My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 178, I’ll hit you

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Lin Hai went back to school and went directly to the training room to find Liu Xinyue.

“Lin Hai, the day after tomorrow is the green song competition. I’m so nervous.” Two people arrived at the entrance of the woods, Liu Xinyue grabbed Lin Hai’s hand said with her little feet bounced.

“Why nervous, our Xinyue is the best.” Lin Hai touched Liu Xinyue’s hair fondly.

“I’m afraid I can’t win the championship and fulfill my father’s wish.” When it comes to her father, Liu Xinyue’s mood falls again.

“Lin Hai, can my father wake up?”

“Don’t worry, tomorrow night, I will take the last pill for my uncle, and then he will wake up.”

“Really?” Liu Xinyue is excited.

“Silly girl, when did I lie to you?” Lin Hai raised his hand and shaved Liu Xinyue’s nose.

“Thank you, Lin Hai.” Liu Xinyue was deeply moved and fell in Lin Hai’s arms.

“Lin Shao, Lin……” Ye Ziming looks for Lin Hai. He comes in with a sudden embarrassment.

“What is it?” Lin Haiyi frowns.

“Oh, I’m here to deliver tickets to you.” Ye Ziming hurried forward, with a flattering smile, and handed a purple magnetic card to Lin Hai.

“In addition to those reserved for leaders who do not sell to the outside world, all the tickets in the first row have been taken, including those sold in advance, and all have been cancelled.”

“I want tickets. Why do you give me the cards?” Lin Hai has a strange face.

“Lin Shao doesn’t know that all the tickets are locked in the pre-sale cabinet of the Cultural Palace. You can take this card and ask their boss to pick up the tickets. There are more than a hundred tickets in total.” When ye Ziming talked about the number of tickets, there was a pain in the flesh.

“Oh, that’s it.” Lin Hai picks up the card.

“There are really more than one hundred? It’s very generous. ” Lin Hai patted Ye Ziming on the shoulder. “Thank you, ye Shao.”

Be generous to your sister! Ye Ziming was scolded in his heart.

My brother’s heart is bleeding. Although he doesn’t care about money, many of the tickets are for his important guests. It’s good. He’s all offended.

I don’t know what kind of wind my father is smoking. I have to give it all to him. Is it necessary?

“I’ll leave you alone.” Ye Ziming is tired of seeing Lin Hai now.

“Hello, wait.” Lin Hai stopped him again.

“Lin Shao, what else can I do?”

“There won’t be any something nasty in this youth song contest, will there?” Lin Hai asked with a smile, but he still remembered Zhen Shuang’s words.

“Tricky? How come? The judges of this youth song competition are not only popular movie stars and singers, but also famous old artists. They are absolutely fair and just. ” Ye Ziming hurriedly promised.

“Is that right? I hope so. ” Lin Haicai doesn’t believe his story. Qin Shou was also invited to be a judge. That’s the kind of thing. Do you want him to give you justice?

The devil believes it.

However, Lin Hai is very confident in Liu Xinyue. He learned the singing method of “Moon Palace fairy sound”. Although he doesn’t know why he can’t reach his own level, it’s not a problem to win a champion in the green song competition.

Other contestants just want to buy people, and they can’t buy most of the judges, right?

“What kind of tickets, more than one hundred?”

After ye Ziming left, Liu Xinyue asked curiously.

“Tickets for the green song competition are all in the first row.” Lin Hai shakes his magnetic card towards Liu Xinyue.

“Ah!” Liu Xinyue grins.

“What’s the matter?”

“Xiao Qing went to the queue to buy tickets for my mother and herself today. There are so many tickets. what else do you buy?”

“Tickets?” Lin Hai frowned. “Xinyue, Auntie needs a ticket to tell me. Why let Xiao qing buy it?”

“It’s not that my mother always feels too much trouble for you.” Liu Xinyue said with a pout.

“Is it troublesome to use my own son-in-law?”

“I hate it. Who says you’re our son-in-law?”

“Not yet?” Lin Hai suddenly reached Liu Xinyue’s ear. “Is it after what we have done?”

“I hate it.” Liu Xinyue felt a burst of heat coming from her ears, and suddenly her whole body seemed to be electrified and numb.

Lin Hai looks at Liu Xinyue’s shy face, itches in his heart, and suddenly grabs Liu Xinyue’s small hand.

“Xinyue, when can we do that and what?” Lin Hai said excitedly.

“Wait, wait, after the game.” Liu Xinyue buries her head low, and her voice is like a mosquito hum.

“Ha ha, that’s what you said. The game will be over the day after tomorrow. I’ll have to…” Lin Hai smiled badly and picked up his eyebrows.

“I hate it!” Liu Xinyue is so ashamed that she turns her head quickly.

Lin Hai is in a hurry. He holds Liu Xinyue from behind.

“Is it OK to hate or not?”

“All right!” Liu Xinyue was so ashamed that she could not hear her voice.

“Ha ha, great, yeah! Farewell to the virgin”

“Hey, keep your voice down!” Liu Xinyue turns her head and gives Lin Hai a small fist.

They were bored for a while, and Liu Xinyue was surprised.

“Oh, it’s all your fault. I forgot. Didn’t Xiao Qing go to buy the ticket just now? I’ll call her as soon as I can and ask her not to buy it. It’s a waste of money. “

Liu Xinyue said, took out her mobile phone and dialed it for Liu Xinqing.

“Shutdown? I’m sure the cell phone is out of power. What can I do? Hundreds of dollars. ” Liu Xinyue is so sad when she thinks about it.

“Or I’ll go to find her, just take out the ticket.” Lin Hai went back downstairs, drove in the car and left.

There are long lines at the ticket office of workers’ Cultural Palace.

Men and women, while complaining about the slow speed, while waiting anxiously.

“So many people like to watch the green song competition?” Liu Xinqing was surprised. She didn’t expect that the green song competition would be so popular.

“Well, what’s good-looking about the green song competition? Those who are queuing up to buy tickets are all going in to see the star judges. I am myself.” Said a young girl on the left of Liu Xinqing.

“Oh.” Liu Xinqing nodded, “just say, how can a city level green song competition have so many audiences?”

After more than half an hour’s row, Liu Xinqing was finally left alone.

“Well, what row are you going to buy?” During the line-up, the girl next to Liu Xinqing was already familiar with her conversation.

“I’ll take the later one.” Liu Xinqing whispered.

“It’s so boring to buy the ones behind. I buy the ones in the first row. It’s only true when I look at them like that, but I can’t buy them. It seems that they are all pre sold.”

“Oh.” Liu Xinqing is a little down. she wasn’t want her mother and her sister to sing at a close distance. It’s just the condition at home. It’s not allowed at all.

The person in front finally bought the ticket and left. Liu Xinqing was just about to come forward. She reached into the window with one arm from the aisle beside her.

“Two in the middle of the first row.” A fat woman, crowded to the front of Liu Xinqing.

“Hello, how can you jump in the line?” Liu Xinqing said angrily that she had been in a row for more than half an hour.

“Hurry up.” Fat woman didn’t even pay attention to Liu Xinqing, but urged the conductor.

“Hey, what team are you in? Go behind! “

“That’s to say, if I don’t see you, I’m in line. Can I have some quality?”

“Line up at the back. Hurry up.”

“What are you shouting at? I don’t line up. What are you doing, a bunch of idiots?” Fat women not only do not line up, but also shout at the crowd.

“You don’t line up and swear, do you want to find…” Before a man finished speaking, he suddenly found a big man with a tattoo and a gold chain gave him a fierce stare, which made him shut up quickly.

Then they noticed that after a woman, there was a man who was not good at stubble.

“Huh, there is no quality!” Liu Xinqing’s foot.

“You say who has no quality!” What do you think? The fat woman in front of me turned her head back.

“Ma De, dare to scold my mother for her lack of quality. I’ll beat you up with a little bitch!”

As soon as the fat woman raised her hand, she came to Liu Xinqing’s face.


“Ah!” A woman’s scream, the noisy hall, suddenly quiet.

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