My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 152, You conquered me with your expression

Seeing Du Qian’s face suddenly changed, Lin Hai felt a tremor.

Lying trough, this goods don’t want to be the plate receiver.

Before Lin Hai’s reaction, Du Qian suddenly bowed to Lin Hai.

“Thanks for your kindness, duqian will never forget it.”


Ghost friend, you hammer! I know that my brother is a man. He is also called a ghost friend, Cao!

Lin Hai despised Du Qian in his heart.

But what do you mean by the big favor? Lin Hai is a little confused.

“Well, stop talking nonsense and get started.” Chu lin’er’s eyes were radiant with excitement.

“Come here, I’ll open a room for you.” Lin Hai is active. He took Du Qian’s cell phone, and built a room for him.

Mad, the goods will be broken after a moment’s remorse. We need to let them play quickly.

As soon as it was built, chulin’er added it.

“Start.” Chu lin’er waved her little hand and urged.

“Well, princess, I have to carry out the task. Can I come back and play again?”

“No, it’s a failure. You can’t die if you go back to the oil pot.” Chu lin’er said with no concern.

Puff! Du Qian almost cried.

Nima, he can’t die, but he doesn’t feel as good as dead.

“But Princess…”

“Oh, why do you talk so much nonsense? By the way, isn’t he also a second grade scrotum? If you don’t want him to help you, you can play chess with me. ” Chu lin’er points to Lin Hai.

Lin Hai was smiling happily on the side of his face, and Chu lin’er immediately changed his face.

Nima, why are you talking about yourself again?

But think about it, I’ve already quit the second grade scrotum of that shit Er Pin Yin Si, and I’ll catch a hairy ghost?

Thinking of this, Lin Hai is proud again.

“That princess, it’s not that I don’t want to help. I’ve quit the stupid business of Er Pin Yin Si before. I…”

Ding Dong!

Before Lin Hai finished, wechat rang.

Open a look, horizontal slot!

Chu lin’er sent you a set of haunting emissary black clothes.

Chu lin’er sent you a set of haunting emissary white clothes.

Chulin’er sent you a chain of locked souls.


Your uncle, Lin Hai has finished watching it. I wish I could go and kick her.

Brother NIMA has resigned, OK?

“Go to work.” Chu lin’er waved to Lin Hai.

Dry your sister! Lin Hai’s face was angry.

“Hello, my brother has already quit this bullshit, and you still give me these ghost things to make hair?”

“I know you quit, but you are directly responsible for me, I didn’t approve.”

Chulin’er said as she pulled duqian to her side.

“Hurry up, in not start, I let ghost throw you in the oil pot, you give me swim circle to swim to come back again.” Chu lin’er clenched her fist and threatened Du Qian.

“Ah, princess, I can’t do it.”

“It’s OK, I’ll teach you. The rules are like this…”

The two ghosts squatted on the edge of the bed and began to play excitedly.

I wish you the best!

Lin Hai is mad.

It’s good for NIMA. They have a good time. It’s unfair for them to let themselves go to work.

Ding Dong!

Wechat rings.

Lin Hai opened it and saw that it was a task coordinate sent by Ma Mian.

Ding Dong!

Before Lin Hai could see it, another message came from Ma Mian.

Ma Mian (Chu): (a series of angry expressions)

Lying trough, Lin Hai is not happy.

Nimar, come on up and play this hand. What do you mean? Brother, his heart is burning.

Little muddleheaded fairy: (a bunch of abusive expressions)

Ma Mian (Chu): (an angry expression)

Serge, it’s exciting, isn’t it?

Little muddleheaded fairy: (a bunch of vomiting expressions)

Ma Mian (Chu): (a bunch of angry expressions, longer than the first one)

Nima, is it over? He’s the only one who looks like he wants to fight with his brother, isn’t he?

Little muddleheaded fairy: when I have money, I will take you to the best mental hospital in the world (emoticon)

Ma Mian (Chu): (another angry expression)

Grass, there will be no other?

Little muddleheaded fairy: come here, I promise not to kill you (emoticon)

Ma Mian (Chu): (still a bunch of angry expressions)

Nima, is that the way you look? What a fart! Brother will kill you in minutes!

Little muddleheaded fairy: wait, I will go to school first, and then I will clean you up! (emoticon)

Little muddleheaded fairy: I want to give you a knife (emoticon)

Little muddleheaded fairy: my pig is pregnant. Did you do it? (emoticon)

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Lin Hai expressed more than ten expressions in one breath, but there was no movement on the horse’s side.

Cao, dare to fight with my brother. How many of the final big pictures that are not suitable for my brother have not been sent yet, so you will put out the fire.

It’s beyond our control.

Lin Hai is triumphant. Suddenly he thinks of the coordinates.

Nima, it’s going to have to start from the bottom and turn up again. It’s a dog’s day.

I just found the coordinates. I haven’t seen them yet.

Ding Dong!

Another message came from Ma Mian.

What the fuck! Are you still not satisfied? It’s him, isn’t it?

Lin Hai wrote down the coordinates and turned the information to the bottom.

Mamian (Chu): go ahead?


Your sister’s provocation, isn’t it?

Little muddleheaded fairy: How dare you help the old man in China when you are hanging like this

Little muddleheaded fairy: people like you can live up to two chapters (emoticons) in the novel

Lin Hai is a big wave of expression sent in the past.

“Grass, fool, put out the fire again.” Seeing the horse’s face is still, Lin Hai’s mouth is smug.

Ma Mian (Chu): is there anything else (a weak expression at the back)


Your uncle, are you sick?

Do you want to fight for expression? Does he have hair?

Elder brother sends a big bunch. You don’t even fart. You’re still provoking me.

Lin Hai put his cell phone in his pocket and simply ignored the guy.

“Hey, why don’t you leave? I can’t do well this time. No one can help you. Then I’ll let Du Qian catch you directly.”

Seeing that Lin Hai didn’t move his nest for half a day, Chu lin’er suddenly raised her head and threatened with a small face.


“Ha ha, you lost again, next game!” Before Lin Hai could say anything, Chu lin’er clapped her hands and cheered. She turned her attention to Wuqi again.

Wo day! Brother, I wish you a longer and smaller Mimi!

Lin Hai is going mad.

This NIMA, what’s up?

You two are playing here. My brother wants to help you both. If you can’t do it well, you need to catch him. Is there any reason for him?

Grass, you wait for me, find a chance, brother must unload your backgammon!

Lin Hai is preparing to pick up the clothes with a gloomy face.

Ding Dong!

Wechat rings again.

Ma Mian (Chu): brother muddle headed, send some more, please (a tearful expression behind)

Waukee, what do you mean? Is NIMA masochistic?

Lin Hai is not allowed to stand by him.

Ma Mian (Chu): brother muddle headed, last time you didn’t finish the task, I put the oil pan back for you, and your buttocks are all hot and purring. Look at this sentiment, you’re sending me some (there’s still a tearful expression behind you)

Is it in the frying pan? Ha-ha!

Lin Hai suddenly remembered that last time Chu lin’er seemed to have told Du Qian that his punishment was on the horse’s face.

Lin Hai feels relieved. Maddy, who’s going to make you and your brother Niubi coax each other.

Little silly fairy: are you talking with your brother? Tell you, my brother is not going to finish this task now, so you are going to continue cooking.

Ma Mian (Chu): brother muddle headed, don’t make trouble. It’s not for fun. If you can’t finish this time, you will be the second time. You have to follow along.

Lying trough, true or false?

Lin Hai didn’t understand the rules of the prefecture. Ma Mian didn’t dare to take it seriously.

Nima, I’m mortal. I really want to cook in the oil pot next time. Can’t it be cooked?

“To be on the safe side, let’s do the task first.” Lin Hai has a decision.

Ding Dong!

The message of the horse noodles has been sent again.

Ma Mian (Chu): brother muddle headed, you just conquered me with expressions. If you can send me another batch of funny expressions, we will fight for them, and we can cook for you again!


Lin Hai almost blew. NIMA, is this horse face crazy?

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