

“Little boy, Mayor Tang is in charge of politics and law. I’m afraid it’s hard to deal with if you commit it in his hands.” Zhu Dachang said meaningfully.

Lin Hai ignored him and sat in his chair humming.

“Hello, I have a good relationship with Mayor Tang’s driver, sha ge. Don’t need me to tell you two good words?” Zhu Dachang twists his fingers toward Lin Hai and whispers.

Nima, Linhai knew at a glance that this was for their own good.

“Section chief Zhu, thank you for your kindness. You are a good man. How can I thank you?” Lin Hai pretends to be weak.

Zhu Dachang’s eyes are bright. This boy is very good.

“I’m a soft hearted person, and I like helping others. Last time someone asked me for help, he had to give me 10,000 yuan afterwards. I said nothing.” Zhu Dachang said in a righteous way.

Nima, it’s really dark. As long as he is the driver, it will cost 10000 yuan to say a word.

“Well, chief Zhu, my family is relatively poor and has little money. But, thank you for that. I feel sorry again.” Lin Hai pretends to be in a dilemma.

“Otherwise.” Lin Hai’s eyes suddenly brightened. “My family just killed a pig yesterday, or I’ll give you some intestines. But the pig’s large intestine is dirty and disgusting, which makes people feel sick.”


Zhu Dachang didn’t react. The two guards couldn’t hold back and laughed directly.

“My grass, do you play with me!” Zhu Dachang is in a hurry.

Lin Hai’s legs are up again.

“You see I’m playing you? Grass, you really shouldn’t be called pig large intestine. You should be called pig brain. “

“Bastard, are you looking for death!” Zhu Dachang’s face is blue.

Two guards were at the door, laughing.

“Is that man still there?” Suddenly, a young man’s voice sounded at the door.

Zhu Dachang hurriedly turned around and then ran away.

“Ah, shage, you’re back. I’ll tell you that this kid is very dishonest. You have to tell Mayor Tang that you can’t let him go. You’d better shut the Public Security Bureau for a few days.”

Lin Hai’s eyes almost protruded.

Nima, this man is in his twenties. Do you think Zhu Dachang has seen him for more than 40 years? He’s called brother?

He’s so shameless.

Sha wujingli ignored him and went straight to Lin Hai.

“Mr. Lin, I’m Xiao Sha, Mayor Tang’s driver. I’ll pick you up.” Sha Wujing said respectfully.

“Brother Sha, he…” Zhu Dachang was stunned.

“Xiao Sha is right. This big brother is asking for bribes from me. I, a common man, dare not offend him. If he doesn’t talk, I dare not go with you.” Lin Hai pretends to be afraid.

“Brother Sha, don’t listen to his nonsense, he…” When Zhu Dachang heard this, he was immediately frightened.

“Oh? Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, I will tell Mayor Tang the truth. ” Said the sand without scenery.

Seeing Lin Hai and Sha Wujing go out one by one, Zhu Dachang falls to the ground directly.

The car soon arrived at the first people’s Hospital of the city.

As soon as Lin Hai got off, Du Chun met him.


“See Secretary Hou first.” Secretary Hou’s situation has nothing to do with himself. Lin Hai is still very interested.

Entering the ward, Lin Hai put his hand on Hou xianpin’s wrist and closed his eyes.

“Strange.” Lin Hai used the medical skills inherited by the king of medicine to diagnose the pulse of Hou xianpin, but found that everything was as usual, and there was no problem at all.

“How about master?” Du Chun hurriedly said that Tang Sen also looked at Lin Hai nervously.

“It’s not a pathological problem.” Lin Hai shook his head.

“Is that really evil?” Du Chun was a little surprised.

“Find me an empty office.”

Hearing this, Du Chun took Lin Hai directly to his office and closed the door.

The symptom of Hou xianpin, Lin Hai suspected, was related to the peach blossom robbery.

In this case, we can only ask those immortals.

Lin Hai sent a message directly to Tieguai Li.

Little muddleheaded fairy: are you there? I used the water of yaochi to help people break the peach blossom robbery, but the peach blossom robbery is gone, but people are unconscious, and vital signs are passing.

Tieguai Li: (a row of shocked expressions)

Your sister! Lin Hai is really convinced. Every time he chats with himself, he looks like this.

Little silly fairy: what do you mean? Speak up!

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, according to your description, this should be a peach blossom killing robbery.

Peach blossom killing? Hearing the name, Lin Hai felt bad.

Little muddleheaded fairy: what do you mean?

Tieguai Li: the Peach blossom killing is a unique one in Peach Blossom Robbery. The peach blossom killing, he will be die in three days!

Lin Haimeng’s surprise, Hou xianpin’s life, really only three days left.

Little confused fairy: is there any way to solve it?

Tieguai Li: Yes.

Lin Hai breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he could crack it.

Little muddleheaded fairy: how to crack it?

Tieguai Li: Peach blossom killing are usually controlled by people. The killer himself is also a victim. You need to do two things. First, find the killer himself and pour a ladle of water from the yaochi pool on him. Then the robbered will be unconscious. Second, find the controller and break his peach blossom standard.

Lin Hai thought about it. The first one was easy to say. He asked the fairy of yaochi for another ladle of water, and then find the peach and splash it.

But this second one is a little more difficult. Let ’s not talk about finding someone who controls it. Lin Hai does n’t understand what it is like.

Little muddleheaded fairy: how to break the peach blossom standard?

Tieguai Li: it’s different from person to person. You need to control the person’s birthday. Only in this way can you find out his peach blossom standard. Remember, all in three days.

Lin Hai closes his cell phone. Time is pressing. Come one by one.

Find Yaochi Fairy’s WeChat.

Little muddleheaded fairy: fairy, I need a ladle of water from the yaochi.

Ding Dong!

The fairy sent you a ladle of water.

I’m so happy!

Yaochi Fairy: did you send me that mask yesterday?

Lin Hai looked at it and saw that it was the mask that worked.

Little silly fairy: how about the fairy?

Lin Hai didn’t say if he had any, but first asked yaochi fairy about the effect of using it, so that he could be sold at a later price.

Lin Hai suddenly felt that he had the potential to be a profiteer.

Yaochi fairy: no use.


No Lin Haimeng is forced!

But soon yaochi fairy sent another message, which made Linhai’s eyes bright.

Yaochi Fairy: however, this mask is very strange. The main reason for the failure is the essence. The ingredients of the essence are all very ordinary. There is no effect, but if you use the water from my pool, it will be perfect. Are you interested in working together to improve the mask and sell it to heaven?

What? Lin Hai stared at the message of the fairy in yaochi, his eyes almost protruding.

Little silly fairy: no problem!

Stupid is not interested! Lin Hai quickly sent the information.

Yaochi fairy: OK, next, let’s talk about sharing.

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