My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 136, I Don’t Want You To Bite Me

“Oh, are you manager Bai?” Lin Hai almost drags Bai chi to the ground, but there is a flattering smile on his face.

Chen Yan is surprised at this. Then she reacts and looks at Lin Hai with gratitude. At the same time, she looks at Bai Chi coldly.

“That’s you, talking to the company about the supply of materials?” Bai Chi was broken for good things, naturally he would not give Lin Hai a good look, raised his nostrils said.

“Yes, I would like to ask Manager Bai to take care of it.” Lin Hai said with a smile.

“We have a fixed supplier now. We don’t need your materials. Let’s go.” Bai Chi waves impatiently.

Ma De, without you, I have touched that fat ass. now I still want to talk business with myself. I want to be beautiful.

Chen Yan is on one side. She opens her mouth and stops talking.

Although she is only a front desk, she also knows that the company has a supplier. Because there is something at home, she just went back to her hometown some time ago. Now the company is looking for a new supplier to take over.

Now Bai Chi doesn’t even ask, so she lets Lin Hai go. Chen Yan understands that it must be Lin Hai who has just helped her, annoyed Bai Chi and was implicated.

“Manager Bai, the materials I provide are different from those of others. I can guarantee that the sales volume of your company will be doubled. This is me…”

“Did he say let you go, can’t understand people’s words? Go away! ” Bai Chi bluntly interrupts Lin Hai’s words.

“Manager Bai, isn’t our company looking for a supplier?” Chen Yan can’t help it at last. She interrupts.

Bai Chi looks at Chen Yan in surprise.

“For the company, I said you’re a little front desk. What’s the point? Don’t you want to do it? What to do and what to do! “

Lin Hai’s heart is on fire.

“Manager Bai, if you don’t even hear what I said and you just let me go. Isn’t it too irresponsible for the company?” Lin Hai said coldly.

“What are you, Maddy? What qualifications do you have to teach me? I Bai Chi is the manager of this company. Is it your responsibility to use your bullshit? Get out of here! “

“No, you. What’s your name?” Lin Hai didn’t respond.

“My name is Bai Chi. What’s the matter?” Bai Chi stared and shouted.


“You and he are really idiots. The name is worthy of recognition and conscience.” Lin Hai gave Bai Chi a thumbs up, turned around and left.

Jiangnan City is not just a cosmetics company for you. You don’t need my brother to send you the God of wealth. He is not used to you.

“Who are you calling idiots?” Lin Hai wants to go, but Bai is late.

“Is there another idiot besides you?” Lin Hai sneers.

“Grass Mud Horse, how dare you…”

“Pa!” Lin Hai slapped Bai Chifan’s mouth.

“Close your ass!”

“You, how can you hit someone?” Bai Chi covered his mouth and howled.

“Pa!” Lin Hai slapped his again  “what’s wrong with hitting you? Not satisfied? Don’t you bite me? “

“You, you, you…” Bai Chi raised his hand for a long time, but when he saw Lin Hai’s fierce eyes, he was too scared to start.

“Security, security! Why are they all dead? “

“Chen Yan, why are you foolish enough to stand still? Why are you dead? Didn’t you see him hit me? Hurry up and call the security guard!”


“Who is that? Shut up! ” Chen Yan gives Bai Chi a slap directly.

Bai Chi is completely confused.

“You, are you crazy? How dare you hit me, bitch? Believe it or not, he fired you today! “

“You don’t have to fire me, I won’t do it!” Chen Yan directly took the company’s logo off her chest and threw it on the ground.

“You…” Bai Chi covered his mouth and froze.

What the fuck! As soon as Lin Hai brightens up, this girl is not only beautiful, but also has a personality.

At this time, hula, several security guards with batons ran in.

“What are you doing, pigs? This boy dare to hit me, hit him for me! “

Bai Chi sees the security guard come in, and the prestige comes again.

Several security guards were disgusted, but they couldn’t help it. They were managers, so they had to surround Lin Hai.

“Friend, this is not the place where you make trouble. If you know what you are doing, hurry up.” The first security guard looks at Lin Hai.

Lin Hai was stunned and then reacted.

Nima, this shit manager is really unpopular in the company. Even the security guard doesn’t look at him.

“He? You are deaf. Who said let him go? I? He asked you to beat him!”

“Beat your paralysis!” Lin Hai flashed and came to Bai Chi again.

Raise the hand, “pa” of another slap, knock Bai Chi directly to the ground.

“Maddy, dare you let someone beat your brother? Brother beat you to a pig’s head first! ” Lin Hai jumped on it, just like a fight.

Bai Chi suddenly burst into tears.

Several security guards winked at each other and stepped forward.

“For him, stop!”

“I’ll wipe it, don’t hit it!”

“You want to die, let go of our manager!”

Several security guards shouted fiercely, but they only pretended to pull Lin hai. They didn’t work hard at all. A little man even secretly kicked his feet.

“Bah!” After a good beating, Lin Hai spit on Bai Chi before stopping..

“Your name is Chen Yan, isn’t it?” Lin Hai turned to Chen Yan and asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lin.” Chen Yan nodded, with a sunny smile.

Without work, Chen Yan’s heart was relaxed. She didn’t have to be harassed by Bai Chi anymore.

“Since you quit your job, come with me.” Lin Hai looked at Bai Chi, looked at several security guards again, and said.

Chen Yan was very intelligent, and immediately understood what Lin Hai meant.

Just now, she also beat Bai Chi. Lin Hai was afraid that Bai Chi would be embarrassed after he left.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin.” Chen Yan nodded and smiled at Lin Hai, then stood behind him.

“Maddy, you want to go when you hit someone?” Bai Chi struggles to stand up.

“I said some of your security guards, are they shit Eaters? Hurry up, get him and send him to the Public Security Bureau. I will sue others for personal injury! “

Several security guards look at me. I look at you. No one moves.

“The company raises you for nothing. If you don’t arrest me, I will get rid of you all today!” Bai Chi pointed to the security guards and shouted.

The first security guard frowned and looked at Lin Hai apologetically.

“This gentleman, we also have a family. We need this job to support our family. I’m sorry.”

With that, the first security guard glanced at the other security guards.

Several security guards came forward, flailing their fists powerlessly, and rushed to Lin hai.

“Ha ha, several security brothers, what’s their duty? Don’t be embarrassed. Just come.” Lin Hai is also from a poor family. Naturally, these security guards with some sense of justice will not be embarrassed.

With a flash of body shape, he pushed aside a security guard, and Lin Hai arrived at Bai Chi’s eyes again.

“Maddy, you don’t want to be beaten. Aren’t you Bai Chi? I’m sorry if my brother doesn’t beat you up as an idiot today. ” Lin Hai says, raise hand Pa Pa Pa Pa is a few slap, then kick Bai Chi to fly out.

“Ow!” Bai late howled miserably and fell to the ground, unable to move.

By this time, the security guard had come.

Lin Hai moved his hands and feet together, but with a little effort, he put several security guards on the ground.

A few security guards are also human spirits. They don’t have shit at all, but they lie on the ground and hum.

Lin Hai clapped his hands and went out.

“If you dare to make trouble at Ye’s house, you still want to leave.” Suddenly, a low voice came, and then a strong wind came to Linhai.

“Lying groove, master!” Lin Hai’s pupil suddenly shrank..

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