My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 206, Has your conscience been eaten by the dog

Guo Fei came over with his head held high.

“Instructor.” When the little soldier saw Guo Fei, it seemed that the child who was bullied outside saw the parents. The tears that he had held before flowed down.

Guo Fei patted him on the shoulder. Although he didn’t say a word, he felt a pain in his heart.

The 18-year-old soldier, who joined the army only last year, never shed a tear in training no matter how many injuries he suffered. Today, his tears are pouring down in public. The child feels wronged.

“Well, how old are you? You are still crying. Let’s go home to feed the soldiers.” Li Xue curled her lips and said coldly.

Guo Fei listened and stared at Li Xue.

“What do you think? Are you his leader? He doesn’t understand, don’t you? Get out of the way. ” Li Xue looks arrogant.

“Do you know the earthquake in March this year?” Guo Fei suddenly said.

“Earthquake?” Li Xue is stunned. She doesn’t know what Guo Fei means.

“When the earthquake struck, the young soldier was only enlisted for more than three months. At the command of his superior, he went to the scene of the disaster relief with his troops and fought for seven days without a fire line.” Guo Fei said quietly.

“Well, that’s what you should do, or what will the state support you for?” Li Xue’s face suddenly looks unnatural.

Guo Fei didn’t pay attention to her, and continued to speak word for word.

“The local people all feel sorry and grateful for him, saying that he is the good son of the people, but no one knows that his home is five kilometers away from his disaster relief place.”

“Hum, no wonder the relief work was so active. It turned out that it was the people at the door of my family who were rescued.” Li Xue said coldly, turning the corner of her mouth.

Guo Fei’s eyebrows are fierce. He is full of anger. His voice trembles and points to the little soldier. He continues.

“He is the only child in his family, and has deep feelings with his parents. But in order to save the people, he knew that his parents were five kilometers away, but he never separated from the army. Until the disaster relief task was completed, he asked for leave to visit his parents five kilometers away.” Guo Fei’s voice suddenly choked.

“But when he came home, he saw a piece of ruins. He loved his parents and left him forever.”

“In this case, he had no time to bury his parents. The next day, he went with the army, because there were more people in another area waiting for him to save. He had tears in his heart and was bound to leave.”

Listening, Lin Hai felt a pain in his heart. At the same time, he stood in awe of the little soldier.

Our soldiers are the most lovely people!

“It’s such a lovely and respectable little warrior. Today, he is only seriously performing his duties, but you are insulting and scolding him. I really want to ask you, is your conscience eaten by a dog?” Guo Fei’s voice was fierce and severe.

Li Xue’s face changed sharply.

“He should do all these things. With the taxpayer’s money, he should work for the people. What can I say?” Li Xue said grimly.

“Well, since you say that, I don’t want to talk nonsense.” Guo Fei nodded angrily, took out hundreds of dollars from his pocket and fell on Li Xue’s face.

“Ah! What are you doing! ” Li Xue screamed with fear.

“It’s six hundred yuan, a month’s allowance for this little soldier. I’ll give you six hundred now. If you don’t need to go to the rescue, I’ll let you stand guard here. What are you doing?”

“Don’t think everyone is the same as you, many things, not because of money, but because of responsibility, because of the people! Can you enjoy today’s life in peace without their guard? Don’t you have more respect for the soldiers who guard your peace! “

“Don’t teach me a lesson here!” Li Xue suddenly roared, “I’ll ask you if you can dodge now!”

“Get checked, or you won’t want to go in!” Guo Fei said coldly with a fixed look.

“You…” Li Xueqi’s chest kept rolling, staring at Guo Fei.

Guo Fei did not give in and looked at her coldly.

“Hum, give him the bag, let him check it, let him see it!” Seeing Guo Fei’s resolute eyes, Li Xue knew that it was impossible not to let Zha. She shouted angrily at the assistant behind her, then turned her head.

“Well, pretend.” Assistant disdained a murmur, do not have good gas to pass the bag forward.

“Xiaojiang, check!” Guo Fei said to the little soldier.

“Yes!” Xiaojiang promised to take the bag.

“Hello, I’m Lv. You can’t afford to pay for the damage.” Li Xue suddenly turned her head and said contemptuously.

Xiaojiang ignored her, opened the bag and checked it carefully, and returned it to the assistant.

“It’s all right. There’s no contraband.”

The assistant reached out and grabbed the bag.

“Don’t get out of the way now!” Li Xue said with disgust on her face.

“Get out of the way?” Guo Fei suddenly smiled, smiling brilliantly.

“Business is done. It’s time for us to talk about private affairs.”

“Private affairs?” Li Xue was stunned and then turned his mouth. “You stinking soldier, if you were not a guard dog here, you would not even be qualified to see me. What personal matters can I have with you? You don’t want to sign it, do you? “

“Watchdog? I see you paralyzed! ” Guo Fei suddenly said.

“You stinky soldier, how can you curse!” Li Xue is in a hurry.

“Curse? I don’t want to beat him! ” Guo Fei said, suddenly the shoulder of a bar Samsung pulled down.

“Instructor!” Xiaojiang is shocked and pale.

He knows what this rank means in the army.

Guo Fei raised his hand and threw the general’s title to Xiaojiang.

“Dare to beat my soldiers, dare to insult the guards of our country, even if I take off this uniform, I will suck your mouth!”

Guo Fei said, slapping Li Xue in the face!

“Ah!” Li Xue was drawn to the spot and made a direct turn. She was blindfolded on the spot.

“You, you stinky soldier, you dare to fight!” The assistant was scared.

When the two bodyguards saw this, they winked at each other.

Guo Fei snorted, punched and kicked the two bodyguards down easily.

“Sue him, I’ll sue him!” Li Xue responds, covering her face and screaming.

“Who are you going to do, Li Xue? If you want to do it, you can do it secretly in the middle of the night. What are you shouting here?” A cheap voice, suddenly sounded in the back.

Hearing this, Li Xuewen hurriedly turned around. Then, with a cry, she rushed over.

“Meng Shao, you have to make decisions for others. This stinking soldier beats me.” Li xuepu cried in Meng Xu’s arms.

“Lying trough, how dare soldiers beat you? After eating bear heart and leopard gall, go with the young master and see that the young master has to pick his skin! ” Meng Xu came in with a blatant face.

“Whose skin are you going to peel?” Suddenly, a voice sounded.

“His steak…” Meng Xu said half of it, and then he suddenly stopped and was shocked.

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