My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 19, Yourthing has been committed

“Haizi, tell your mother the truth. Where did you get so much money? You won’t do anything you shouldn’t do.” Seeing that the neighbors were gone, Song Qincai questioned his doubts.

“What do you mean, my son, I don’t know? The sea is not that kind of person.” Chen Wen scolded, crossing his neck.

“You dead old man, where did you say so much money came from?”

“How do I know? You asked Haizi.” Lin Wen turned his head.

“Dad, Mom, you can rest assured that there is nothing wrong with the money.” Lin Hai hurried forward and said.

“I spent 400 yuan on an antique street stall and purchased an antique painting. It was the authentic work of Tang Bohu in the Ming Dynasty. It was bought by an old man from Beijing for 10 million yuan.”

“What, 10 million? This…” The whole family was confused.

It’s money they can’t make in their lifetime.

“One, a picture sells 10 million dollars?” Lin Wen stuttered.

“Yes, Dad, your son is a multimillionaire now.”

“OK, OK.” Lin Wen moved excitedly around the room.

“You dead old man, sit there and faint me.” Song Qin breathed a sigh of relief, but also happy eyebrows.

“Brother, what you said is true?” Lin Yun opened her mouth wide and surprised her face.

“Yes, if it’s a fake bag.”

“Great, rich, parents don’t have to work so hard anymore.”

Lin Yun’s words sour Lin Hai’s heart.

Yeah, parents suffered too much for their brothers and sisters.

“Dad, Mom, don’t plant the land at home. Sons will support you later.”

“Well, you still have to keep your money to marry a daughter-in-law. You save a little money. I heard that marrying a daughter-in-law in the city costs a lot of money.” Lin Wen blew his beard and scolded him.

“You’re a dead old man, you can’t talk well with your son, Haizi. Don’t pay attention to him. Look at his virtue.” Song Qin gave Lin Wen a white look with a smile.

Lin Hai smiled with incomparable warmth.

He grew up in the day-to-day quarrel between his parents. The time he remembered was very happy though it was bitter.

Lin Hai took out the clothes he bought for his parents and Lin Yun, but did not dare to tell them the price. Otherwise, his parents would definitely fold up neatly and put them on.

“Dad, Mom, I want to go to the restaurant in town tomorrow and invite the neighbours to have a meal. Thank them for taking care of our family these years.” After another conversation, Lin Hai asked his parents for advice.

“Should be, do not forget the book, I will inform them.” As soon as Lin Wen listened, he couldn’t sit still and went out to inform people.

“The dead old man loves to show off, and he doesn’t know how to talk to others when he’s outside.”

Lin Hai smiled and said nothing.

Parents can be proud of their children, that is, filial piety.

“Let’s go, Yun Yun, and go to a hotel with my brother.”

“Well.” Lin Yun wanted to ride in her own car for a long time. She happily followed Lin Hai to the town.

“Haizi is going to treat you at the restaurant in town tomorrow. You must go. I’ll let Haizi pick you up.”

Lin Wen’s family notified, with a proud smile on their faces, it seems that the whole people are much younger.

It was not long before the whole village knew that the old Lin had developed and would spend a lot of money to invite the big guys to the town for dinner.

Sun Guizhi also heard the news at home, sitting on the kang, breathing heavily.

“Well, this Lin Hai, don’t know what evil ways to get some stinky money, dare not put the old lady in the eyes, this invitation, do not inform me, I have forgotten their family’s good, really have no conscience!”

“When did you feel better about my eldest brother’s family?” Lin Wu whispered.

“What are you whispering about there? Your nephew’s invitation is over. Can you still sit down? You’re a scrap. Why am I blind? You’re such a scrap.

“No, it’s a reversal. I have to teach them a lesson. If I don’t go on like this, I won’t be able to ride on my neck any day.” The more Sun Guizhi wanted to get angry, he slammed the door and ran to the inner room to make a phone call.

“Brother, you don’t know, the second aunt is too much. Last month, her nephew passed the full moon and told her mother and her aunt that she used to pay for her money. She and her aunt were not familiar with his family. They followed 200. As a result, in front of everyone, the second aunt said that she was disgraced by her mother and her aunt, forcing them to follow 500 people. When they were seated, they talked about people. Too many, let mother and aunt and those waiters sit together to eat, do not allow to sit in, inside the seat, all her mother’s family, mother came back crying.

“And that was even more extreme…” Lin Yun seems to have found a vent and shaken out some of Sun Guizhi’s immoral deeds in recent years.

Lin Hai’s deadpan listening is not only distressed by his parents, but also annoyed that Sun Guizhi is not a thing.

“Rest assured, Yun Yun, that kind of person, sooner or later, will be revenged.”

In the evening, Lin Hai and his parents chatted until very late to sleep, sleeping on the Tukang at home, Lin Hai felt extremely solid.

The next day, Lin Hai did not snatch the red envelope unexpectedly, and was so angry that Lin Hai almost dropped his mobile phone.

Today we have to pick up our neighbours. Originally, Lin Hai wanted to hire a bus to pull all the people and cars over, but Lin Wen insisted that Lin Hai drive himself and pull all the cars to town.

Lin Hai, however, also understood his father’s mind, pulled more than a dozen times before pulling all the people over.

The restaurant was crowded, and Lin Hai suddenly remembered something.

Walking to the door, Lin Hai dialed a telephone.

“Hello, who is it?”

Is it Xiao Lao? I’m Xiao Lin.”

“Wait a minute.”

“Xiaolin, ha-ha.” Soon, there was a cheerful laugh on the phone.

“Xiao Lao, are you still in Lancheng?”

“Well, there it is.”

“At the Pearl Hotel in town this noon, I invited the neighbors to have dinner. I wonder if you are free to come and sit down together, so that I can make the best of the landlord’s friendship?”

“Oh? Haha, you little boy, interesting. Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Qingshan said to a respectful young man behind him, “The noon schedule has been cancelled. I’m going to the Pearl Hotel.”

“Chief, this…”

“What is this?”

“Chief, provincial, city and county leaders are already on their way.”

“Who let them come?” Xiao Qingshan suddenly burst into flames, and the young people behind him immediately sweated.

“Let them all roll back to me, who came to Lao Tzu and shot who!”

“Yes, yes.” The young man nodded and wiped his sweat.

“Well, forget it.” Xiao Qingshan sighed, “Let Xiao Wu talk about it.”

“Thank you for your understanding.” The young man was moved.

If he was really asked to say that the big guys in the provinces and cities were worried and angry with him, he would be scrapped.

“Well, Mayor Huang, you will accompany me at noon. Others, what should we do?”

Huang Bo’s eyes lit up. “Yes, Chief.”

Pearl Hotel, the hall has been full of people, bustling, are discussing how Lin Hai prosperous, the old Lin couple are blessed and so on.

Lin Wen and Song Qin greeted the villagers warmly, never so happy.

Lin Hai stood at the entrance of the hotel and looked around.

“Haizi, the villagers have been sitting for half a day, or not to start.” After a while, Lin Wen came out of the room.

“Dad, wait a minute.”

“Who are you waiting for?”

“Wait for a VIP!”

Just after the voice of Lin Hai dialect fell, a police van, pulling a siren, whistled and stopped in front of Lin Hai.

“Who is Lin Hai!” In the car, a poorly dressed policeman with a drunken face stepped out.

Lin Hai was stunned. “I am. What’s the matter?”

“Boy, you’ve done something. Come with me!”

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