My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 205, Tears of grievance

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Ye Ziming looks up at the cold eyes of Lin Hai and is scared to be alive.

“Let, let, who won’t let Lin Shao jin, I’ll split him!” Ye Ziming hurriedly made a statement.

“That’s good, Qiang. Let’s go.” Lin Hai nodded and hurriedly bent down to lift the stretcher.

Ye Ziming saw this and ran away.

“Lin Shao, how can you do such a rough job? I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” Ye Ziming steals in front of Lin Hai and lifts the stretcher.

Wang Debiao looked silly beside him. It took him a long time to react.

Nima, who are the few people in this forest? It seems that they are more powerful than leaves. How come they have never heard of it? This big mouth gets hurt. He’s really wrong.

Ye Ziming ran to carry the stretcher. How dare he look at it.

As soon as his eyes turned, he rushed to the baldhead.

“Big brother, big brother, you have a rest. I’ll carry it.” Wang Debiao didn’t care whether he was bald or not. He and ye Ziming took the stretcher up.

“Wang won the bid, you and he are so stable.” Ye Ziming grinned and raised it at the back, shouting at Wang Debiao.

“Rest assured, ye Shao.” Wang Debiao did this kind of work. After a few steps, he got down in sweat.

Lin Hai and guangtou Qiang are leisurely and happy, following slowly beside them.

Before Ye Ziming and Wang Debiao appeared at the ticket gate in a high-profile way, which attracted people’s attention. Now, looking at these two bullies, they actually ran to the two people who were driven out to carry the stretcher in person, and their eyes suddenly fell off.

“My grass, who is on this stretcher? It’s so awesome.”

“I need to ask. It must be a big man. The former ticket inspector has no eyes.”

“Well, have you been dismissed? Offend the wrong people. “

Zhang Cuihua looks at Ye Ziming and her revered president Wang. They help people carry the stretcher like a migrant worker. Suddenly, their legs soften and they sit on the ground.

She now, but regretted her intestines, and finally knew what awesome figure she had offended.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ye Ziming grinned tired at the back, and suddenly shouted at Wang Debiao.

“Ye Shao, go to the ticket gate?” Wang Debiao was sweating and panting.

“Are you stupid? Lin Shao still uses the ordinary ticket gate? Go to the VIP channel! “

“Ah? Good! ” Wang Debiao grins, mad. The VIP channel is hundreds of meters away from him. It’s not exhausting?

They were panting, carrying a stretcher towards the VIP passage.

“Stop, please check!” It was not easy to walk to the VIP channel. A small soldier with a turn on his shoulder came over and saluted.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” The little soldier checked a few people, with a shy smile on his face, and let them go.

“Brother, here!” Seeing that Lin Hai hasn’t come in for a long time, Lin Yun has been looking around anxiously for a long time. Seeing that Lin Hai comes in from another door, he shouts.

“Ye Shao, President Wang, here, here…” The staff who are busy inside, see Ye Ziming and their boss carrying a person to come in, all of a sudden, stand at a loss.

“He’s so stupid. Hurry up and take care of him.” Wang Debiao shouted at several people.

He has no eyes. He’s so far away. His arms are shaking. He’s a little tired. In case he can’t lift them, he’ll fall. Lin Shao has to peel himself alive.

A few staff members reacted and rushed to replace Ye Ziming and Wang Debiao.

Some of the people who have already come into the arena, when they see a person coming in on a stretcher, immediately talk about it. But when they see that the person has been carried to the first row, they shut up.

Those who can sit there are not rich or expensive. They are not free to talk about it.

Don’t be a fool because of your mouth.

“Lin Shao, there is still some time before you leave. You have a rest. I have something else to do.” Ye Ziming comes over and says hello to Lin Hai and leaves.

“Ah, you old man, your daughter is going to be on stage. Why don’t you wake up?” When Zhao Fang saw Liu Shan lying there quietly, she felt sad again.

“I have a friend there. I’ll say hello.” Hearing Zhao Fang’s words, Lin Hai was also upset. He found a reason and left.

Lin Hai heads for Guo Fei, who is not far away.

“I see you’re busy.” Lin Hai and Guo Fei say hello.

“Hey, I’m just busy.” Guo Fei smiled.

“How is commander Zhan?”

“Well, the day before yesterday, I still had a 400 meter barrier with our little soldiers. I’m very old and strong.” Mentioning Zhan Xiangrong, Guo Fei gives Lin Hai a thumbs up and admires him.

“Oh? Have time… “

“Get out of my way!” Lin Hai’s words did not finish, the VIP channel, suddenly heard a sharp cry with anger.

“Huh?” Guo Fei was surprised. He was at the entrance of the VIP passage, but his people were in charge. “I’ll go and have a look.”

Finish saying, stride toward the entrance of VIP passage.

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Hai has nothing to do with him. He goes with Guo Fei.

At the door, the shy little soldier, with a serious face, stopped a young woman in red.

The woman in red looks angry with the little soldier.

“Do you know who I am?” The woman in red snapped.

“Comrades, this is a regulation of the organizing committee. Anyone who enters must be inspected.” The soldier explained patiently.

“My name is Li Xue! Didn’t you watch TV? ” Li Xue’s face was arrogant, and she gave the little soldier a scornful look.

“Comrade, I have said that whoever it is must be examined.”

“Bah, you are a silly soldier. Are you a fool when you are a soldier? I’m a star, know it or not, star! ” Li Xue points to herself and shouts.

The little soldier stood up one by one, blocked the door and ignored her.

“I’m so angry. You go over and push him aside!” Li Xue shouted angrily at the two black bodyguards behind her.

Two bodyguards in black sunglasses came up to the little soldier.

The little soldier stretched out his arm, pushed and pushed the two bodyguards back several steps before they could stand still.

“Comrades, I am performing my duties. If you dare to break in again, I will not be polite.”


Little soldier didn’t finish saying, Li Xue directly a mouth, drew in little soldier’s face.

“Bah, you’re welcome. What can you do? You really regard yourself as a character? You watchdog! When we taxpayers raise you, you are your master. If you see the master, don’t lie down and beg for mercy, and dare to scream again. Do you have no consciousness when you are a dog? “

Li Xue said that the little soldier’s face turned red, then his blue tendons were exposed, his fists were tightly clenched, and his teeth were clenched, obviously controlling his anger.

“What are you looking at? You’re a watchdog. Get out of my way!”

Little soldier’s body, because of anger, slightly trembled, never believe in tears of men in the army, eyes suddenly covered with a layer of mist.

That is the tears of grievance!

“Comrade, I’m sorry. Although I have been in the army for less than a year, I know that a soldier, even if he dies, cannot leave his post. Moreover, we are the guards of the people, not the watchdog. You can not respect me, but please respect my profession!”

“Well said!” A loud voice sounded behind him.

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