My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 200, I treat you to eat shit

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Lin Hai and Liu Xinyue are lingering in the car for a long time, until they are almost out of control, and then they say goodbye.

Lin Hai returns home. Song Qin is just about to cook the rice, just in time for the meal.

“Xiaohai, have you prepared the tickets for Qingge competition for me? Tomorrow I have to watch the daughter-in-law competition. ” At the table, song Qin asked Lin Hai.

“I’ll go, too.” Lin Wen said as he lowered his head and ate rice.

“Elder brother, and me. I heard that Zhao Ying is also here. She is my idol. I love listening to her songs.” Lin Yun also said.

“Yes, all of them.” Lin Hai took out the ticket and put it on the table.

Lin Yun takes the ticket.

“Wow! Row one, great! I can see my idol at close range Lin Yun cheers excitedly.

“Hello, I say yunyun, are you going to refuel Xinyue or watch your idol tomorrow?” Lin Hai’s face is black.

“Both are correct.” Lin Yun said triumphantly with a small mouth.

“You have so many idols.” Lin Hai muttered.

“Dad, Dad, I also want to see the green song competition. Are there many bitches in the Qingge competition?” Ah Hua came running with her tail wagging.


Nima, this dead dog, thinks of the bitch all the time.

“Go away!” Lin Hai kicked ah Hua aside.

“Xiaohai, why are you always bullying ah Hua? How lovely ah Hua is!” Song Qin immediately did not like it, and poked Lin Hai’s forehead with his finger.

“Ah Hua is not afraid. If he is kicking you, I will beat him!” Song Qin said. He took a piece of meat and threw it to ah Hua.

“Wuwuwu……” A Hua makes song Qin laugh all the time.

“Huh?” Seeing song Qin feed ah Hua, Lin Hai thought of something to each other.

I got up and went back to my bedroom and opened wechat’s heaven and earth bag.

There is also a dog food that Yutu gave to him.


Lin Hai extracted dog food.


“Yutu, I wish you the best!” Lin Hai howls!

Looking at the stinking and steaming thing in his hand, Lin Hai suddenly got sick.

This NIMA is not shit. What else can it be?

Nima is going to give her the jade rabbit of dog day. I will eat you a big head ghost!

Too disgusting, Lin Hai felt that he had to deal with it quickly, or he had to vomit on the spot.

Just about to wash, ah Hua wagged her tail and ran in with a surprised face.

“Wow, it smells good, Dad. What are you stealing?”

I ate your sister!

Can he eat this?

“What’s good in your hand, dad?” Ah Hua finally found the source of the taste, and her little eyes brightened.

“It’s specially prepared for you. Come here, I’ll treat you to shit.” Lin Hai waved at a trick.

“Really? Great, thank you dad! ” Ah Hua pounced on her face excitedly.

Lin Hai quickly reached out.

“Come on, give me a lick. Come on.”

Needless to say, ah Hua jumped up early and put Lin Hai’s hand in his mouth.

“Yummy, yummy!” Ah Hua ate it up in three strokes. Then she licked the seams of Lin Hai’s fingers with her big wet tongue.

“Dad, is there anything else?” After eating, ah Hua looked at Lin Hai pitifully, apparently not enough to eat.

“Grass, do you still eat it? Do you want me to pull it now? ” Lin Hai didn’t kick ah Hua to one side and went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

“Dad, Dad.” Ah Hua came in, wagging her tail.

“Grass, why are you coming in? I’ll show you now.”

“No, Dad, I want to pull Baba.” Ah Hua said in a hurry.

“Grass, you pull and roll outside to pull, what are you doing here?” Lin Hai kicked it in a hurry.

“It’s too late, Dad.”


A stink came out, which almost made Lin Hai stagger.

“I’m so hateful that you are a dead dog!” Lin Haiqi almost went mad.

“It’s so cool, Dad. You take care of it. I suddenly want to sleep.” Ah Hua walked out with her head held high.

I’ll take care of your sister! I stewed you!

Looking at the big lump left by ah Hua on the ground, Lin Haiqi chased it up and gave it two feet.

Nima, isn’t it because of bad luck? I won’t tell you if I’ve got a hand. I’ve got another floor. I didn’t feed it for a long time.

Holding his nose to clean up the bathroom, Lin Hai went back to the bedroom with a gloomy face.

“Hum!” Just lying in bed, Chu lin’er snorted coldly and turned his head to look at Lin Hai.

“Why, Princess lin’er.” Lin Hai said with a smile.

“Hum!” Chu lin’er hummed again.

“Well, I’m quite angry.” See Chu lin’er ignore herself, Lin Hai also lazy to manage her, directly took out the mobile phone.

Ding Dong!

Just opened wechat, I saw several messages.

When Lin Hai saw it, it was all from yaochi fairy.

Yoke Senko: Xianyou, what’s the matter with the mask?

Yaochi fairy: Xianyou, are you there?

Yaochi fairy: how about people?

When Lin Hai saw it, it was half an hour ago. Just about to return, yaochi fairy’s message came back.

Yaochi fairy: many fairies have come to take a bath. Would you like to see them?

I wipe, and this good thing?

Little muddleheaded fairy: look, of course. (a drooling expression behind)

Yaochi fairy: bah, despicable!

Forehead… Your sister!

Lin Hai is depressed for a while. NIMA, it’s you who sent the message and asked if he could read it?

Yaochi fairy: I didn’t call you back. Now when I say that the fairy takes a bath, I’ll go back in seconds. It’s shameful.

Cao, my brother wasn’t here before, OK? Lin Hai felt that he had been wronged to death.

Little muddleheaded fairy: come on, what’s up?

Lin Hai is so depressed. Why is everything so bad today?

Yaochi fairy: I ask you, what’s the matter with the mask?

Little muddleheaded fairy: I haven’t finished it yet. Wait.

Ten barrels of water are still being thrown in the holy land. Who knows where ye Ziyu is? When will production begin?

Lin Hai didn’t know business, so he didn’t want to worry about it.

Yaochi fairy: so slow? (a surprised expression at the back)

Xiaohutuxian: Yes, this mask is very complicated. It’s not as simple as you think. Please wait for a while. OK, I’ll let you know.

“Humph, humph, humph!” Suddenly, Chu lin’er came to a series of hum.

“I wipe. Where can I get a pig?” Lin Hai made an exaggerated expression on his face.

“Bah, you are the pig! Big stupid pig big color pig! ” Chu lin’er toots her mouth and stares at Lin Hai angrily.

“Oh, it’s Princess lin’er. What are you humming about? I thought a pig ran in.” Lin Hai said with a bad smile.

“I hummed because I was angry.” Chu lin’er said angrily, staring at her big eyes.

“Angry, who dares to provoke our princess lin’er, tell brother, brother beat it for you!” Lin Hai made an expression of righteous indignation.

“The one who annoys me is you!”

“I, why am I angry with you?” Lin Hai was surprised.

“You don’t say the name of my expression. The content is too cheap!!!”

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