My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 149, Special court offer

“Liangzi, and uncle Liu. I don’t think you have much to eat. Why don’t you have some together?” Lin Hai stopped and said to Liu Liang’s father and son.

“Oh, no, no, you can eat it, you can eat it.” Liu Hongju waved in a hurry.

I’m kidding. I don’t want to see who is on Lin Hai’s side?

Now there is a chief of the Public Security Bureau and a secretary of the mayor. According to their words, Mayor Tang is waiting there.

Let a small businessman eat with these big leaders? He dare not borrow his courage.

“Come on, uncle, Liangzi and I are iron brothers. Don’t be polite to me. Let’s go.” Linhai even pull again advised, Liu Hongju and Liu Liang pulled into the compartment.

“Xiao Lin, are these two?” Tang Sen asked when he saw two strangers coming in.

“Hello, Mayor Tang. This is Liu Hongju from Hongju trading company. This is my son.” Didn’t wait for Lin Hai to speak, Liu Hongju hurriedly nodded and bowed to introduce himself.

“Oh? Hello! ” Tang Sen hasn’t heard of it at all, but it’s not polite

I owe a little. I put my hand out.

When Liu Hongju saw it, he hurriedly bent down and reached out his hands to hold Tang Sen’s hand. He was flattered.

“Mayor Tang, Liu Liang is my iron brother. Uncle Liu is interested in an industry of Hu’s group, so please do me a favor.” Lin Hai didn’t make a detour either, he said at first sight.

“Oh? I don’t know which one? “

“It’s Fenglin Pavilion.” Liu Hongju didn’t expect that he had not opened his mouth yet. Lin Hai actually spoke to Mayor Tang so directly. He was surprised and quickly replied.

“Fenglin Pavilion, that’s easy to say.” Tang Sen breathed a sigh of relief. Fenglin Pavilion is a medium-sized hotel with few people watching.

“Well, since it’s Xiao Lin’s friend, I’ll give it to you. Would you take 5 million yuan, please?”

“Five million?” Liu Hongju is stunned, then smiles on his face.

“Yes, yes, thank you, Mayor Tang, thank you!” Liu Hongju was very happy. He estimated that if he won Fenglin Pavilion, he would have to say at least 8 million yuan. Unexpectedly, Mayor Tang saved 3 million yuan directly.

“Mayor Tang, thank you.” Lin Hai smiled and thanked Tang Sen.

After dinner, Tang Sen and Peng Tao left one after another.

“Xiao Lin, thank you so much for today. My uncle doesn’t know what to say.” Liu Hongju’s gratitude.

“Come on, uncle Liu, don’t say anything. I have nothing to do with Liangzi. You can talk later.” Lin Hai and Liu Liang say hello and drive away.

“Liangzi, Xiao Lin is a good boy. You can have a good relationship with him later.”

“Well, I don’t know who it is at the beginning. Let me stop seeing that this is a waste of time on the people from the village.” Liu Liang turned his mouth.

“Oh, you child, I don’t know…”

Lin Hai went home and was scared as soon as he entered.

“Shit, what the hell!”

“Dad, this is my grandma’s new shape and new clothes. How about it? Is it cool or not?”

Ah Hua, dressed in a suit of flowery cloth, squatted at the door. His face was shaved like a lion, and her head was covered with a headscarf, which just wrapped two small horns.

“Xiaohai, ah Hua’s image is so strange that I dare not take her out, so dress it up. What do you think? Apart from being bigger, it’s no different from the ordinary Teddy, is it? ” Song Qin came over and put ah Hua’s dog head in her arms and asked with a smile.

“It’s good, it’s good, it’s garish, it’s like a rogue dog, it’s in line with its temperament.”

“What do you say? Who says we ah Hua are hooligans” Song Qin took a look at Lin Hai, “how lovely we are, aren’t we, my baby ah Hua?”

“Woo, woo…” A Hua takes a proud look at Lin Hai, and looks at Song Qin for a while.

Back in the room, Lin Hai undressed, just lying in bed, Chu lin’er drifted over.

“Play chess with me.” Chulin’er takes out her mobile phone.

“No time.” Lin Hai turns around.

Whiz! A dark wind!

Chulin’er came back.

“Just play with them for a while.” Chu lin’er twisted her waist and made a fuss.

Lin Hai takes out his mobile phone and ignores her directly.

“Humph, nerd!” Chu lin’er stamped his foot angrily and went to play the stand-alone game again.

Ding Dong!

Suddenly, Lin Hai’s wechat rings.

Lin Hai opened it for a look, Antarctica?

Ha ha, it turns out that it’s brother Tu Hao, Cao, who thinks he won’t find himself anymore.

Open the information quickly.

Antarctic fairy: Dao you, can you make your cigarette cheaper?

Little muddleheaded fairy: it can’t be cheap. It’s rare and precious. To tell you the truth, you can’t buy it at this price.

Lin Hai began to cheat again.

To deal with this kind of repeat customers, Linhai’s principle is very obvious, and resolutely does not reduce prices!

Since he turned to find himself again, it showed that he had been thinking and still wanted something of his own.

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Antarctic fairy: what if I want more?

Little muddleheaded fairy: how much can I have?

Antarctic fairy: 1000!


How much? 1000!

Lin Hai almost got scared to lie down. NIMA, this old longevity man is a big smoker.

Little muddleheaded fairy: 1000 pieces at a time, you can get 98% off, 98000 merit points.

Antarctic fairy: is it cheaper?

Little muddleheaded fairy: it’s not bad. If you want it, don’t forget it!

Antarctica fairy: Well, three months later, it’s the birthday of the queen mother. I’m going to book these 1000 cigarettes, which will be used to entertain guests. If the response is good, I can make cigarettes a special commodity for the heaven.

What? A special confession from heaven? I’ll go. This is good!

If it really becomes a special supply, it will be a long-term market, and the price is not low, how can they not make money?

Ha ha, Lin Hai’s spirit came all of a sudden.

Little muddleheaded fairy: no problem. If you can really make cigarettes into Tianting special offer, you can get 5% commission for each one.

Antarctic fairy: really? Well, I’ll try my best to recommend it to the Jade Emperor

Ding Dong!

The Antarctic Wonderland transfers 1000000 merit points to you.

Antarctica fairy: This is the deposit for the 1000 pieces. I’ll come to Daoyou to pick up the goods three months later. Don’t forget.

My day, Lin Hai looked at the row 0 behind him, his eyes were a little dizzy.

Count carefully, 6 10 1 million!

I rub, the local tycoon is the local tycoon, this shot is really generous.

Lin Hai is not happy. With so many merits and virtues, he can buy many things in Tianting.

“What are you laughing at?” Chulin’er came out in a flash.

“My grass!” Lin Hai was shocked.

“Hey, can you stop peeping? It’s a violation of privacy. Do you understand?” Lin Hai quickly covers his mobile phone.

“Who are you talking to?” Chulin’er was shocked on the face. “Take your hands off, I’ll see.”

Say, Chu lin’er reaches out to gun Lin Hai’s cell phone.

“Hey, what are you doing!” When Lin Hai panicked, the light of peach wood sword burst out.

Chu lin’er’s eyebrows were slightly frowned, and her hands pressed hard to compress the light.

“Just show me.”

“Grass! The cell phone is full of my brother’s little lovers. Do you have a look? ” Lin Hai himself can’t move because of the light.

“Come here, can I have a look? Cheapskate! “

“I won’t show you. Get up!”

Lin Hai struggled hard, one man and one ghost, fighting and rolling together through the light.

“Squeak.” The door opened from the outside, and ah Hua came in wagging her tail.

“Dad, today…” Before ah Hua finished, the dog’s eyes were straight.

At the moment, Lin Hai is lying on the bed in a small underpants. Chu lin’er grabs his hands and rides on his belly. His hands, hair and feet are against him

“Hurry up, take the initiative!” Chulin’er threatened.

“Impossible!” Lin Hai is biting his teeth and fighting against it.

“Hum, it’s useless for you to resist. You’d better follow me!”

“From your hammer, let go of brother quickly!”


Ah Hua’s mouth is open. His saliva is all on the ground.

“My day, blind my dog’s eyes, Dad, you’ve been forced to bow by the overlord?”

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