My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 201, Signs of breakthrough

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Lin Hai looked at Chu lin’er’s angry look, but he couldn’t smile, but his face showed a look of injustice.

“Princess lin’er, you are wronged. I sent you the most popular expression bag of Silly Princess, which is popular among thousands of young girls.” Lin Hai made an exaggerated expression.

“Bah, it’s clear that she’s a silly and cheap girl. Why is it called a princess? How do you call such an expression

“Well, you really have aesthetic problems.” Lin Hai shook his head.

“Well, I don’t care. Send me another one.” Chu lin’er said angrily with her waist crossed.

“No more.” Lin Hai lies on the bed with his arms on his back.

“Oh, you can give me another set.” Chu lin’er swayed and was coquettish.

“Why? Not angry? ” Lin Hai admired that NIMA changed her face quickly.

“Well, if you don’t give it to me, I’ll keep getting angry.”

“Give birth now.” Lin Haiyi curls his mouth.

“Dad, you are developing so fast that all the children will be born?” Ah Hua came in, shocked.


Nima, what’s going on in this dead dog’s head?


Lin Hai was just going to kick his feet. Before he started, ah Hua’s body flew up and banged against the wall.

Chu lin’er stood in front of ah Hua with a fierce face.

“Oh, my little brat, Princess lin’er, you are too cruel.” Ah Hua said, grinning.

“Ha ha, you dare to talk nonsense even if you are a dead dog.” Lin Hai looks at it and laughs.

“Well, didn’t you go to bed?” After laughing, Lin Hai asked to ah Hua.

At the mention of this, ah Hua immediately came to the spirit and ran over with her tail in her hand.

“Dad, I told you, I just ate what you gave me, and I found that I’m good at it again.” Ah Hua said mysteriously.

“Oh? What’s the talent? ” Lin Hai is also curious.

“I’ve found that my charm has improved, I’m also more handsome than before, and my attraction to female animals has doubled. I believe that if a bitch sees me now, she can’t walk.”


“NIMA, get out of my way!” Lin Hai kicked it aside.

This unreliable dog is so narcissistic!

“Dad, why don’t you believe me?” A Hua looks aggrieved.

“Is it really more attractive to magnetic animals?”

“Really, I don’t lie.” Ah Hua lights the dog’s head hard.

“Well, go and seduce Princess lin’er.” Lin Hai raised his chin towards Chu lin’er.

“Bah! Say what! ” Chu lin’er is so angry that he stares at Lin Hai.

A Hua listens to, in looking at Chu Lin Er that appearance, immediately all over hit a cold war.

“Dad, pit dogs don’t bring such pits, you think I didn’t say it.” Ah Hua ran out in a gray way.

“Well, you’ll give me a look.” A Hua just left, Chu lin’er drifted over again and said to Lin Hai.

“Well, I’ll send you.” Lin Hai can see that if he doesn’t send her a new set, he can’t even sleep today.

In the expression bag, I found a set casually. Lin Hai sent it to Chu lin’er.

Chu lin’er examined it carefully first, and then happily went with the ghosts of the local government.

Lin Hai sat on his knees, and began to practice tonight according to the cultivation method of Tao Te Ching.

Time passed quickly. When it was dark, Lin Haimeng opened his eyes.

After a night’s absorption, the breath in the body actually forms five small whirlpools, which rotate rapidly.

Lin Hai’s happiness is a sign of breakthrough.

The air had been spinning for more than an hour before it stopped slowly.

Lin Hai checked his own realm, the peak of the late congenital period!

With only one chance left, we will be able to completely break through the congenital period, enter the gas refining period, and truly embark on the path of cultivation.

Slowly open your eyes, a beautiful face, almost pasted on your own face.

“Lying trough, what the devil!” Lin Hai was shocked.

“Hello, Princess lin’er, please don’t leave me so close next time. It will frighten people to death.” Lin Hai rolled his eyes.

Chu lin’er ignored him, but frowned and thought.

“You, are you practicing?” Chu lin’er suddenly asked.

“Right, didn’t you see me meditating?”

Chuliner shook her head.

“The cultivation I said is not that of you mortals. You know what I said!” Chu lin’er’s eyes suddenly flashed a glimmer of pure light and stared at Lin Hai without blinking.

Lin Hai was in a panic when she saw it.

“What a mess, cultivation is also divided into ordinary people and extraordinary people, I go out to morning exercise.” Lin Hai put on his clothes and went out. Then he stayed in the house. He was afraid that Chu lin’er would see something.

After all, it’s the princess of the underworld. She must have seen a lot. Who knows if she finds out? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Lin Hai breathed the fresh air in the morning and felt refreshed.

He used to be a big slacker. He has been for a long time. I don’t know what the sun looks like before 6 o’clock in the morning.

Trot all the way to a park.

In the park, morning exercise people have appeared continuously, running, boxing, sword playing, everything.

The forest is wandering aimlessly, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park in the morning.

“Huh?” Suddenly, not far away from the lake, an old man fighting, attracted the attention of Lin Hai.

The old man looks 70 or 80 years old, with white hair and beard. He is wearing a white training suit. He is playing a set of Taijiquan. His movements are light, like flowing clouds and water. He is very pleasant to the eyes.

Just, Lin Hai’s heart, but not from a Leng.

Because the old man’s boxing seems to be fancy, but Lin Hai feels a continuous and flowing momentum, which contains deep skills.

“Master!” Lin Hai first defined the old man.

If you are right, this old man’s realm should be similar to his own, and it is also the peak of the late congenital period. It is only a layer of window paper away from the breakthrough to the gas refining period.

Just, after a while, Lin Hai shook his head.

“Unfortunately, I’m afraid this old man will stop here in his life. Not only that, but also his physical condition seems to be worrying.”

“Would you like to go over and remind him?” After thinking about it, Lin Hai went to the old man.

Although I don’t know each other, Lin Hai doesn’t mind helping him.

“Old man, practicing boxing?” Lin Hai walked over with a smile and said hello.

The old man stopped.

“Ha ha, yes, young man, there are not many people who come out to exercise as young as you.” The old man smiled and stroked his beard.

“Old man…” Before Lin Hai finished speaking, the phone rang suddenly.

Lin Hai takes out his mobile phone and sees it. It’s Liu Xinyue who called.

Lin Hai nodded to the old man apologetically and picked up the phone.

“Lin Hai, it’s almost 6 o’clock. My father hasn’t woke up. I’m worried.” Liu Xinyue’s voice is a little anxious.

“Don’t worry, silly girl. Isn’t there two hours left?” Lin Hai comforted.

“Well, I hope my dad wakes up soon. I’ve gone to make up and I won’t tell you. “

Liu Xinyue hangs up. Lin Hai looks back. The old man is gone.

Forehead… Lin Hai was stunned. Before he said anything, the old man left.

Can’t help shaking his head, in that case, it depends on his own creation.

After another stroll, Lin Hai returned home, drove to Liu Xinyue’s house.

It’s less than an hour since eight o’clock. Lin Hai is going to catch up to see Liushan wake up.

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