My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 204, How to talk to Lin Shao

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Ye Ziming rushed to the ticket office.

“Master, Ye Ziming is here.” Barehead Qiang, you can see ye Ziming from a long distance.

Lin Hai didn’t lift his eyelids, and a sneer came out from the corner of his mouth.

Originally, Liu Shan didn’t wake up as expected, and Lin Hai was already depressed. As a result, now there is such a thing, Lin Hai is really upset.

“Where is Lin Shao?” As soon as Ye Ziming arrived at the ticket gate, he shouted at several people who were checking tickets.

“What Lin Hai is more and less, who are you? You shout loudly here. Hurry in after cutting the tickets, and get out if you don’t want to go in!” Before that female check-in clerk turns round, impatiently stare Ye Ziming.

Ye Ziming was stunned, then took a surprised look at the female ticket inspector.

“You want me out of here?” Ye Ziming pointed at his nose, his face unbelievable.

“Nonsense, are you deaf?” The expression on the face of the female ticket inspector should be disgusting and disgusting.

“Ha ha…” Ye Ziming laughed directly.

“Cuihua, Cuihua, stop saying…” Next to another teller, a face of panic, quickly stabbed the woman teller.

“Why do you poke me and cut your ticket? I can’t get used to his shouting in front of people, thinking that he is something, a pair of…” The female ticket inspector turned to the next ticket inspector and said, but before she had finished speaking, her face suddenly changed.

“Wang, President Wang?” The female ticket inspector made a smile towards a man beside her.

Wang Debiao’s face is green now. He just received Ye Ziming’s call. He was scolded by Ye Ziming, who was furious, and hurried to come here.

No sooner had Cheng thought of coming here than he saw this female ticket inspector, yelling at Ye Ziming to get out of the room, and Wang Debiao almost peed in his pants on the spot.

“Zhang Cuihua, what are you doing!” Wang Debiao’s blue tendons are exposed and roars at the female ticket inspector.

“Mr. Wang, this man is so incompetent. He yells at the ticket gate and disturbs the order. I am educating him.” Zhang Cuihua saw that Wang Debiao was suddenly in such a big fire. She was so scared that she shivered all over her body and said with fear.


Wang Debiao almost fell on the ground.

Teach your sister! You don’t open your dog’s eyes, see who it is, and dare to say that people have no quality. You don’t want to do it. Don’t involve me.

Wang Debiao was so angry that he went straight to Zhang Cuihua’s face.

“Roll! You’re fired! ” Wang Debiao roars at Zhang Cuihua.

“Open, fire?” Zhang Cuihua covers her face and is directly blindfolded by Wang Debiao.

“No, Mr. Wang, don’t fire me.” It took Zhang Cuihua a long time to react.

This easy job, but a month ago, I paid 100,000 yuan for it. Before I even got a month’s salary, I was dismissed. Zhang Cuihua cried on the spot.

Wang Debiao did not pay attention to him, but ran to Ye Ziming’s face, a face of fear.

“Ye Shao, this ticket inspector is new. She doesn’t know you…” Wang Debiao looked at Ye Ziming’s iron face and cried with fear. He raised his hand and wiped the cold sweat on his head.

“I’ll fuck you!” Ye Ziming kicks Wang Debiao in the stomach directly, “leave this fool alone, I ask you, Lin Shao?”

“Lin, Lin Shao?” Wang Debiao almost fell to the ground when he was kicked. When he was asked by Ye Ziming, he was immediately confused.

“Fuck it.” Ye Ziming cursed, the Wang Debiao rushed over by calling himself, and he probably didn’t know what happened before..

“I asked you if there was a young man about my age who was blocked by you. Where did he go?” Ye Ziming yelled at several ticket inspectors.

Several ticket examiners were so scared that they were all at a loss. When they saw that their boss was kicked by Ye Shao in front of them, they didn’t dare to say a word. They couldn’t see where they were. This is a troublesome Lord?

“Yes, there was a young man with a bald head and a man on a stretcher. Zhang Cuihua didn’t let in.” One of the ticket inspectors said bravely.

“What about the others?” Ye Ziming asked in a hurry.

“We don’t know.” Several ticket inspectors were busy checking tickets, but they didn’t notice where Lin Hai had gone.

The people waiting for the ticket check-in are totally blinded by the present emergency, but they all see that ye Shao is definitely a person who can’t be provoked. So, although the ticket check-in is suddenly stopped, no one dares to stand up and make trouble and watch the excitement curiously.

“Hello, are you talking about that man?” Suddenly, a man in the crowd pointed to the side of the road not far away.

Ye Ziming followed the man and suddenly his eyes lit up.

Isn’t it Lin Hai who is sitting on the ground quietly smoking beside the curb?

“Lin Shao!” Ye Ziming pushes the crowd away and rushes over.

Wang debiao, also a surprise, hurried behind the buttocks also followed the past.

“Lin, Lin Shao…” Ye Ziming stood in front of the forest and shouted carefully.

Lin Hai smoked in silence without even looking at him.

When ye mington was embarrassed.

“Lin Shao, why don’t you go in?” Ye Ziming said with a smile.

But finish saying, ye Ziming regretted, wish to smoke his two mouths.

Nima, I’m so nervous. Looking at this question, I know that the ticket checker didn’t let me in. I’m still asking here. Isn’t he looking for stimulation?

Sure enough, Lin Hai was immediately laughed at hearing this.

“Why don’t you go in?” he asked? Are you really stupid, or are you pretending to be stupid with me? “

Wang Debiao listened. Seeing that Lin Hai was so negligent to Ye Ziming, and his speech was so ugly, his eyes lit up.

Just now his subordinates made Ye Ziming angry. Who knows if ye Ziming will find a way to settle accounts with himself afterwards? Now, he thinks it’s an opportunity to make a good start. He can flatter Ye Ziming and make up for his previous mistakes.

Thinking of this, Wang takes a step forward.

“Grass, how can you talk to Ye Shao?”

What do you think? This flattery is on the hoof.


Ye Ziming turns around and gives him a mouth.

“Grass, how can you talk to Lin Shao?”

Ye Ziming returned his words directly.

“Ye Shao, I……” Wang Debiao covers his face and forces him directly.

“Mom forced me to apologize to Lin Shao!” Ye Ming roars at Wang Debiao.

Wang Debiao’s body trembled with fear. He looked at Ye Ziming wrongly, and then went to Linhai.

“Lin Shao, I’m sorry, I……”

Lin Hai waves his hand and interrupts Wang’s words.

“Even if I apologize, ye Ziming, I’ll ask you, I’m going to carry a stretcher in today, if you let me in, or not!” Lin Hai finished, his eyes suddenly became cold.

No, someone is faster than them!

“All out, all out!” Zhang Cuihua went crazy and rushed to Linhai.

“I wipe, what do the stinky women want to do!” Ye Zimin was shocked.

Zhang Cuihua ran to Lin Hai and fell to her knees with a splash.

“Lin Shao, Lin Shao, I’m wrong, I’m wrong.” Zhang Cuihua gives a meal to Lin Hai

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