My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 181, This is simply torture

“Are you the boss here?” Lin Hai immediately guessed the identity of Zhang Weisheng.

“Yes, my name is Zhang Weisheng.” Zhang Weisheng nodded respectfully.

“Well, you should know this card, but don’t throw it to me like that fool whose head has been kicked by a donkey.” Lin Hai jokingly raised his chin towards Han Jingyan.

“Who are you talking about” Han Jinyan stared.


Lin Hai shakes his head for a while, saying that you are really stupid. Didn’t you see that your boss is so polite to your brother? Don’t you think it’s exciting?

Sure enough, Zhang Weisheng hears the words and looks back.

“Han Jinyan, how can you talk to Lin Shao?”

“No, Mr. Zhang, he…”

“What is he, his name is Lin Shao! Can’t come but apologize to Lin Shao! “

“Lin, Lin Shao?” Han Jinyan is confused directly. Does this person have any background?

Zhang Weisheng saw Han Jinyan stand that silly, in the heart of the gas ah.

“Why are you deaf!” Zhang Weisheng shouted angrily.

Han Jinyan was shocked. He didn’t know Zhang Weisheng was so angry. He suddenly understood.

Ma De, what kind of Lin Shao is in front of you? He can’t even provoke president Zhang.

Han Jingyan’s legs and stomach are soft with fear, and he would like to smoke his mouth hard.

Nima, why are you so cheap? I’m going to flatter the wife of a Tianhe gang leader. How nice of him to offend a Buddha.

“Lin Shao, I’m sorry. I don’t know Taishan. I…”

“All right, get out of the way.” Lin Hai waved like a fly. He didn’t care about such a small person.

“Ah, ah, I’m going now.” Han Jinyan, as pardoned, bowed to Lin Hai for a while, and walked away.

“Lin Shao, I’m really sorry that his subordinates don’t understand.” After Han Jinyan left, Zhang Weisheng said apologetically.

“Come on, Mr. Zhang, don’t mention that idiot. Since you know the card, there are tickets in the first row, right?”

“Yes, there are more than one hundred. They are all here. Come with me.” Zhang Weisheng quickly nodded and then led the way ahead.

“What!” Everyone heard that, and it was completely lost.

“Let’s go, sister-in-law. What are you doing” Lin Hai greets Liu Xinqing and follows Zhang Weisheng to the second floor.

“Hello, is that true? There are really more than 100 first row tickets? ” Liu Xinqing behind the forest, whispered.

“I’ll know when I take a look.” Lin Hai shrugged.

Zhang Weisheng went into his office suite, came to a small metal cabinet, took the card and brushed in the induction area.

A tick.

The cupboard opened and Zhang Weisheng took out a stack of tickets.

“Lin Shao, there are 112 of them. They are all here.” Zhang Weisheng hands Lin Hai.

Lin Hai takes over and shakes. He pulls out ten pieces and hands them to Zhang Weisheng.

“President Zhang, everyone has a family and friends. Take these tickets.”

“No, no, Lin Shao, Ye Shao has ordered, a lot of all for you!” Zhang Weisheng did not dare to ask. He hurriedly waved.

“Take it to you. I can’t use it if I want so much!” Lin Hai directly put the ticket in Zhang Weisheng’s hand.

“Here…” Zhang Weisheng was grateful.

His daughter also took part in the green song competition. Before that, he left a good place for himself and his wife. Unexpectedly, ye Ziming took all the tickets back.

When Zhang Weisheng told the news to his lover, he was scolded by his lover. He cried for the first row of tickets and cheered for his daughter.

Zhang Weisheng was irritable. He slammed the phone directly, and also hated Lin Shao’s mouth.

But he also knows that the person who can let Ye Ziming send all the tickets is absolutely not the one who can provoke him. Therefore, after seeing Lin Hai, he has been very humble and dare not show his dissatisfaction.

To his surprise, Lin Hai sent him more than ten tickets at once.

Not only do I have tickets for myself and my lover, but also several tickets.

Now, all the tickets in the first row are in Lin Hai’s hands. They can’t be bought on the market at all. In this way, the value of these tickets will be great.

“Thank you, Lin Shao.” Zhang Weisheng’s thanks are sincere.

“Well, the ticket is taken, then we’ll go.” Lin Hai waved to Zhang Weisheng.

“Ah, Lin Shao, I’ll see you off!” Zhang Weisheng rushed it out.

As soon as Lin Hai came out, the eyes of all the people in the hall came together.

When I saw Lin Hai holding a stack of tickets, I immediately fried the pot.

“I wipe. Is it true? Look at his hands. There are many tickets.”

“Cao, what’s the background of this man? He has all the tickets in the first row. How awesome!”

“Well, it must not be an ordinary person anyway.”

Can not help, people suddenly have a little awe of Linhai.

“Wait a minute.” Just as Lin Hai and Liu Xinqing were about to go out, a young girl came to Liu Xinqing.

“Well, is he really holding the first row of tickets?” The girl gave Lin Hai a timid glance.

“Yes.” Liu Xinqing saw that it was the girl who had just lined up with herself.

“Can I have one?” The girl said with some trepidation.

“It’s OK on the side.” Seems to be afraid that Lin Hai will not agree, the girl quickly added.

Liu Xinqing turns her head to Linhai. After all, the tickets are from Linhai.

Lin Hai drew out a ticket directly and put it in Liu Xinqing’s hand.

“To decide for yourself or not.”

“Thank you!” Liu Xinqing takes the ticket and smiles sweetly.

When the girl saw that Lin Hai had given the ticket to Liu Xinqing, she immediately showed her keen eyes.

“Give it!” Liu Xinqing hands the ticket to the girl.

“Ah, thank you, thank you!” The girl took the ticket and thanked her excitedly.

“No thanks.” Liu Xinqing smiled and showed two dimples.

“Ah, I almost forgot. How much is it?” The girl quickly opened the bag and paid out.

Liu Xinqing looks back at Lin Hai.

Lin Haiyi shrugs his shoulders. That’s what you decide.

“No more money. We had such a good time talking before. Let’s give it to you.” Liu Xinqing said with her little hand in her hand.

“Ah? No, no, how can it be. ” The girl waved her hands.

“Oh, take it. You helped me just now.” Liu Xinqing put the money that the girl handed over back.

“This… How interesting is that? ” The girl was moved.

“Come on, don’t be polite.”

“Well, then leave me a call. Come and play with me when you are free. I’ll treat you to dinner.” The girl suddenly took out her cell phone.

“Good.” Two people left a phone call each other, the girl just left thank you very much.

“Yes, it’s very generous.” Lin Hai looks at Liu Xinqing in surprise.

“What do you know? It’s called a gratitude report! ” Liu Xinqing’s proud little mouth.

“Hey, give me two tickets!” Suddenly, an angry voice sounded from the side.

Lin Hai looks back.

Puff! I just laughed.

Nima, it’s such a joy.

I saw that the fat woman before was being carried on his back by Biaozi. Biaozi’s strong body was pressed down deeply. His face kept showing his teeth and suffering like Mount Tai. His legs began to tremble.

Nima, this is torture!

All of a sudden, Lin Hai had a deep sympathy for Biaozi.

“Hey, you’re stupid. Give me two of them. Can you give me a price?”

Lin Hai looks at the fat woman in amazement.

Is this woman a fool? There have been contradictions before. Now, with this attitude, do you still want tickets?

You’ve got water in your head.

Lin Hai glanced at her with disdain, but she didn’t care, so she went out.

“Hey, stand by me! My mother has money, you leave the ticket! “

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