My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 199, The happiest person in the world

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Liu Xinyue is excited and grabs Lin Hai’s arm.

“Lin Hai, do you mean my dad will wake up tonight?”

“I think so.” Lin Hai is not sure. After all, at the beginning, the golden flower boy said that if you take pill separately, you won’t wake up 100% of the time.

“Let’s go back now.” Liu Xinyue can’t wait.

“OK, let’s go!” Lin Hai got on the bus and went directly to Liu Xinyue’s house.

On the way, Liu Xinyue has already called her mother. As soon as she gets home, Zhao Fang and Liu Xinqing are all excited to welcome her.

“Xiaohai, your uncle, he can really wake up today?” Zhao Fang asked Lin Hai nervously and excitedly.

“I’ll try.” Lin Hai did not dare to say too much.

Several people came into Liushan’s bedroom together.

Lin Hai stretched out his hand and gave Liu Shan a pulse.

It’s all right, just like before.

“Just a moment.” Lin Haiyi turns around and enters the next bedroom.

“Hey, what are you doing in my house!” Liu Xinqing sees the situation, hurriedly wants to stop, the result Lin Hai already took the lead to walk in.

“Er…” As soon as Lin Hai went in, he saw a bunch of flowers on the bed. He was embarrassed.

“Out, out!” Liu Xinqing blushed and pushed Lin Hai out. She had not cleaned up the interior she had replaced.

Lin Hai had to run to another room, open wechat, and extract the last soul returning pill.

Holding the soul returning pill in his hand, Lin Hai comes to Liushan and feels nervous.

“Success or failure, that’s it!” Lin Hai breathed out a long breath and fed the pill to Liu Shan.

The entrance of the pill changed. Lin Hai and Liu Xinyue’s family all mentioned their voices and stared at Liu Shan.

“Sky eye, open!” Lin Hai murmurs a sentence, then a layer of blue light fog covers his eyes.

For a moment, Lin Hai stared at Liushan and observed the transformation of Liushan’s soul.

“It overlaps!” In Lin Hai’s heart, Liu Shan’s soul and body have been completely integrated, and there is no more shadow.

“It’s a success at last!” Lin Hai was relieved.

“How about Lin Hai?” Seeing Lin Hai’s relaxed expression, Liu Xinyue was very happy and asked quickly.

“There should be no problem.” Lin Hai’s face was happy, too.

“Yeah, great!” How high Liu Xinqing jumped happily.

“It’s great, it’s great, it’s time to wake up.” Zhao Fang wept with joy and tears trickled down.

“Mom.” Liu Xinyue came and hugged Zhao Fang in her arms. Her eyes were red.

For a moment, the room quieted down.

Four people have a tacit understanding, no one is talking, all eyes, gathered in Liushan’s body, quietly waiting for Liushan to wake up.

Ten minutes passed.

Twenty minutes passed.

Half an hour passed.

An hour passed

As time goes by, Liushan is still lying there quietly without any sign of waking up.

Lin Hai’s expression became a little ugly, and Liu Xinyue’s mother and daughter were also in a happy mood from the beginning, and gradually became anxious and worried.

“Lin Hai, my father?” Liu Xinyue grabbed Lin Hai’s arm anxiously.

“Wait for me.” Lin Hai suddenly became very anxious, stepped out of the room, took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to the golden flower boy.

Little muddleheaded fairy: boy, all the pills have been given to the patient, but the patient doesn’t wake up. What’s the matter?

The message of the golden flower boy soon came back.

Jinhua boy: how long has Dafen given it to the patient?

Little silly fairy: it’s been an hour.

Jinhua boy : Daxian is too worried. It will take 12 hours to wake up.

12 hours? Lin Hai takes a breath, grass, scares the baby to death.

I thought it was a failure.

Little muddleheaded fairy: OK, I see.

Lin Hai went back to Liushan ‘s room again, feeling relaxed a lot.

“Auntie, Xinyue, don’t worry. It will take 12 hours from taking medicine to waking up. That is to say, it will take about 8 o’clock tomorrow morning for uncle to wake up.”

“Ouch, I’m scared to death. I thought this medicine didn’t work.” Liu Xinqing took a long breath of relief and clapped her chest.

“Till tomorrow?” Zhao Fang’s eyes flashed a trace of loss.

“Mom, you’ve been waiting so long. Do you care about this evening?” Liu Xinqing saw that Liu Shan didn’t wake up, it was just a matter of time. Her nervous mood was also relaxed, and she helped Zhao Fang to comfort her.

“Well, as long as you can wake up, don’t say one night, even if you wait another year.” Zhao Fang also smiled.

“Xiaohai, sit for a while, and my aunt will cook for you.”

“No, auntie. I’ll go home to eat today.” When Lin Hai came out, song Qin had already explained.

“OK, come back to my aunt some other day. She will make you delicious food.”

“Auntie, I’ll go back first if I have nothing to do. I’ll be here early tomorrow morning.” Said Lin Hai, getting up to leave.

“I’ll see you off.” Liu Xinyue hurried out.

Downstairs, Lin Hai and Liu Xinyue get on the bus.

“Lin Hai, can my dad wake up tomorrow? Can he really see me in the green song competition? ” Liu Xinyue was still a little worried.

“Don’t worry, Xinyue. Don’t you believe me?” Lin Hai shaved Liu Xinyue’s nose with a smile.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I’m worried. My father slept for a long time.” Liu Xinyue’s heart suddenly surged with sadness and slowly leaned on Lin Hai.

“Don’t worry, Xinyue. My uncle will be fine with me.” Lin Hai takes Liu Xinyue in her arms with some pity.

“Um.” Liu Xinyue nodded.

Two people quietly embrace together, no one has spoken, quietly enjoying the warmth of this moment.

For a long time.

“Lin Hai, I think I’m very happy.” A warm smile suddenly appeared on Liu Xinyue’s face.

“Oh? Why? ” Lin Hai gently stroked Liu Xinyue’s hair.

“Because I met you! Before I met you, I was just an ordinary girl who lived in a bar for my father’s medical expenses. She was not only worried about food and clothing, but also her own safety. ” Liu Xinyue recalled the previous pictures in her mind.

“But when I met you, everything changed. Not only did my father go out of the hospital, but also he would wake up soon. You also gave me the Moon Palace fairy sound, which made me have a 100% chance to win the championship. At ordinary times, I was very spoiled and loved. I felt like a princess.”

“Haha, you are the princess originally. You are my princess of Linhai.” Lin Hai’s big hand caresses Liu Xinyue’s delicate face and looks at her eyes affectionately.

“Lin Hai, I am really the happiest person in the world!” Liu Xinyue’s eyes are tender like water, full of happiness and warmth.

“Wrong, the happiest person in the world, not you!” Lin Hai shook his head.

“Not me?” Liu Xinyue is stunned.

“At best, you are the second happiest person in the world. The first happiest person is me, because I met you!” Lin Hai said, kissing the past gently.

“Lin Hai.” Liu Xinyue hugs Lin Hai’s neck fiercely and hands her lips.

Inside the car, it’s full of fragrance.

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