My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 138, Young women become young girls

Mask is a production line, a whole set of machines run, less than a minute, a mask is done.

A female worker took the mask.

“I think you’d better eat it directly.” Chief engineer Liu took over and said to Lin Hai without even looking.

Grass, Lin Hai directly took the mask away.

“Elder sister, wait a moment.” Lin Hai stops the female worker who is going to leave.

“Boss, you call me?” The female worker is in her thirties and a little shy.

“Well, can I trouble you, please help me test the effect of the mask for me?”

“This …” The female worker did not dare to speak, and turned her head to chief engineer Liu.

“He asked you to try. You can try.” Chief engineer Liu frowned and said angrily.

“OK, I’ll try, and then I’ll come out.” The woman took the mask and went into the rest room.

“General Manager Liu, how many masks can you make with the bottle of water just now?” Asked Lin Hai.

“It’s also necessary to refine water into the machine, so a bottle of water can make two pieces.”

You’re only making two of them?

Lin Hai’s eyes widened.

How much water does NIMA need for mass production? Don’t start work for a few days, and the water will be dry.

If the fairy sisters don’t have a bath, what can we do when we come to take a bath? Brother is to wash or to wash?

It doesn’t matter to take a bath. If you still let your brother rub his back, does he agree or not?

Lin Hai thought it necessary to ask yaochi.

Little muddleheaded fairy: How much water can you provide in Yaochi every day?

Yaochi fairy: Everyday? You think too much, ten barrels per month.


Lin Hai almost blew.

Grass, ten barrels? Pay him back every month!

Nima, that’s the little bucket. One bucket is about ten bottles, and ten buckets are only 200 pieces.

Maddy, the machine runs out as soon as it turns. It’s not easy to mass produce.

Little muddleheaded fairy: can you give me more?

Yaochi fairy: No, no more. Do you want the fairies to come here and wash their feet every day?

Little muddleheaded fairy: there is too little water to produce several pieces at all?

Yaochi fairy: don’t you know that rare things are precious? (a look of contempt behind)

Well, grass! Yeah!

Lin Hai suddenly remembers that Wang Peng, the fat man, didn’t grab a cell phone last time. He was so angry that he beat his chest. At last, he increased the price by more than 200 to buy one on a treasure.

This NIMA hunger marketing, I just don’t know if it can be used on the mask.

Thinking of this, Lin Hai turned to Ye Ziyu and said, “brother ye, I can provide you 200 pieces of water for facial mask every month…”

“How much?” Before Lin Hai finished, he was interrupted by chief engineer Liu.

“200! What’s the matter? “

Chief engineer Liu was angry and laughed.

“Mr. Ye, I don’t know where you’ve got this man. Let’s not say whether his water is useful. I’m absolutely sure that he’s here to make trouble. I suggest…”

“Mr. Ye, Mr. Liu.” A timid voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Who are you?” Chief engineer Liu was interrupted and a little angry. He looked back and frowned.

“Chief engineer Liu, I’m Xiaoyan.”

“Xiaoyan? Which swallow? Why didn’t I see… ” Chief engineer Liu stopped half of what he said.

Then, I rushed to catch Xiaoyan’s arm.

“Ah! Ah! Oh, my mother! ” Chief engineer Liu’s eyes grew bigger and bigger, and finally he just cried out like crazy.

“Chief engineer Liu? Is she?” Ye Ziyu frowned when he saw that chief engineer Liu was so out of shape.

“She, she is Liu Yan, the woman who just tried the mask.” Chief foreman Liu didn’t return. He was excited and trembling to touch Liu Yan’s face, but he didn’t dare to look at it.

“Who, who? Is she the woman who just tried the mask? ” Now, not only Ye Ziyu is stupid, but Lin Hai is also stupid.

Although Lin Hai knew that the water of the yaochi must be effective, he did not expect that it would become abnormal to this extent.

This NIMA is the ordinary female worker in her thirties? Look at the skin. It’s a young girl in her twenties.

The female worker immediately panicked. There was no mirror in the workshop. She didn’t know what she had become. It would shock chief engineer Liu so much.

“It’s not disfigurement, is it?” A terrible thought came out, and Liu Yan almost cried.

“Take that water and test it!” Shocked, chief engineer Liu rushed to grab the bottle. Seeing that there was still some water on the bottom, he immediately ordered a worker to take it away.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Chief engineer Liu asked carefully.

Liu Yan is more nervous.

“No.” Liu Yan shook his head, “I feel the skin is very moist, very tight, very comfortable. Chief engineer Liu, my face is not… “

As soon as Liu Yan grins, tears will come down.

“See for yourself.” Chief engineer Liu took out a small mirror from his pocket and handed it to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan took the small mirror and looked at it nervously.

This light, eyes immediately stare straight!

“Ah!” For a long time, Liu Yan screamed.

“Chief engineer Liu, is this me in the mirror?” Liu Yan grabs the arm of chief engineer Liu and shivers with excitement.

The woman in the mirror has smooth and glossy skin, white and tender, can be broken by blowing bullet, and even the wrinkles in the corner of the eye disappear without trace. Where is the original dark and dry skin?

“Isn’t it you, or am I failing?” Liu chief engineer forced to bear the shock in his heart.

“I, how did I become what I was ten years ago? Now, what’s going on? ” Liu Yan is holding her face in both hands. It’s a bit incoherent. It feels like a dream.

“Chief engineer Liu, the test is finished.” At this time, the worker just came over.

“How is it?” Chief engineer Liu felt nervous.

The effect of the mask was so amazing that she wondered if there were any harmful chemicals in the water to achieve this magical effect.

If this is the case, even if the effect is good, it can’t be used. She can’t do that kind of cheating.

“Chief engineer Liu, we have carried out a detailed test on the water. The minerals in the water are incredibly rich, and all of them are beneficial to human beings. You can use them at ease.”

“What!” Chief engineer Liu was shocked again. “Lao Wang, are you sure?”

“Chief engineer Liu, my old Wang has been testing since he entered the factory. He hasn’t made a mistake in nearly ten years. This is the test report. You can have a look at it yourself.”

Chief engineer Liu reached out and grabbed the test report. He didn’t believe Lao Wang, but the result was so amazing.

“This, this …” Looking at the indicators shown in the report, chief engineer Liu couldn’t believe his eyes.

Lin Hai also heard their conversation nearby. Seeing the effect on Liu Yan’s face again, Lin Hai immediately felt the bottom of his heart.

Ma De, this water is so magical. It makes young women become young girls. What kind of skin do those fairies bathe in the yaochi all day long look like. Tut tut Tut, if you touch it, it’s absolutely amazing!

Hey, hey, if you have a chance, you must find a fairy to touch it. Lin Hai thought of being bad.

“Mr. Ye, the water is amazing, and there is no problem. We need it!” Chief engineer Liu came to Ye Ziyu and was excited.

Ye Ziyu has long been blindfolded by the changes of the female workers in front of him. Seeing chief engineer Liu, he immediately responds.

“Xiaohai, you water…”

“Wait a minute!” Lin Hai hurriedly opens his mouth.

“Er…” Ye Ziyu is stunned.

“Before that, I decided to change the terms of cooperation.”

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