My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 198, Single dogs have spring

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A girl with ordinary clothes and smart face is walking downstairs with a lunch box. She is as happy as a bird.

The girl is not a beauty, but it gives people a sense of patience, especially the cleverness from the bottom of her heart, which is very likable.

Wang Peng’s heart thumped and immediately jumped to his throat.

“I’m so obedient. I’m going to fall in love!”

I don’t know why, the appearance of the girl, like a flash of lightning, hit Wang Peng’s silent heart for 20 years.

Wang Peng is crazy and runs downstairs.

“Day, why did you hit me?” Liu Liang scolded. I don’t know what’s wrong with Wang Peng.

“Lie trough, look downstairs, Wang Pang pig is in heat!” I don’t know who shouted. Several people in the dormitory looked downstairs.

Wang Peng stood opposite the girl, rubbing his fat hands constantly. The fat on his nervous face was shaking.

The girl took the lunch box and looked at the fat man who rushed out suddenly, without knowing what he was going to do.

“What’s the matter, classmate?” The girl asked strangely with her head askew.

“What a beautiful voice.” Wang Peng was intoxicated.

“Me, can I invite you to go to the green song competition with me tomorrow?” Wang Peng boldly said the words.

After speaking, be careful that the liver trembles, look at the girl expectantly with one face, for fear that the girl will say no.

“Green song competition? I was ready to go. I’ve bought all the tickets. I’m in the fifth row, and you’re in the fifth row. It’s a school. Let’s go together. ” The girl smiled sweetly, revealing two lovely dimples.

After listening, Wang Peng felt his head explode.

“She didn’t refuse me, she didn’t refuse me!” Wang Peng’s heart is in full bloom.

“Hello, are you ok?” The girl saw Wang Peng alone there, grinning and asking for help.

“Here’s the ticket. You take it. We’ll go tomorrow.” Wang Peng nervously shoved a ticket into the girl’s hand, then turned around and ran back to the dormitory.

The girl looked surprised. She didn’t know why the boy was so shy.

What’s more, I’ve already bought a ticket. Why should he give me one.

Looking down at the ticket in her hand, the girl’s face suddenly changed.

“First row!”

It took a long time for the girl to react.

“Hello, classmate, I don’t know who you are.” Unfortunately, Wang Peng has run away.

“Lie trough, fat man can, all learned to flirt with younger sister.”

“Good taste, that girl looks delicious.”

“Well, what did you run for just now? Did they refuse you?”

As soon as Wang Peng came back, several brothers surrounded him and asked curiously.

“Hahaha, get out of the way, all of them. He’s in love, too.”

Wang Peng sits beside the computer and opened the D drive.

“I wipe, you are a fat man. You can’t stand to see others. It’s daytime now.”

A few people see Wang Peng open D drive, show indecent expression in succession.

All the brothers in the dormitory know what the hundreds of G’s put in the D disk.

“Don’t talk nonsense there. I’m going to fall in love with you, and I’m going to have a girlfriend. I can’t use these things anymore. Whoa ha…” Wang Peng laughs crazily and clicks delete.

“My day, you’ve deleted it. Are you too cruel to yourself?” Several people were surprised.

“Well, you’re going to go to the practice stage soon, and you want to use these dry hair?” Wang Peng not only deleted, but also emptied the recycle bin.

“Fat Wang, she really promised to be your girlfriend?”

“Er…” Wang Peng was stunned.

“What’s her name, Department, and senior?”

“Er…” Wang Peng is forced.

“Have you left your phone?”

“Er…” Wang Peng shed cold sweat.

“I didn’t ask for my name, I didn’t leave my phone number, I didn’t promise you. Are you happy?” Several people looked at Wang Peng in surprise, just like an idiot.

“My grass, my treasure!” Wang Peng’s howl tore his heart and cracked his lungs. He started to open the D disk with trembling hands. He took a look at it, and suddenly his heart ached!

“NIMA, it’s all gone!”

“Hahaha, I’m so happy, fat Wang.” Several people chuckled.

“Dong Dong!” Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Several people turn around one after another. When they see who is standing at the door, they are shocked one by one.

“Schoolmate, can you leave a wechat?” The girl stood at the door and said with her head askew.

“Yes, please remember my wechat.” A few people were very ungrateful.

“Get out of the way. Get out of the way.” Wang peng rushed over and pushed all the troublemakers away.

The girl snorted and smiled.

“The people in your dormitory are so funny.”

“Ah, yes, they are all teasing, of course.” Wang Peng rubbed his hands and said with a silly smile.

“Ha ha, you are so humorous. How much wechat do you have?” The girl stopped laughing and asked Wang Peng.

“My wechat is…” Wang Peng quickly reported his wechat.

Ding Dong!

Little witch asked to add you as a friend.

Wang Peng rushed through.

“Go back to wechat.” The girl raised her mobile phone, smiled at Wang Peng and turned away.

Wang Peng’s eyes are fixed on the girl’s wechat head in the address book, and his mouth can’t close.

“Grass, why is NIMA still chasing back?”

“This girl looks very good. Why is her eyes so bad?”

“There’s spring for single dogs, too. The world is going to change.”

“Look at fat Wang. the saliva It all flowed down. Let him treat them!”

“Yes, fat Wang treat!”

A few people followed in droves.

“Please, definitely. In the evening, I invite you to eat sheep scorpions.” Wang Peng’s happy hand.

There was cheering in the dormitory.

In the practice room, Liu Xinyue is singing softly. All the students around are obsessed with their eyes and immersed in the artistic conception of singing.

It wasn’t until Liu Xinyue finished singing for a long time that the students began to respond.

“OK, that’s great!”

“Sister Xinyue, how are you? I’m infected by your singing.”

“Yes, yes, the feeling of Xin Yue’s song has caught up with Lin Hai’s song king.”

“Tomorrow’s champion must be sister Xinyue’s!”

Liu Xinyue listened to the students’ praise and was excited.

After learning this book, I really improved my singing level. It’s quite different from the previous one.

If before, Liu Xinyue had 80% confidence in winning the championship, now, she has believed that the champion is absolutely the thing in her bag.

“Hum, do you really think you can win the championship if you sing well? Naive! “At the door, Zhen Shuang is also infected by Liu Xinyue’s singing. When he wakes up, he gets angry.

Whispered a word, Zhen Shuang twisted his buttocks, and left unhappily.

“Xinyue, the singing is perfect.” Lin Hai also came over at this time.

“Thank you, Lin Hai. It’s thanks to you to make such great progress. Tomorrow, I must let my father see that I won the championship.” Liu Xinyue’s eyes are full of firmness.

When it comes to Liushan, Lin Hai’s eyebrows fly.

“Xinyue, it’s time for uncle to wake up!”

Liu Xinyue’s body quivers when she hears it!

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