My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 202, Wait online, hurry

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At Liu Xinyue’s house, Liu Xinyue’s mother and daughter all sat around Liu Shan’s bed, looking forward and worried.

“Lin Hai, it’s about eight o’clock. My father hasn’t responded at all. I’m so nervous and scared.” Liu Xinyue holds Lin Hai’s hand tightly, the palm of which is full of sweat.

“It’s OK, Xinyue. Wait a minute. Believe me.” Lin Hai touched Liu Xinyue’s hair and said comfortingly.

“Brother Shan, you must wake up. Xin Yue will go to the competition in a moment. Don’t you like to listen to his daughter’s singing best? When you wake up, we will all go to the scene to listen.” Song Qin holds Liu Shan’s hand and tells it with deep feeling.

Liu Xinqing can’t sit any longer. She keeps walking around the house. After a while, she takes out her mobile phone and looks at the time. Her face is both excited and anxious.

As time flies, a few people in the room feel that the time is as long as years. A few minutes are as long as decades.

“It’s eight o’clock.” Liu Xinqing shouted excitedly, and Lin Hai and Liu Xinyue’s mother and daughter were shocked, all of them focused their eyes on Liu Shan.

One by one, his eyes were shining with excitement and expectation, waiting for Liu Shan to wake up.

Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed.

Twenty minutes passed.

Liu Shan is like a sleeping child, he doesn’t respond at all.

Song Qin suddenly breathed rapidly, and was not calm.

“Xiaohai, here, here…” Song Qin’s tears came down.

Liu Xinyue and Liu Xinqing, if hit hard, have a strong disappointed expression on their faces. Tears roll down in their eyes. Although they don’t say it, they understand it in their hearts.

Lin Hai’s heart was filled with a rush of impatience, and his face became extremely ugly.

“Auntie, Xinyue, don’t worry. Maybe it will take a little longer. Let’s wait.” After Lin Hai finished, he got up and went to another room.

Take out the mobile phone, Lin Hai sent it to the golden flower boy.

Little muddleheaded fairy: 12 hours have passed. Why didn’t people wake up? (there is an angry expression behind)

Jinhua boy: Dafen, I told you at the beginning that if you take it separately, whether you can wake up depends on luck. (an innocent expression behind)

Grass and forest sea were depressed for a while. At the beginning, the golden flower boy did talk like this, but at that time, he was eager to save people. There was no other way.

Little muddleheaded fairy: what else can I do now?

Jinhua boy: now I can only refine it for Dafen again. But before the success rate, I told Dafen that it was very low. Another way is to find another soul returning pill, and I will decompose it again.

Mark, that’s all.

Linhai opens Tianting trading group.

Little muddleheaded fairy: buy a soul returning pill, online, etc., urgent!

After a long time, there was no one to respond.

Little confused fairy: high price for a soul pill, online and so on, urgent!

No response.

Cao, aren’t these funny guys very active in chatting and farting? Why don’t they bubble when it comes to business?

Little muddleheaded fairy: I want to buy a soul returning pill at a high price. Who has it? It’s really urgent!

This time, someone finally answered, but the content made Lin Hai feel cool.

Monkey King: brother, this kind of thing is rare. Because it’s useless, no one will stay in his hand.

Seven Fairies: Yes, I don’t think anyone has it unless I find the Supreme Lord to refine it for you.

Raytheon: but Lao Jun’s goods have disappeared for a long time. I don’t know where to run.

Erlang God: @ Red boy, did Laojun go to your mother’s place? (behind is a wretched expression)

Red boy: @ Erlang God, grass mud horse! Don’t let him fart!

Erlang God: @ Red boy, who are you scolding? You bastard, who doesn’t know the same thing about your family. (there is a look of contempt behind)

Red boy: @ Erlang God, I know your mother forced me, believe it or not, I spit out the fire and bake you. (there is an angry expression behind)

Erlang God: grass, it’s good to say that you have the ability to tell me where your samadhi fire comes from? Don’t tell me, the cow demon is passed on to you!

Red boy: @ Erlang God, you’re paralyzed. If you don’t accept it, come out and fight!

Erlang God: grass, come on, I’m afraid of you little bastard!

Monkey King: whoahaha, have fun, fight, fight!

Red boy directly lost a coordinate to the group.

Red boy: @ Erlang God, I’ll wait for you!

It’s quiet for a while in the group. It’s estimated that all of them are going to watch now.

Grass, forest sea a dark scold, NIMA, critical moment, one can not rely on!

Lin Hai can only try to find taishanglaojun.

Find taishanglaojun’s wechat in the address book, and Lin Hai sends it.

Xiaomuduxian: Laojun, I want to buy a soul returning pill.

After Lin Haifa finished, he was waiting for Lao Jun’s message. As a result, half an hour passed without receiving his reply.

Grass, sell not sell say a word, really he fuck!

Lin Hai stared at the screen and got angry.

“Lin Hai.” Behind him, suddenly someone called himself.

Looking back, Lin Hai saw Liu Xinyue standing behind him, pear blossom with rain, apparently crying just now.

“Don’t worry, Xinyue. I’ll find a way.” Lin Hai hastens to offer comfort.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, my father has been sleeping for so long. It’s nothing to wait more.” Liu Xinyue said with a strong smile.

“Lin Hai, it’s nine o’clock. I have to go to the scene.”

“I’ll see you!”

“Lin Hai, my father likes to listen to me sing most. His wish is to let me win the championship of the green song competition. So I want my father to listen to me sing on the spot and see if I can win the championship. Can you help me and take my father over?” Liu Xinyue looked up and said.

“But Uncle…”

“I believe my father can hear me.” Liu Xinyue’s eyes begged.

“Good!” Lin Hai nodded.

Jiangnan City stadium, has been a sea of people, people are bustling, gathered at the door, waiting for admission, the scene is very noisy chaos.

The police officers and soldiers of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the armed police detachment, almost all of them, went out to maintain order at the scene. Several armed special police with guns were alert around, four fire trucks were parked on both sides of the stadium, and were on standby.

“In, in!” At half past nine, I don’t know who shouted. The gate of the gymnasium opened slowly and several staff members appeared at the gate.

The crowd rushed in at once.

“Please line up, not crowded, and enter in order.” Several staff quickly blocked the ticket gate and stopped the crowd.

People just press to bear the excited mood, take out the ticket one after another, enter in turn.

“Squeak!” Not far away, a Porsche Cayenne and a BMW 730LI stopped.

The appearance of the luxury car immediately attracted the attention of the people waiting for the check-in, and they all looked curiously to this side.

The door opened, and a young man and a bald man stepped out of the car.

Then there was a scene that stunned everyone.

I saw a bald man open the trunk of his car and take out a pair of folding stretchers.

The young man carried a middle-aged man from the back of the car and put him on a stretcher.

One by one, they took up the stretcher and walked towards the entrance.

“Uncle, let’s go to the green song contest!”

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