My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 132, Catch a hooligan

Lin Hai found a place where nobody was. He changed his clothes back.

“Hahaha, Zhao Kun is such a fool. He really believes that he is pig Bajie.”

“Huh?” At a glance, Tao Tao is still staying in place. Lin Hai also sighs. It seems that Tao Tao is sincere to Hou xianpin.

When he walked over, Lin Hai made a bang and removed the soul-locking chain.

“You, are you human?” Tao Tao’s mouth is wide open.

“Okay, you don’t have to worry about whether you are a human or not. Now it’s time to save Hou Xianpin.” Lin Hai took a taxi and went directly to the hospital.

“Master…” Du Chun has been waiting in the hospital.

“Go to your office.” Lin Hai sits down in Du Chun’s office, and Tao Tao goes directly to Hou xianpin’s ward.

Lin Hai opens wechat, finds tie Guai Li, and directly Posts Zhao Kun’s birthday.

Little muddleheaded fairy: how to break his peach blossom standard?

Tieguai Li: You found it so quickly (there is a row of shocked expressions behind)

Damn You! Lin Hai couldn’t say anything to Tieguai Li’s shocked expression.

Little muddleheaded fairy: hurry up.

Tieguai Li: Wait for me to figure it out.

After a while.

Tieguai Li: (a row of shocked expressions)

Lin Hai is going crazy. You are so shocked all day long.

Little muddleheaded fairy: say something!

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, this kid’s peach blossom standard is too bad, and if I think it’s right, the peach blossom robber is dead, because this kid’s peach luck standard is too wonderful. After choosing the robber, the peach blossom will wither directly because he touched it.


Nima, even Taohua knew that she was ashamed and died. Lin Hai is curious about Zhao Kun’s peach blossom standard and how wonderful she is.

Little muddleheaded fairy: let’s not talk about it. How can you break it?

Tieguai Li: it’s not difficult. You just need a pot of cacti and put it in his peach blossom base. The cactus is covered with thorns. The peach blossom can’t return to its place. It will kill and rob itself.

At a glance, Lin Hai was relieved. It was so simple.

Tieguai Li: I’ll give you his peach blossom standard. You provide the eight characters of birth. You must put them in person. Remember!

Tieguai Li finished and sent a coordinate to Lin Hai.

Lin Hai went out of the hospital, first bought a pot of cactus, and then found it according to the coordinates of Tieguai Li.

The closer to this position, the more Lin Hai felt an unpleasant smell.

“Damn it, it stinks like a toilet.” Lin Hai just finished whispering and looked up.

“Sleeping trough, public toilet!”

Your sister, Lin Hai is depressed.

No wonder Tieguai Li said that Zhao Kun’s peach blossom standard is failing badly. Can NIMA survive? It’s all for the whole toilet.

Lin Hai goes in with his nose in his hand. When he gets close to the coordinates, Lin Hai is dumbfounded.

“Damn You ! you were a lady’s toilet!”

Lin Hai is forced.

How can I get in, because I’m a man?

Lin Hai was stunned at the door of the toilet.

People in and out of the women’s toilet all looked at Lin Hai, who was standing at the door with a cactus in his hand. Lin Hai suddenly felt uneasy.

“Wait, wait.” Lin Hai smiled.

Fuck, it’s not a matter.

Lin Hai thought about it. He had a flash in his head.

Next to the toilet is the small commodity city. Lin Hai goes in and finds a shop selling hairdressing products.

“Get me a wig.”

After buying the wig, Lin Hai found a place where no one was. When his mind moved, he disappeared.

“The fairy greets the master.”

“OK, xian’er, time is pressing. I don’t have much gossip…” Lin Hai came in and began to undress.

Xian’er was stunned, then her face turned red.

Turn around silently, hear the sound of undressing.

“Go and get me something … Hey! ” As soon as Lin Hai looked up, she saw Xianer as a little white sheep, standing in front of herself.

“Master, xian’er is the first time. You should pity others…”

Lin Haigu choked a drool, this little fairy.

As soon as xian’er saw it, she lowered her head and blushed even more.

“Oh, I’ll go!” Lin Hai covers his forehead and has no words for a while. Isn’t that what my brother means?

Beauty is in front. It’s fake to say that Lin Hai doesn’t have any idea. But the key is that there is someone waiting for help.

Since xian’er has all taken off, she can save money to get another set.

Lin Hai forcefully dispels the idea of staying with xian’er, and picks up her clothes and puts them on her body.

“Master, you…”

“Well, it smells good. I’ll tell you later. ” Lin Hai put on his clothes and smelt it. His figure flashed and disappeared.

Xian’er froze there. Seeing that Lin Hai didn’t mean it at all, she was so ashamed that she wanted to find a crack to drill in.

Lin Hai came to the door of the women’s toilet with her wig on her head and her buttock twisted.

Lin Hai’s little heart is popping out.

Damn it, it’s the first time you’ve ever done this. Don’t be seen.

Lin Hai took a deep breath and forced to walk in calmly.

This strange dress attracted the attention of women waiting to go to the toilet outside the partition room.

“What are you looking at? I haven’t seen any beauties.” Lin Hai scratched his head and pretended to be a woman.

Lin Hai doesn’t say that it’s OK, so the women rush over.

“Sister, where did you buy this costume? It’s so beautiful.”

“It’s just that the cloth is good, the style is novel, and the clothes are very unique.”

“Lie in the trough, look at it and don’t touch it.” At the same time, Lin Hai hid from the women’s entanglement and put the cactus on the windowsill of the toilet.

“Hoo…” Lin Hai took a long breath, and finally it was done.

“Oh, my sister, you have a good hairstyle. Where did you make it?” A woman is touching the wig of Lin Hai.

“The trough, the head of a man, the waist of a woman, can’t be touched.” Lin Hai hurried to the side.

In a flash, the headgear fell off his head and showed his true face.

Woj, it’s broken! Lin Hai screams bad!

“Hi, how are you?” Lin Hai smiled and waved.

The women were all stunned.

Then, the eyes flashed wild and excited light.

“Hooligans, hooligans who disguise themselves as women and peep in women’s toilets.”

Many women swarmed up to Lin hai.

Lin Hai managed to escape and looked at the clothes one by one, then he smiled bitterly.

Your sister, women are not easy to mess with.

Lin Hai can only enter the holy land once a day, so he has to take a car and go back to the villa to change clothes.

Fortunately, they didn’t come back. Otherwise, I don’t know how to explain it.

“Why? Have you changed your ways? ” When Lin Hai returned to the villa, he found Chu lin’er not playing chess.

Chu lin’er looks at Lin Hai coldly.

“Don’t you know that you have made a big mistake?”

“Disaster? What a disaster? ” Lin Hai didn’t care.

“Hum, what a disaster! You know that someone in the local government has come to arrest you.”

“Come on. Princess Lin is here. Who is my brother afraid of?” Lin Hai blinked at Chu lin’er.

“Well, do you think I’ll take care of you? Be amorous! ” Chu lin’er shrugs his nose toward Lin Hai.

“No, Princess lin’er. It’s a good thing to live together. I need help at the critical moment.” Cried Lin Hai.

“Help?” Is it important to save your life by playing backgammon? ” Chu lin’er finished, turned and drifted away.

Day, this comparison is too much! Lin Hai points to Chu lin’er.

Chu lin’er’s words, Lin Hai didn’t take it seriously, didn’t he just hand over the peach to the prefecture on time, anyway, the peach didn’t run, how serious could the consequences be?

At this time, suddenly a wind blows, a tall black impermanence, suddenly appeared in front of Lin Hai.

“It’s you!” Lin Hai was shocked.

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