My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 156, Let’s go together

“I wipe, is it you boy? Are you going to fight with female fans again tonight” Meng Xu said thoughtfully.

“Ah, Meng Shao, I see you laugh, I see you laugh.” Qin Shou was embarrassed and nodded.

“Grass, I said you can play some high-end in the future, what’s the point of playing with ordinary people?” Meng Xu curled his mouth.

“Yes, what Meng Shao taught is that this time, Meng Shao came with Zhao Ying?”

“Slap!” Meng Xu gives Qin Shou a slap directly and blinds him.

“Fuck you. Did you call Zhao Ying? Later called the goddess, do you hear me! “

“Yes, goddess, goddess.” Qin Fu covered his face and said with a smile.

“well” Meng Xu snorted and swaggered away.

“NIMA, I used to call Zhao Ying directly. When did you change the goddess again?” Pingbai is slapped. Qin Shou is depressed. Don’t mention it.

The service staff took Qin Shou directly to the entrance of the banquet hall. As soon as he entered, Qin Shou trotted towards a middle-aged man.

“Oh, Mr. Wang, you’ve been here for a long time.” Qin Shou was bowed and bowed.

“Well, Xiao Qin, sit down.” Wang Long raised his chin to the side.

“Oh, Mr. Wang, is this the Qin beast in what clothes?” Beside Wang long, Ye Ziming looks up arrogantly.

When Qin Shou hears it, he will get angry.

What do you think? Wang Long started.

“Ha ha, Ye Shaozhen is humorous. He is Qin of Qin Dynasty. It’s easy to misunderstand his name.”

With that, Wang long turned his head to Qin Shou again.

“Xiao Qin, this is Ye Ziming and Ye Shao from Ye’s group in Jiangnan City, who is also the exclusive naming Party of this green song competition. Hurry up and say hello.”

When Qin Shou listen, I wipe, feeling this is the God of wealth, that can’t be easily angry with others.

“It’s Ye Shao. I’m glad to meet you.” Qin was bowed again.

“Ha ha, let’s play at the same time. There are so many beauties here. Don’t be sorry for your name?” Ye Ziming waved his hand with extreme contempt.

“Ah, yes, Mr. Ye Shao, you are busy. I’ll go there and sit down.” Qin by toward two people ha waist, left.

In the banquet hall, the judges of the green song competition are basically, a dozen stars, even if they are not familiar with each other, they all know each other. For a while, they greet each other, and the atmosphere is very harmonious.

“Ye Shao, when will the party begin?” A service person came over and asked Ye Ziming for instructions.

“Wait, Meng Shao hasn’t come back.” Ye Ziming waved away the service staff.

“I said, Mr. Wang, Zhao Ying, although she is a famous singer, she doesn’t have such a big shelf. Can’t you even invite her?” Ye Ziming asked Wang long.

“Alas.” Wang Long sighed, “you don’t know about ye Shao. Zhao Ying is a man that Meng Shao likes. Meng Shao doesn’t like to chase Zhao Ying with strength. He doesn’t have to go after Zhao Ying by normal means. In this way, he becomes Zhao Ying’s amulet. If Meng Shao is here, nobody dares to take her. Otherwise, I won’t allow her to be so rampant.”

“Oh, that’s what happened.” Ye Ziming frowned and nodded.

“Do you think Meng Shao can invite her?”

“I don’t think so.” Wang Long shook his head.

Sure enough, as soon as Wang Long’s voice fell, Meng Xu walked in dejected.

“Meng Shao.” Wang Long hurried up with a smile.

“How about Meng Shao?” Ye Ziming also got up to meet him. He smiled humbly.

“Grass, don’t mention it, Maddy. Wait. Let’s go.” Meng Xu sat on the sofa in the middle.

Ye Ziming called a waiter and told the party to begin.

“Meng Shao, on behalf of our Ye family, welcome to Jiangnan City. If you need anything in Jiangnan City, just tell me that ye Ziming doesn’t boast that there is nothing I can’t do in Jiangnan City.” Ye Ziming holds up the red wine and raises it towards Meng Xu.

“Easy to say, easy to say.” Meng Xu and Ye Ziming met listlessly.

“Why, Meng Shao is in a bad mood?” A pure looking woman came over with a glass of wine and sat down beside Meng Xu, leaning over.

When I saw this woman, I was very excited to see several waiters serving beside her.

Ma De, the popular movie star Su Qi, has always appeared in the screen as a pure goddess, a goddess in the hearts of countless men.

Meng Xu holds Su Qi in his arms.

“Maddy, I’m very unhappy. I have to vent tonight.” Meng Xu said, and his hands were not honest.

“I hate it!” Su Qimei looks at Meng Xu with spring in her eyes.

Several waiters are stupid. Is this the pure goddess on his TV?

Grumbling, the waiters swallowed their saliva and imagined that if that man was himself, how nice.

“Ah, Meng Shao, excuse me, go there to greet the judges.” Ye Ziming stood up with great vision.

“Go ahead.” Meng Xu also didn’t lift his head and waved. He stuck his big mouth on Su Qi’s neck.

“Meng Shao, please excuse me.” Wang Long looks at Su Qi’s picture of enjoying, and his heart itches. Maddy, this girl has never played before.

“You big stars, have fun eating.” Ye Ziming held his glass and kept greeting the star judges.

“Ye Shao.” A young woman with exposed and heavy make-up pulled Ye Ziming’s arm. “Don’t forget you promised.”

The woman said, and directly pasted it on Ye Ziming.

“Grass, you little bitch, don’t forget to come with me.” Ye Ziming holds her in her arms and brings her to several stars who are talking together.

“Big stars, artists, excuse me.”

“Yo, ye Shao, please take a seat.” A few past 50-60-year-old singers and actors rushed to make way for ye Ziming.

Ye Ziming is not polite. He sits there.

“This is my friend, Zhen Shuang, who is also a contestant in this green song competition. All the star artists, don’t need me to say more about what to do.”

“Zhen Shuang, please, senior artists.” After the introduction of Ye Ziming, Zhen Shuang hurriedly presents a sweet and charming smile to several old stars who have been angry.

“Ah, easy to say, easy to say, sit down, sit down and say.” The name of Zhen Shuang’s enchanting school flower is not called in white. Any smile and look in the eyes make these old people fascinated.

“Thank you, sir.” Zhen Shuang twists his small waist and sits next to an old star.

Feeling the perfume coming from the side, the old star suddenly became crisp.

“I said, do you and he sit there and get the first place?” Ye Ziming said in a strange way.

“Ye Shao, it’s the first time people see a big star. It’s not nervous.” Zhen Shuang said in a sweet voice, then raised his butt and sat on the leg of the old star beside him.

“Ouch, ouch…” The old star was stupid. He had no idea where to put his hands.

“Li Lao, you should take good care of others then.” Zhen Shuang nibbles at Li Lao’s earlobe and breathes softly into his ear.

“Ah, easy to say, easy to say.” Old Li’s voice was shaking.

“Ha ha, I hate it.” Zhen Shuang hugged Li Lao’s neck with a coquetry.

A few old stars nearby, their eyes are straight. They stare at old Li and Zhen Shuang one by one, and gulp.

“Old Liu, you have to help me then.” Zhen Shuang notices the abnormality here. Turning around, she touches the old face of an old star wearing glasses next to Wang Lao with her thin hands.

“That’s for sure, for sure, for sure.” Liu Lao hurriedly holds Zhen Shuang’s small hand and rubs it constantly.

“All right, communicate slowly.” Ye Ziming saw it and stood up and left.

“Ye Shao, walk slowly.”

“Ye Shao walks slowly.”

Several old stars hurriedly accompanied smiling faces and bowed to see each other off.

As soon as ye Ziming left, the real faces of these old goods came out.

“That little Zhen, on the green song competition, my vote is also very important.”

“Mine, too. I was greeted by a female contestant before. I was thinking about helping her.”

Zhen Shuang doesn’t understand what these old guys think.

He turned his head and licked his lips at the four or five old men.

“Senior artists, there are no outsiders now. Don’t pretend one by one. Let’s go together.”

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