My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 137, What I Want Is A Dry Stock

Lin Hai hurried to the side to the fierce punch.

Looking up, an old man in coarse cloth stood in front of him, tall and straight, with electric eyes, and a trace of expert demeanor.

“Hum!” The old man snorted coldly. He had to start again.

“Wang Lao, stop!” A voice rang from the door.

Looking for his voice, Lin Hai saw a man about thirty coming in.

“Is it him?” Lin Hai’s eyes brightened.

Bai Chi just got up from the ground and entered the man’s room. He hurriedly ran past.

“Mr. Ye, you’re here just in time. This man came to the company to make trouble. I made peace with you, but he beat me and beat the security guard. Please let Mr. Wang catch him.”

“Are you ordering me?” The man’s expression suddenly cooled.

“Ah? No, no, Mr. Ye, I mean… ” The man didn’t listen to him at all, and went straight to Lin hai.

“Hahaha, Xiaohai, as soon as the gambling shop is gone, our brothers haven’t seen each other for some time.” Ye Ziyu held Lin Hai’s shoulder directly.

“Hello, I don’t want to be a base.” Lin Hai breaks away from ye Ziyu’s big hand.

“Mr. Ye, you, you…” Seeing that ye Ziyu and Lin Hai are so familiar, Bai Chi suddenly gets lost.

Ye Ziyu took a look at him and turned to look at the forest sea.

“Xiaohai, what happened just now?”

Lin Hai didn’t hide it either. He said the previous thing again.

The more Ye Ziyu listened, the more ugly his face became. In his eyes, his anger burned.

A turn around, fierce kick in white late belly, white late fell a back to the sky.

“I can’t imagine that in front of me, you look very conscientious, but behind my back, you are such a rubbish. From now on, you have been fired.”

“What? Mr. Ye, no, Mr. Ye! ” Bai Chi hurriedly climbs over and hugs Ye Ziyu’s thigh, pleading.

He finally climbed to the position of the manager. Now he wants money, money and women. He isn’t willing to lose.

Ye Ziyu kicked Bai Chi away like a dog.

“Get him out!” Several security guards came over, pushed and jostled, yelled and scolded, and drove Bai Chi out, which was much faster than when dealing with Lin Hai.

“Mr. Ye, I’m wrong. Give me another chance.” Bai Chi wails, but ye Ziyu doesn’t even look at him.

“Xiaohai, although this cosmetics company is an industry under my name, I seldom manage it. I’m really sorry for such a thing today.” Said Ye Ziyu apologetically.

“Well, can we talk about that between us?” Lin Hai’s big hand.

“Ha ha, good brother, that’s enough. By the way, you came here today to talk about cooperation with the company? “

As soon as Lin Hai heard this, he immediately came to the spirit.

“Yes, yes. Isn’t your company making facial masks? I want to take a stake? “

“Shares?” Ye Ziyu is stunned. Why did he become a shareholder again?

Lin Hai seemed to see ye Ziyu’s doubts, and he hammered his shoulder gently.

“How did I know this company was yours? Now I know, of course, I’m going to be a shareholder. “

“Oh? I don’t know how much Xiaohai is going to invest in it. ” Ye Ziyu also solemnly gets up, after all, his brother still knows how to account.

“Who said I was going to invest?” Lin Hai’s face is strange, “what I want is dry stock.”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Ye Ziyu almost choked.

“I said Xiaohai, are you here to pit me? All right, stop it. ” Ye Ziyu smiled and shook his head.

“I’m serious who’s messing with you.” Lin Hai said solemnly.

“Ha ha. You look like… “

“Hello, I said elder brother Ye. I’m telling you the truth. Would you please be serious?” Lin Hai is helpless.

“Well, I’m serious, I’m serious.” Ye Ziyu said on his mouth, but his face was obviously unconcerned.

My day, if you don’t take out the real guy, are you playing here as your brother?

Lin Hai rubbed out the mineral water bottle filled with the water of yaochi from his trouser pocket.

“See?” Lin Hai shakes in front of Ye Ziyu.

“I see.” Ye Ziyu nodded. He didn’t know what Lin Hai wanted?

“If you take this bottle of water as a mask, I will be deemed as a shareholder. I don’t want much or rob your major shareholders. All of them are good brothers. Just give me 40% of the shares.” Lin Hai said casually.


“How much do you say?” Ye Ziyu thought he had heard it wrong.

“40%? I tell you, don’t give more, give me more to hurry with you! ” Lin Hai stared.

Ye Ziyu gives him a big white eye, and NIMA is more anxious with me. Don’t say more. Even if he gives you one percent, he will be considered a fool.

“Xiaohai, you are really free today. Just take your elder brother ye for fun. OK, go to my office, have a cup of tea and have a chat.”

“Then what? I’ve managed to catch a big boss of yours. I won’t talk about business. Can I let you go? You must give me the shares! ” Lin Hai hurriedly stops Ye Ziyu.

“Xiaohai, it’s no fun playing like this.” They are familiar with each other, but they have only met twice, far from giving away shares.

“Who played with you? I said brother ye, my leaves are big and small. I’m serious with you.”

“Seriously? Do you exchange this bottle of mineral water for 40% of our company’s shares? “

“Yes.” Lin Hai nodded.

“You…” Ye Ziyu is a little speechless. If it wasn’t for the gambling house, he would have been mad if he knew that Lin Hai was not an ordinary person.

“Brother ye, I’ll tell you the truth. This water is not ordinary water. You can use it to replace the water in your company’s facial mask essence, and see the effect.”

“Oh?” Lin Hai said that ye Ziyu paid attention to it. After all, he also felt that Lin Hai, a man with special ability, could not be so naughty.

“Well, you can go to the workshop with me.”

“Mr. Ye!”

“Mr. Ye!”

As soon as they entered the workshop, the workers greeted Ye Ziyu.

“Call chief engineer Liu.” Ye Ziyu said to a man behind him.

After a while, a middle-aged woman in blue overalls came over.

“Mr. Ye, what can I do for you?” Chief engineer Liu is the kind of person who is not good at talking. When he met his boss, he didn’t even have a scene.

Ye Ziyu did not speak, but looked at Lin Hai with his eyes.

“Hello, chief engineer Liu, right?” Lin Hai goes forward and knows if he can make it today. It depends on chief engineer Liu.

“Well, what’s up?” Chief engineer Liu nodded.

“I have a kind of water. If you use it instead of the water in your essence, you can greatly improve the effect of your mask…”

“It’s impossible!” Before Lin Hai finished, he was interrupted directly by chief engineer Liu.

“Well You hear me out. “

“No more.” Chief engineer Liu waved directly, “listen to you, you are a layman. The essence of essence lies in the essence of plants and trees inside, which has nothing to do with water.”

“Mr. Ye, if it’s OK, I’ll go first.” Chief engineer Liu said hello to Ye Ziyu and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute!” Lin Hai hurriedly stops. NIMA, it’s going away. My brother is still playing.

“Chief engineer Liu, don’t be so absolute, I’m water…”

“Don’t tell me. I have more than ten years of experience. Don’t you know whether water is useful or not?”

“But my water is not ordinary water, it…”

“The water of several classes is useless!”

“Why don’t you try…”

“There’s no need to try. The essence of the mask has nothing to do with water.”

Your sister! Can you let me finish a sentence!

The forest is on fire.

“Well, it’s useless to say more. I dare not try if the water is useful!”

“Not afraid, but meaningless.” Chief engineer Liu shook his head.

What the fuck! If Lin Hai didn’t see that she was a woman, he would go up and stamp his feet.

“Grass, I don’t believe it. Try my water. If it doesn’t work, my brother ate the mask on the spot.”

“It’s not necessary…”

“You dare not!” Lin Hai’s temper has also come up.

“Well, it seems that if you don’t see it with your own eyes, you won’t give up. Come with me.”

Chief engineer Liu was also stubborn and took Lin Hai to the production line.

Ye Ziyu is also interested now. He gets up and follows him.

“Pour in the water.” When I came to a machine, chief engineer Liu pointed out.

Lin Hai didn’t talk nonsense either. He screwed the cap and poured the water in.

“Let’s go.” As soon as chief engineer Liu’s voice fell, the machine began to boom.

Lin Hai’s heart, tighten.

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