My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 182, Dare to threaten my sister-in-law?

“What do you say?” Lin Hai looks back.

“I said that my mother has money. Don’t you just have two broken tickets? You can offer me a price. I don’t blink my eyes.” Fat woman said arrogantly.

“True or false?” Lin Hai’s playful smile.

“Well, nonsense, my mother is rich and willful. How much is it?” Fat woman despised Lin Hai for a look, old lady has money, still can’t make you?

“In that case, sell her two?” Lin Hai asked Liu Xinqing with his eyes shining.

“Hum!” Liu Xinqing pouted and turned away, obviously not very happy.

Lin Hai ignored her and rubbed her hands towards the fat woman.

“That, beauty, do you really want to buy it? The first row is very expensive. ” Lin Hai’s face is so humble that she even calls for beautiful women.

Fat woman at a look like Linhai, heart more satisfied.

“Expensive? I like expensive things. I have money. Are you afraid I can’t afford it? Come on, how much is it! ” The arrogance of a fat woman.

“Then, I’ll tell you?” Lin Hai asked carefully, his smile more humble.

The crowd around shook their heads.

It’s better to have money. Look at this young man. He just played a fat woman. Now, when it comes to money, it’s not soft.

“Well, it’s money, isn’t it? I don’t need money! ” Fat women will go down to the old height of Bao’an.

Lin Hai shrunk his neck and held out a finger timidly.

“1,000?” Fat women disdain the corners of the mouth.

Lin Hai shakes his head.

“10,000?” Said the fat woman stupefied.

Lin Hai is still shaking his head.

“You don’t want 100,000, do you?” The woman screamed.

Lin Hai shakes faster.

“What? Do you want a million? Are you crazy about money? ” Cried the fat woman hysterically.

“Not a million, not a million.” Lin Hai waved his hand and said timidly.

The fat woman finally breathed a sigh of relief and said all her big words. If Lin Hai really wanted one million yuan, she would be a fool.

“How much is that? Do you fart? It’s not 100 yuan, is it? “

Fat women’s lips are all turned to the ears. They said at the beginning of 1. One million people scared this idiot like that. Ten million people are definitely more impossible.

1 yuan, 10 yuan. Even fat women think it’s impossible. The only one left is 100 yuan.

Fat woman can’t help but despise Lin Hai even more. She’s really a clay bun that hasn’t seen any money.

“Then, I said?” At this time, Lin Hai said timidly.

“Say, don’t worry and say boldly, I am rich, but I’m afraid I can’t afford you!”

“One hundred million.” Lin Hai stammered.


The fat woman was so scared that she almost fell off.

“How much more?” Fat women think they’re hearing the wrong thing.

“One hundred million?” Lin Hai said again.

“Why don’t you go robbing? Are you crazy about money?” The fat woman was so angry that she shivered all over her body, and the puma was grinning.

“You, you don’t want to be in debt, do you?” Lin Hai said pitifully.

“What is the debt? When does my mother owe you?”

“Why? Just now, we all heard that you and I asked for an offer. Didn’t you say that you have money? Don’t you say you have money and willfulness? Don’t you say you don’t blink? Take it? ” Lin Hai reaches for the fat woman.

“You, you are asking for money, you are blackmailing.” Cried the fat woman hysterically.

“Hey, stop talking nonsense. Did you buy it or not? Get the money as soon as you buy it! ” Lin Hai takes out two tickets and shakes them in front of the fat woman.

Fat woman almost faints with anger. Old NIMA wants to buy it, but who can afford it?

“Only fools buy it!” The fat woman cried out in anger.

“Oh, so you didn’t buy it again?” A disdainful smile appeared at the corner of Lin Hai’s mouth.

“NIMA, I thought that when I met a rich woman, my brother was going to be developed. NIMA turned out to be a pusher. He was really disappointed.”

“You say who is loading the forced goods!” Fat women are in a hurry.

“Stupid, I can’t hear that. Of course, you have some problems with Your’s IQ?”

“You’re pretending to be a force!”

“Well, it’s not forced cargo. You buy it. Take the money? The hula mountain sound of Niubi’s blowing. When it comes to paying for money, it’s stupid. It’s not about loading forced goods. ” Lin Hai points to the fat woman.

“You, you Ouch! ” The fat woman was so angry that she shivered all over her body. It didn’t matter. The puma couldn’t help it. When her legs were soft, they fell to the ground.

“Hahahaha…” The onlookers burst into laughter.

Now, they can’t see. Before Lin Hai, he was pretending to play with this fat woman all the time.

“Hey, don’t come out and pretend to be forced when you are free. It’s so humiliating for him.” Lin Hai shook his head contemptuously.

“You, you wait for me! Abba, help me up quickly. “

“Sister Pang, I can’t get up when you press on me. How can I help you?” A Biao is under the butt of a fat woman, almost crying.

“Coax!” There was another burst of laughter in the hall.

“Hey, man, how much is that ticket for you? Can I have one? ” A man is nearby, laughing and shouting at Lin Hai.

“You want it. The original price is good.” Lin Hai thought, so many tickets can’t be used anyway. It’s better to sell them or waste them.

“Really? Oh, thank you so much, brother! ” The man came over happily and made a deal with Lin Hai.

“Man, thank you!” The man took the ticket and left satisfied.

As soon as they saw it, their eyes were all bright, and they immediately gathered around them.

“Man, sell me one!”

“Handsome man, I want one too!”

“I want two!”

The hall was in a mess.

“My grass, don’t squeeze, come one by one, my day, who will touch me! Hello, girl, you dare to attack my chest… ” Lin Hai is in a hurry.

For a long time, the people just dispersed, one by one holding the ticket, the face is very happy.

Lin Hai has 20 tickets left.

OK, the rest can’t be sold. Don’t be short of yourself then.

“Sister in law, will you go home?” Lin Hai waves to Liu Xinqing.

“Stop!” The fat woman shouted at Lin Hai again.

“Why? What else can I do? “

“You, why do you sell them at the original price? Selling me is the sky high price!” Asked the fat woman angrily.

Lin Hai was speechless for a while. He really admired this fat aunt’s intelligence.

“I said he was stupid? Can’t you see that my brother is playing you? Brother is not going to sell you at all, OK? “

“You don’t sell it, little rabbit. I don’t want to buy it!” The fat woman’s face suddenly turned ferocious.

“I tell you, my husband is the leader of Tianhe gang. You leave all the tickets to me today, and then go away. Otherwise, I’ll let my husband take someone to cut you off!”

When the people in the hall heard of Tianhe Gang, they were immediately frightened and shivered. There was a little fear for the fat woman.

Fat women are more proud of the reaction of the masses.

Tianhe Gang? Lin Hai disdains and pours. The goods that he beat with his bare head before seem to belong to Tianhe Gang, right?

Seeing that Lin Hai didn’t speak, the fat woman thought that Lin Hai was afraid, and her face was more ferocious.

“Hum, I can’t spare you from this little coquette around you. Let my brothers in my husband’s team serve her in turn and make her dare to go crazy with me!”

Lin Hai, who was going to walk, suddenly stopped!

In his eyes, Lin Hai took off his shoes. The soles of the shoes “snapped” on the fat woman’s face.

“How dare he threaten my sister-in-law! Go, call all the people you can. Don’t say that brother didn’t give you a chance! “

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