My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 131, Find a pigsty to live in

Zhao Kun couldn’t believe his eyes when he looked at the man and woman around the corner.

“This …” It’s exactly the same as the old Taoist priest!

When the old Taoist saw Zhao Kun’s expression, he knew that the boy had believed, but to be on the safe side, he had to strengthen it.

“Shangxian, maybe only once. You may think it’s a coincidence. Let’s do it again.”

Said the old Taoist, looking round the corner again.

“Next, there are a pair of middle school students in school uniforms, and they come here cuddling and kissing each other. Three, two, one! Appear! “

Just after the old Taoist’s voice fell, two middle school students turned out from the corner.

“Trough!” Zhao Kun’s eyes almost fell to the ground. This time, he was really confused.

After swallowing hard, Zhao Kun turned his head to the old Taoist.

“Shangxian, if you still don’t believe it, let’s guess the next one is…”

“Stop stop stop. I believe it. I believe it.” Zhao Kun hurriedly stops the old Taoist.

“That, you say I really am immortal reincarnation?” Zhao Kun’s two small eyes began to shine.

“That’s right.” The old Taoist nodded heavily.

“Then, which immortal am I?”

“Which immortal?” As soon as the Taoist’s eyes turned, “you didn’t find that you were different from others in any aspect in your life”

“Different from others?” Zhao Kun frowned and thought for a long time, “No.”

“Grass, he really has no characteristics. How can you make it up for you?” The old Taoist scolded.

“No way, just think about it, even if it’s a little different.”

Zhao Kun frowned again and thought for a while.

“If there is any difference between me and others, it is that I seem to be able to eat and sleep better than others.”

“Woges, can you eat and sleep? Isn’t NIMA a a pig?”

“Why?” The old Taoist’s eyes brightened, “yes!”

“Don’t move, let me have a good look!” The old Taoist suddenly surprised and stared at Zhao Kun for a while.

“Ah, ah!” The old Taoist suddenly cried out in shock.

“Hello, what’s the matter? What are you calling? ” This call made Zhao Kun panic.

“So it is, so it is.” The old Taoist suddenly realized.

“Grass, you don’t have to sell. Hurry up.”

“Shangxian, your past life is famous. When it comes to you, almost no one knows it. No one knows it.”

Zhao Kun is happy.

“Haha, it’s true. Then tell me who I am after all?”

“You are the commander in charge of the 80.000 naval forces in Heaven, marshal Tianpeng!”


“Who, who? Marshal Tianpeng? ” Zhao Kun almost fell to the ground.

“Old Taoist, you dare to play with me?” Zhao Kun is angry.

“Oh, marshal Tianpeng, where do you start?” The old Taoist made a panic.

“Grass. Do you think brother hasn’t read the journey to the west? Brother yesterday he did not see, that day Marshal Peng is pig Bajie, he did not scold me as a pig”

“Marshal Tianpeng, you are not right.” The old Taoist shook his head.

“What’s wrong? Grass, if you can’t give me a reason, I can’t spare you! “

“Pig Bajie is just the baby you gave in a certain life, which doesn’t mean that you are pig for generations.”

“… Is that so? ” Zhao Kun scratched his head.

“Sure, for example, in this life, do you think you are a pig?”

“Grass, I’m not a pig.” Zhao Kun stared.

“That’s it.” The old Taoist heart said, ‘you are not a pig indeed. You are no fool than a pig.’.

“There seems to be some truth.” Zhao Kun blinks. His head is not enough.

“Then, why can’t I?” Zhao Kun suddenly thought of a very important question.

“That’s because you haven’t awakened the memory of your previous life.” The old Taoist said with great significance.

“How can we wake up?” Zhao Kun asked in a hurry.

Damn it, if I wake up, who am I afraid of?

Cao, I will be the first to rob Ling ChuChu. No, I will rob all the beauties for my own enjoyment.

Wow, ha ha! Zhao Kun is excited when he thinks about it.

“Hello, I’m going to ask you. Let’s talk.” When the old Taoist frowned, Zhao Kun urged.

The old Taoist sighed and shook his head.

“Trough, what do you mean?” Zhao Kun is in a hurry.

“Marshal Tianpeng, it was not difficult to restore his power, but now it seems that it is not easy.”

Zhao Kun is a fool. NIMA, if you can’t restore your power, you can play a hammer.

“What’s the best way to do it?” you said

“With all due respect.” The old Taoist suddenly looked serious.

“One of Marshal’s old enemies is reincarnated. He is trying to stop you from restoring your power! If let him succeed, marshal is not only the problem that the power can’t recover, I’m afraid that his life is also worrying. “

“Lying trough, who is it? I let my father kill him! ” Zhao Kun is nervous.

“I don’t know about this poor man, but he has already begun to act, and there is a trace.”

The old Taoist said, and suddenly reached Zhao Kun’s ear.

“Marshal, if I think it’s right, there should be a very strange person recently, who gave you a plant to hurt people and get something!”

Zhao Kun was surprised. “I think.”

As soon as the old Taoist rolled his eyes, NIMA and his brother all reminded him so clearly, how could he still think? He is a pig.

“Ah! I remember! ” Zhao Kun looks frightened.

“Remember what? Say it quickly! ” Said the old Taoist hurriedly.

“Some time ago, there was a man with a mask. It was strange. Give me a peach blossom, let me throw it on a girl named Tao Tao, and it will wither after throwing it. “

“What? Hey! It’s over! ” An old Taoist’s remorseful foot.

“What’s over? You need to be clear!” Zhao Kun is afraid.

“Ah, that man is your old enemy!”

“What!” Zhao Kun is stupid directly.

“If I’m not wrong, you should have something in your hand. He will let you give it to your family. In this way, your family will be finished. It’s too cruel!”

“Look!” Zhao Kun listens, hurriedly took peach’s cell phone out.

When the old Taoist saw him, he was frightened.

“Marshal, this is the cell phone! You, don’t move, take it quickly, quickly, and it’s too late! ” The old Taoist shouted anxiously.

“Ah? Oh, here you are. ” Zhao Kun hurriedly handed over his mobile phone.

The old Taoist put his cell phone in his pocket, ha ha! The auction information is here!

“What can I do now?” Zhao Kun asked anxiously.

The old Taoist frowned.

“Marshal, it’s too late. I’m not sure if I can succeed. I can only try.”

“What? It’s late? No, you must help me. ” An old Taoist almost scared Zhao Kun to tears.

“There is only one way to do it.” The old Taoist seems to have made a great resolution.

“Marshal, tell me the birthdate of your life. Remember, there can be no mistakes. Otherwise, the Jade Emperor will come and you will not be saved.”

“Birthday birthdate ? I don’t know. “

Zhao Kun panicked and took out his mobile phone.

“Mom, what’s my birthday?”

“Oh, please don’t worry, tell me quickly!”

“Mom, are you sure? Are you sure? OK, I see. “

After a while, Zhao Kun told the old Taoist about the result of greeting.

The beauty in the old Taoist’s heart, ha ha, this fool, is so easy to be cheated by this brother.

“Old Taoist, what can I do now?”

“Marshal, it’s not too late. I’ll go back to work.”

“Ah, well, then go quickly and do well.”

The old Taoist took two steps and turned around again.

“Marshal, this time it’s really extremely dangerous. I’m not sure I can save you. For today’s plan, it’s more up to you.”

“By me?” Zhao kunmeng.

“Yes! Marshal, you were pig Bajie in the last life, so next, you’d better find a pigsty to live in, eat, live and entertain with the pig every day. As long as you stick to it for a week, the magic power of pig Bajie in that life can be awakened. In this way, no one else in the world is your opponent, so you can rest assured. “

“What, you want me to live with pigs?”

“Well, marshal, if you are in a hurry for power, you should decide whether you want life or face.”

Then the old Taoist shook his head and went away.

Zhao Kunleng in situ, for a long time, just a bite of teeth, out of the phone.

“Ma De, son of a dog, please contact a pigsty for me!”

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