My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 197, Soul Mark

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Lin Hai takes Lin Wen home. Just as he sits down, the phone rings again.

Pick up the mobile phone, it’s Ye Ziyu.

“Brother ye, what’s up?”

“Xiaohai, my mother’s illness has been cured. She said she has never been so comfortable. Thank you.” Ye Ziyu’s words are full of feelings.

“Brother ye, you are welcome.” Lin Hai smiled.

“That, my mother’s gold needle…”

“… I’ll be there now. ” Lin Hai slapped his forehead and forgot all about it.

Lin Hai drives to Ye Ziyu’s house.

“Mr. Lin.” As soon as Lin Hai arrived, Ye Feng and Ye Ziyu met each other, with great respect on their faces.

The angina that bothered Fang for half of her life actually healed in just two days, which made Ye Feng and Ye Ziyu more aware of the strength of Lin Hai. A good relationship with such a person is absolutely a guarantee for life.

“Go in.” Lin Hai waved with a smile.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Lin.” A fang has been able to get up. Her face looks more relaxed than before. I can see that her spirit is very good.

“Auntie, you’re welcome. Your optimism is admirable.” Lin Hai said as she took the gold needle off her body.

“Mr. Lin, Fang is ill. Later…” Ye Feng wants to talk and stops.

“Don’t worry, it has been cured and won’t happen again.” Lin Hai said lightly.

“Oh, that’s great.” Ye Feng and A Fang are very happy. They hold each other tightly, excited in their hearts.

This disease, but from a young age, tortured A Fang, Ye Feng see in the eyes, pain in the heart, is two people’s heart disease for life.

Unexpectedly, by Lin Hai’s gentle injection, the stubborn disease that left doctors all over the world helpless was eliminated. How could they not be happy?

“Mr. Lin, it will be useful to visit my Ye family in the future, but please open your mouth. Ye Feng will never refuse!” Ye Feng said sincerely on one face.

“You are welcome, Mr. Ye. I have something else to do, so I’m leaving.” Lin Hai nodded to the Ye Feng family and turned to leave.

“Huh?” Just walked two steps, Lin Hai suddenly felt a strange.

“Uncle Ye, are you not in good spirits these two days?” Lin Hai looked at Ye Feng and asked strangely.

“No, Mr. Lin, what’s wrong with my spirit?” Ye Feng is stunned, at the same time, he is frightened by Lin Hai’s words.

Lin Hai is a real doctor. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with his body. He found out.

“Nothing, I’m just asking.” Lin Hai frowned and shook his head.

“Oh, that’s good.” Ye Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Hai leaves Ye’s house and drives away.

After a short walk, Lin Hai pulled over to the side of the car, his mind moved and disappeared in the car.

“Xian’er welcomes the master!”

In the holy land of the Moon Lake, xian’er dressed in Qipao and gave a gift to Lin Hai with a smile.

“Xian’er, were you calling me just now?” Asked Lin Hai.

“Yes, master.” Xian’er nodded.

“What do you mean by the soul mark?”

“You know, our holy land is very sensitive to the soul. Before you become the master, you have healed the soul wound twice.”

“Yes, it was two times when I used the golden needle to cross the soul and save people.” Lin Hai nodded.

“Well, just now, I felt a strange fluctuation of soul. It seems that the soul of the person you are facing has been touched by someone, so xian’er reminds you to be more careful.”

“The soul is passive!” Hearing this, Lin Hai’s pupil suddenly shrank.

“What is a soul being touched?”

“Even if the soul is controlled by some means, xian’er just feels something. I don’t know the specific situation. In a word, that person may be in danger.” Xian’er said with a worried face.

“OK, I see.” Lin Hai nodded solemnly.

“Master, our holy land can crack all kinds of soul magic. If the master encounters the attack of soul type, the holy land will automatically help the master to solve it. The master can rest assured.”

“OK, I see.”

Out of the holy land, Lin Hai is surprised. Controlling the soul is not what ordinary people can do. Did Ye Feng offend some strange people?

Drive in the car. Lin Hai goes to school.

As soon as he entered the dormitory, Wang Peng and several others rushed over.

“Haizi, Liu Xinyue is going to take part in the green song competition tomorrow. The elder brothers in the dormitory discussed and went to the scene to cheer Liu Xinyue up!”

“Yes, we all go and support my brother and sister to win the championship!”

“Liu Liang has put his ticket in his wallet. It’s rare for this boy to be generous once.”

“What do you mean, my friend has been very generous, OK?” Liu Liang said with a smile.

Lin Hai’s heart warmed. “Thank you for your help.”

“Hi, you’re welcome. Let’s talk first. I’ll buy tickets.” Liu Liang turns around and goes out.

“Buying tickets? No need to go. ” Lin Hai stops Liu Liang.

“Hai, that’s not right. You helped my family a lot. I’ll buy some tickets and go with my brothers to give my sister-in-law an oil to help her. You can’t help but give her a chance.”

“You misunderstood, Liangzi.” Lin Hai shook his head and reached for some tickets from his pocket.

“I’m ready for the tickets. This time I came here to deliver tickets to my brothers.” Lin Hai put the tickets in his hands.

“You, why did you buy it?” Liu Liang clapped his thigh. “I asked my father to find good people. If the second row of reserved tickets were not for the first row, I don’t know which Niubi characters had taken them all away, my friends would have taken them all to the first row.”

“Look at my row?” The corner of Lin Hai’s mouth was raised, showing a thoughtful smile.

“You won’t buy all the second row. It’s too expensive for you. You are sincere…” Liu Liang took the ticket. Before he finished speaking, he was stunned. Then the boss with his mouth open looked at Lin Hai in surprise.

“Why, Liangzi, do you know that you look like a fool?” Wang Peng raised his hand and shook it in front of Liu Liang’s eyes.

“Fuck you, you’re just like a fool.” Liu Liang kicks Wang Peng, then looks at Lin Hai strangely.

“Lying trough, Haizi, it turns out that you are the man of Niubi?” Liu Liang said with a strange face.

“If you can’t, please give us the tickets and bring your girlfriend with you.” Lin Hai smiled and shook his head.

At this time, all the talents gathered around and looked at Liu Liang’s ten tickets.

“My grass, it’s all in the first row!”

“I can’t buy the first row at all.”

“Yes, I heard it was covered by a big man.”

“Lying trough, you haven’t understood. We Haizi are the big guy.”

“It’s bullshit, Haizi.” Several people came round and asked the East and the west of Lin hai.

“I’ll go to Xinyue. You must all go tomorrow.” Lin Hai found a reason to run away.

“Xiao Li, let’s go to the green song contest tomorrow. Mm-hmm. I’m ready for the tickets. Ha ha, you can’t guess which row. I’ll surprise you then.”

“Hello, sister hammer, you want the ticket for the second row of Qingge competition. They don’t have the second row. What? Third row, too? But the third row doesn’t have any tickets. Hey, don’t scold me. They have tickets in the first row. I hate them. They’re so messy… “

Several brothers in the dormitory call their girlfriends to report their happiness.

Only Wang Peng holds two tickets and feels depressed.

“NIMA, it’s hard to be single. Who is the ticket for, man?” Wang Peng looks down at random, then his eyes are straight.

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