My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 25, Golden Needle Crossing the Soul

“Are you a family member of the patient?”

“Yes, I am his friend.” Lin Hai answered quickly.

“He had several ruptures of blood vessels in his skull and was unable to return to heaven.”

“What!” Lin Hai was lost.

“Sorry.” Dean Du shook his head and stepped away.

“Made, no, I want to save the bald man.”

Lin Hai took out his mobile phone and opened the Tianting trading group.

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: Whoever has a mortal who can eat the remedy that can be brought back to life, urgent need!!!

For a long time, no one answered.


Usually one after another chat and fart, talking endlessly, a matter of fact, one can not see.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: @Laojun, do you have, 100,000 urgency!

Only this old boy can be found.

Laojun: One hundred thousand merits!

Your sister! Open one hundred thousand mouths, where Laozi going to steal it.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Can you owe it first and promise to return it to you?

Having waited for ten minutes, I must say that Laojun did not return directly.

Mom, Lin Hai is in a hurry.

Think about it, and directly to add their own immortal friends sent a message.

“Thank you very much for helping me with a panacea that can revive mortals!”


Monkey King: There is no place for people to steal what they use.

Jade Rabbit: No.

Magic Green: During the Ferry… (automatic response)

Golden Flower Boy: It takes ten days, but the materials are expensive and the success rate is very low. Do you need it?

Tieguai Li: Golden needle crossing the soul can bring the dead back to life, but at a higher cost.

I depend on it. I really have a good idea. How can I forget that Tieguai Li is the king of medicine?

Lin Hai hurried to chat Tieguai Li.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Can you specify it?

Tieguai Li: Yes, specifically, it is…

Lin Hai became depressed after listening to two sentences.

Nima, I don’t understand at all.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: I don’t understand. What should I do?

Tieguai Li: Why don’t I sell you my medical heritage?

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: OK!

Lin Hai’s spirit came as soon as he heard it.

Tieguai Li: 200,000 merits and virtues.

Lin Hai almost fell down.

Made, how dare one be more daring than the other?

Before Lin Hai spoke, Tieguai Li’s message came back.

Tieguai Li: But Shangxian is helping

He is a hundred merits, poor jingling.

Think about it, Lin Hai’s eyes are bright.

“Can you pay in installments?”

Tieguai Li: What do you mean?

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: Give you one hundred merit points every month, a 20% discount is 160,000, 160 months, that is, more than 130 years to pay off, how about it?

Tieguai Li: Shangxian laughed. Ten thousand yuan a month is about the same. For the sake of Shangxian helping me find my wife and children, I could consider it.

Ten thousand? Where did Mad get himself?

It seems that Lin Hai is relatively poor. Tieguai Li helped Lin Hai to think of a way.

Tieguai Li: If Shangxian merit points are not enough, they can also be replaced by things.

Substitute for things? Made, what can I replace?

After meditating for a long time, Lin’s mind glittered with inspiration.

Suddenly I thought about giving the Jade Rabbit carrots.

Perhaps ordinary things in the world are rare things in heaven.

Anyway, try it.

Lin Hai returned to the car, took a Chinese cigarette from the trunk and swept it directly.

You sent a Chinese brand cigarette to Tieguai Li.

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, what is this?

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: It’s called cigarette, haven’t you heard a word? A cigarette after dinner is better than a living fairy!

Tieguai Li: Oh? How to use it?

As soon as Lin Hai saw a play, he quickly explained how to smoke to Tieguai Li, and then sent him a lighter.

After a while.

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, where did you come from such treasures? (Behind is a row of exclamatory expressions)

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: From a Secret Land.

As soon as Tieguai Li calls cigarettes a treasure, Lin Hai knows it’s almost done.

The more mysterious it is, the better it is to bargain.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Well, how much merit can we get?

Tieguai Li: Although the treasure is good, it is a consumable thing after all, up to 5000.

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: Taoist friends, these treasures are rare in the world. Last time I bought one of them for Jade Emperor 8000, I didn’t sell it.

Tieguai Li: Shangxian and Jade Emperor still have contacts? (There’s another row of shocks behind)

Lin Hai secretly laughed at himself. How many times had he been shocked since he chatted with him?

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Sit together occasionally.

Blow, anyway, Lin Hai estimates that the fairies like Tieguai Li are not qualified to meet the Jade Emperor, nor are they afraid to show their stuffing.

Tieguai Li: Since even the Jade Emperor prefers this treasure so much, it’s worth 10,000.


Lin Hai shook his fist happily.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: In that case, the Fairy will send you one item every month to pay the monthly instalment.

Ding Dong!

Tieguai Li sent you the Heritage of Yao Wang.

Tieguai Li sent you a set of gold needles.

Tieguai Li: Looks like Immortal is eager to save people. This set of golden needles has been sent to you.

“Thank you very much!” Lin Haidao thanked him and quickly opened the bag of heaven and earth.



You’ve learned how to pass on the medicine king to the common people.

Yao Wang inherited the immortal article learning failure.

Yao Wang failed in studying ghost passages.

Uh huh? Ordinary people, fairies and ghosts?

What is the situation of learning failure?

Forget it, you can’t manage that much, and the bald head is still waiting for help.

Running upstairs, I saw the medical staff preparing to push their bald head out of the operating room.

Although the bald head is still strong, but Dean Du ‘s words have already sentenced him to death, and any treatment is meaningless.

The only thing that can be done is to wait for death.

“Wait a minute!” Lin Hai stopped the medical staff.

“He’s still alive.”

The medical staff rolled their eyes. “We understand the mood of the family members of your patients, but Dean Du has just said that we can’t save them.”

“His inability to save does not mean that I can not save, you go out first.”

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? The operating room is very heavy and the idle people can’t enter it.”

Lin Hai was so anxious to save people that he could not take care of them. He pushed them out and slammed the door back.

“It’s your kid’s life!” Lin Hai gave his barefoot head a good command of his lower veins, and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. If he were a little later, even if he learned to cross the soul with a golden needle, it would not help.

Bang bang!

“Open the door, open it quickly!”

Outside the medical staff, while smashing the door of the operating room, while arranging for people, ran to find security.

Don’t disturb when performing the art.

After learning the inheritance of Tieguai Li’s medicine king, Lin Hai knows all the acupoints all over the body like the palm of his hand.

Towards a hidden acupoint above his head, Lin Hai closed his hearing directly.

“Time is pressing. Let’s get started.” Lin Hai took a deep breath, took out the golden needle, put out his hand like electricity, and plunged it down.


At the moment when the golden needle enters the bareheaded body, Lin Hai only feels a deep pain in his mind.

In a trance, my soul seems to be coming out of my body.

The golden needle in my hand trembled uncontrollably, as if a force was organizing the needle to continue to penetrate.

“Made, let Lao Tzu in!” Lin Hai bites his teeth, the innate innocence in his body, along the veins of his arms, swims fast, and is poured into the golden needle.

It seems that we should compete with Lin Hai in order to prevent it from becoming stronger and stronger. The golden needle is like a magnet with the same magnetism. Every millimeter in the needle consumes a lot of Lin Hai’s genuine gas.

I don’t know how long it took for Lin Hai’s consciousness to be blurred, when the golden needles all penetrated into it, the force of resistance suddenly disappeared.

Lin Haitong sat on the ground, gasping for breath.

“Mad, finally succeeded, no wonder Tieguai Li said that the cost is higher, which is bigger, almost put his life in it.”

After all, it’s uncomfortable to reach out and unlock your hearing like a deaf person.


As soon as the hearing was unblocked, the door of the operating room was knocked open, and several security guards rushed in. Behind them were neurologists.

“I said what’s wrong with you, there’s something wrong with you…”

A doctor rushed over and shouted at Lin Hai, but before he finished, he was pushed aside by a man behind him.

President Du took two steps to stare at the bareheaded body, the acupoint where the golden needle was located, and the shock and incredibility on his face.

“Golden needle crosses soul!”

Dean Du suddenly turned his head and looked at Lin Hai. His face was full of horror.

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