My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 160, Tao Te Jing

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“What’s the matter? I’ll take a look. Who dares to make trouble in our hotel! Stand up for me! ” Zhao Kun came here with a group of people.

“How can you stand up?” Lin Hai’s playful smile is a step forward.

“You, you, you, why are you here?” Zhao Kun recognized that it was Lin Hai at a glance, and his heart couldn’t help shivering, and he suddenly wilted.

Nima, how did you meet this ancestor.

Lin Hai is not easy to mess with. Zhao kunke heard that Huang Shan’s elder brother, who was the commander of the guard company in the military area last time, brought a platoon of Guard soldiers with him, but he didn’t do anything about them. but they all fell down.

And after listening to Huang Shan, it seems that Lin Hai has something to do with the commander of the war. Ma De, I can’t get into trouble.

“Aren’t you looking for trouble?” Lin Hai shrugged.

“Zhao Shao, let someone do it quickly. He is the one who makes trouble here!” Ye Ziming sees Zhao Kun bringing people here, and says in a hurry.

Do him? I’ll fuck you! Zhao Kun can’t make it.

“Hey, hurry up if you want to do it. Get out of the way if you don’t do it. Good dogs don’t get in the way!” Lin Hai said impatiently.

“Ah? Do he get out of the way? Give Lin less way. Hurry up. ” Zhao Kun waved to the crowd behind him, and the attendant hurriedly dispersed to both sides.

“Zhao Shao, you…” Ye Ziming couldn’t believe it.

Zhao Kun ignored him, but reached for Lin Hai.

“Please, Lin Shao.” Zhao Kun said with a flattering smile.

“Well, very sensible.” Lin Hai nodded and took Lin Yun away.

“By the way”, just two steps away, Lin Hai turned back and gave Zhao Kun a thumbs up.

“Good dog!”


Zhao Kun almost spits blood. he bullied people.

If you don’t know how to provoke Lin Hai, you have to make him shit.

“Lin Shao, walk slowly.” Zhao Kun choked and bent, not only did not dare to get angry, but also he had to accompany the smiling face. It was depressing to think about it.

What about him? Wait for me. Wait for my brother to stay in the pigsty for a few days, and recover the magic power of Marshal Tianpeng. Then you will not be killed!

Zhao Kun stared at Lin Hai’s back and thought bitterly.

“Let’s finish work, too.” See Lin Hai go, Wang Meng with a group of people, also swaggered away.

“Zhao Shao, what do you mean?” When Ye Ziming saw that everyone had gone, he asked Zhao Kun with anger.

“Ye Shao, do you think I don’t want to cut him? Can’t he beat it? ” Zhao Kun is more depressed than ye Ziming.

“Can’t fight?” Ye Ziming looked at the security guard who had fallen down the corridor, and nodded his head. Lin Hai’s skill is really very fierce.

“Ah, are you Meng Shao of Beijing Mengshi group? I’m Zhao Kun of Jiangnan Zhaoshi group. This hotel is my home… ” Zhao Kun has seen Meng Xu for a long time. Seeing that Meng Xu is going to leave, Zhao Kun rushes up to prepare for the Lala relationship.

Beijing Mengshi group, which is one of the best in the country. If we can open cooperation with them, the scale of his Zhao Group will definitely be several times larger than now.

Although Zhao Kun was forced by two forces, he was born in such a family and still understood the importance of human relations. How could he give up this opportunity?

Ye Ziming looks at him and turns his mouth. He has tried it before. Meng shao could not see the local enterprises in Jiangnan, or he would get Zhao Kun?

“Meng Shao, are you free tomorrow? I’ll take you to have a good time in Jiangnan.” Zhao Kun followed Meng Xu’s buttocks and said flatteringly.

“Well, what’s the fun in Jiangnan City with big farts?” Meng Xu didn’t return, he said with his mouth open.

“Meng Shao, I don’t know if you like it…” Zhao Kun lies in mengxu’s ear and whispers.

Meng Xu’s eyes suddenly brightened, and his face caught Zhao Kun excitedly.

“Ha ha, OK, take me tomorrow!”

“Well, I’ll pick up Meng Shao in the morning.” Seeing Meng Xu’s promise, Zhao Kun’s happy eyes are bent with smile.

“Er…” Ye Ziming was stunned not far away. “Cao, Zhao Kun is famous in this circle. What did he say to Meng Shao? How could he make Meng Shao so happy?”

After thinking for a long time, ye Ziming didn’t understand.

Ma De, don’t worry about him. Zhao Kun is so forced. Even if Meng Shao is coaxed well, he can’t do anything. He has nothing to worry about. He’d better go back and hug the female star.

As for these female stars, they are all dignified on the screen. It’s really a wave when they get into bed. Ye Ziming thinks about Li Xue’s situation in bed just now. Suddenly, her heart itches and rushes back to the room.

Lin Hai drives Lin Yun home, thinking about Meng Xu.

“I didn’t expect it would be him, but I have to check with him some other day. It’s a big deal. Don’t get it wrong.”

Lin Yun sat in the car, pouting so much that he could tie an ass.

“Elder brother, why do you think Qin Shou is such a person? I used to like him so much, hum! “

Lin Hai smiled and didn’t speak.

Which of these stars is the same before and after the screen? To worship these so-called idols, we can only say that we are too simple.

Back home, Lin Hai and Lin Yun didn’t tell their parents about today’s events, for fear that their parents would worry.

Lin Hai went back to the house and saw Chu lin’er lying on the bed, playing with her cell phone.

Lin Hai looks over his head and is playing chess with Du Qian.

“It’s over. You lost the game.”

“Shut up your crow’s mouth!” chulin’er said coquettishly.

Forehead… Chu lin’er just finished, Du Qian’s white son landed, five sons even star, Chu lin’er lost.

“Hum, it’s all up to you!” Chu lin’er was angry and raised his hand to give Lin Hai a slap.

“Ouch, I wipe it!” Lin Hai’s peach wood sword in front of his chest flashed white. Although it blocked the wind, it was thrown into the bed by the rebound force.

“Well, can you make some sense?” Lin Hai is depressed.

“Reason with women? Are you a fool? ” Chu lin’er looks at Lin Hai, surprised.


Mark, yes, you are cruel!

Lin Hai got up from the ground and just returned to bed.

Ding Dong!

Wechat rings.

Open it, huh? Little Na Zha.

Nezha: Shangxian, has the second volume of “One Piece” been published? The first volume has been turned up by me.

Puff! This little boy is addicted to watching anime instead of studying morality.

Little muddleheaded fairy: just a moment, send it to you.

Lin Hai found the second book of the pirate king from the bedside table.

Open wechat and scan.

Ding Dong!

You sent Nezha the second volume of the pirate king.

Nezha: Thank you for being immortal. Thank you for being immortal. (behind is a kneeling kowtow expression)

Little muddleheaded fairy: you’re welcome. There are good things in the future. Remember me. (behind is a bad smile with eyebrows raised)

Nezha: it’s natural. I’ll give a treasure back to the immortal if I come here without being rude.

What? Treasure!

I wipe. Nezha called it a treasure. It’s definitely not an ordinary product.

Ma De, Nezha, this kid is interesting!

Lin Hai’s spirit came at once.

Ding Dong!

Nezha sent you a Book of Tao Te Jing.

Puff! Looking at the message, Lin Hai almost fell out of bed.

Your sister! Is that what you call treasure?

Are there any versions on the Internet? Still need your hair?

Nezha: how are you? Are you happy?

Happy your sister, Lin Hai’s face is green.

Little muddleheaded fairy: this kind of crap is rare when my brother looks for a lot of things on the Internet

Nezha: Shangxian, you are wrong. What you look for on the Internet is pirated. You should remember that it is absolutely good for you to read books in the original.

The advantage of having a hammer? My brother didn’t see it.

Lin Hai is depressed.

Nezha: no matter whether you are happy or not, I’m very happy now. I’ll send you the Tao Te Jing. I’ll go home after class and say I’ve lost it, so I don’t have to do my homework. Wahaha


Your uncle, Lin Hai just understood now.

The etiquette of bullshit is reciprocal. This little Nezha is just him to escape his homework!

Lin Hai is so angry!

You little Nezha of dog days, come out to me, brother promise not to kill you!

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