My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 203, Do as you see fit

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The appearance of Lin Hai and barehead Qiang immediately attracted people’s attention.

After all, it’s weird to carry a stretcher to watch the Qingge competition.

Lin Hai stood in a line with a calm face, regardless of the eyes of others. Only the bald one was OK. He took a fierce look back to the people who looked at him. He scared people to avoid their eyes one after another for fear of burning.

After queuing for more than ten minutes, it was almost time for Lin Hai.

“Dad, mom, aunt, go with Yunyun and Xiaoqing to find a good place.” Lin Hai said to his parents and Zhao Fang.

“OK, Xiaohai, take care of uncle Liu.” Song Qin takes Zhao Fang by the arm, and several people check the tickets and go ahead.

“Three.” When arriving at Lin Hai, Lin Hai handed three tickets to the staff.

“No stretchers.” The young woman of check-in didn’t lift her eyelids, said impatiently.

“Miss, how can we bring patients in without stretchers?” Lin said with a frown.

“Who’s your name, miss? You’re the lady. Are you going in or not? If you don’t come in, go back! ” The young woman was in a hurry.

“How can you talk? Believe it or not, I’ll smoke you!” The bald head is dying behind. If he didn’t carry Liushan, she would have to come and slap her twice.

No, young women are more arrogant than bareheaded.

“Dare to smoke my mother, do you want to have a try? Don’t think it’s a underworld to wear a broken gold chain with a bald head. Who knows if your broken chain will fade with water, you idiot. “

“I’ll tell you again!” His face was red, and he almost went away. The broken chain he took was really his color.

“What can you do? If you don’t get in, don’t block the people behind you!” The young woman gave a scornful look at the bald head.

“Hey, hurry up ahead.”

“Whether we can get in or not, we are still waiting.”

“That’s it. Don’t let us in because of you.”

The people in the line behind are shouting impatiently.

Lin Hai frowned, just about to speak, suddenly a figure came from inside.

“What’s the matter? So noisy! ” A three-star captain came up.

“Guo Fei?” Lin Hai’s eyes brightened.

“Lin Hai? Ha ha, how are you! ” Guo Fei also recognized Lin Hai and walked over with a smile.

“Are you here to see the green song competition?”

“Yes, what are you doing here? Perform task? ” Seeing that Guo Fei was still wearing an armed belt around his waist, Lin Hai began to guess.

“Yes, there are too many people. The police and the armed police are not enough. The municipal Party committee and the commander of the war coordinate and send our guard company to help maintain order.” Guo Fei said with a smile.

“Hello, people are still waiting to buy tickets. You want to chat while you go, don’t affect others.” At this time, the young woman of check-in said with disgust on her face.

“Go in first, and then talk.” Guo Fei was embarrassed for a while, and hurriedly got out of the way, and Lin Hai said.

“I’d like to go in, but they won’t let me.” Lin Hai smiled bitterly.

“What’s the matter?” Guo Fei was stunned.

Lin Hai said it again, and Guo Fei frowned.

Turning around, Guo Fei politely saluted the young woman.

“Comrades, they are in a special situation. If there are patients, let them in, and their tickets have been bought. Look…”

“What are you?” Before Guo Fei finished speaking, the young woman turned her mouth away.

“What are you doing here? You don’t know. Just stand on your post. We need you to manage our business.”

Guo Fei’s face turned red, and his fists began to shake.

“You comrades…” As soon as Guo Fei’s eyebrows stand, he will have a theory with her.

Lin Hai saw this and hurriedly pulled him.

“Come on, stop talking. It’s beneath your dignity to talk to such a fool.”

“Who are you talking about? Grass Mud Horse! “

The female ticket inspector rushed over and was about to start. Guo Fei hurriedly stopped her.

“I tell you, today you don’t want to go in. I won’t let you in if you have tickets!” The female ticket inspector jumped and shouted.

“OK, don’t let me in, OK!” Lin Hai nodded.

“Strong son, first carry the stretcher to the side, let’s not affect the people behind.” Lin Hai and bareheaded Qiang carry Liushan to the side.

“I’m sorry, Lin Hai. I can’t help you.” Guo Fei was also annoyed, but he just came here to be responsible for maintaining order. There was no way to deal with this.

“Nothing.” Lin Hai waved.

“Guide Guo, there’s something on the VIP channel. Go over and have a look.” At this time, a staff member was sweating ran to Guo Fei and said.

“Lin Hai, I’ll go there first.” Guo Fei is surprised, hurriedly and Lin Hai said hello, followed the staff to leave.

“Master, do you want me to go over and kill that little bitch!” Put down the stretcher, bareheaded Qiang and said angrily.

“No, don’t you think it’s dirty?” Lin Hai is also angry. He takes out his cell phone and dials it out.

“Ye Dashao, I’m at the entrance to the green song competition now, but I can’t get in even if I have a ticket. You can do it.” Lin Hai said and hung up.

At the other end of the phone, Ye Ziyu, who was in a meeting, listened to the blind voice coming from his cell phone and was stunned.

“What’s the matter, Xiaoyu?” Ye Feng is talking. Seeing Ye Ziyu’s expression is different, he stops and asks in a low voice.

“Dad, Lin Hai went to see the green song competition, but he said he could not get in when he had a ticket. He asked me to do it. Then he hung up the phone and listened to the tone. He seemed very angry.”

“What!” Ye Feng was surprised. In his mind, he had regarded Lin Hai as a fairy. He wished he could move Lin Hai home to offer him something, for fear of offending Lin Hai.

So when Lin Hai asked for a ticket, he didn’t say a word. He gave the first row of them to Lin Hai, so that he could make a good relationship with Lin Hai.

Unexpectedly, Lin Hai can’t get in even if he has a ticket, and he is angry.

“Zi Ming, you bastard! What’s the matter! ” Ye Feng interrupted the meeting directly, walked out of the conference room, took out the phone and called Ye Ziming.

“Dad, what’s up? I’m busy now.” Ye Ziming’s side is very noisy, and he is making final preparations for the green song competition.

“You are so busy! Why don’t you let Mr. Lin in? How important is Mr. Lin? Is what I told you yesterday not clear enough? You dare to offend him, don’t you want us to be ye Jiahao? ” Ye Feng’s face is a curse.

Ye Ziming is holding the phone, and he is directly confused.

“Dad, when did I not let Lin Hai in?” Ye Ziming is wronged.

Last night when he went home, Ye Feng knew that he and Lin Hai seemed to have a bit of a holiday. He specifically talked to him for an hour and told him about Lin Hai’s horror and importance to Ye’s family.

Although Ye Ziming is a little bit two, he is not stupid. As soon as Ye Feng says, he immediately knows that Lin Hai, as a man, can only please and not offend later.

Now, he would like to run to Lin Hai to flatter him. Maybe he can save his life later. How can he offend him again?

“Hum, Mr. Lin is at the check-in gate now, and seems very angry. You hurry to pass by now. If you can’t let Mr. Lin down, get out of Ye’s house for me, and don’t come back.” Ye Feng said, PA of hang up the phone.

Ye Ziming is shocked when he hears the words.

Lin Hai at the ticket gate? Is Lin Hai angry?

“My day your mother, who did he provoke this ancestor!” Ye Ziming’s Qi rubbed and started to run.

“Wang Debiao, you and he are going to the ticket gate now!” Ye Ziming angrily made a phone call, and then ran towards the ticket gate.

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