My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 26, Mysterious Ancient Paintings

Dean Du forcibly withstood the shock in his heart and swallowed bitterly.

“This gentleman…” But just opened, he was interrupted by Lin Hai.

“Look at the patient quickly. It should be all right if there is no accident. don’t move the golden needle.”

After Lin Hai finished, he stumbled out of the hospital with his tired body.

Now, his has a headache that almost splits his head, and even clearly felt the existence of his soul, and his soul seems to be very wilting, and there is always danger of annihilation.

He needed to find an empty place and ask Tieguai Li what was going on.

After getting on the bus, Lin Hai opened the Wechat, found Tieguai Li, and went straight to the point to explain his current situation.

Tieguai Li was surprised.

Tieguai Li: Shangxian, Golden Needle Crossing the Soul, to put it plainly, is to seize the soul with the soul messenger of the prefecture. The soul messenger of the prefecture is generally at the initial level, only a little stronger than ordinary people. How can the soul of the immortal be injured?

Lin Hai was depressed. Mad, I was originally a mortal, okay?

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: When the needle is applied, how is the wound of the soul treated?

Tieguai Li: In my inheritance of Shangxian, there is a treatment in the ghost chapters contain healing techniques.

Lin Hai’s eyes turned white. That’s not why he failed in his study.

Tieguai Li: However, Starweed is too scarce. Even if there are therapies, it may not gather enough materials. The best way is to nourish the soul with magic weapons.

“Do you have this magic weapon?”


“Who has it?”

“Never heard of anyone.”

Your sister, what’s the difference between that and not saying?

The headache is getting worse and worse. The sweat of the big beans on the head of Lin Hai keep falling down. They keep roaring in their mouths, and their consciousness begins to blur.

Mad, is that all right?

He was so unwilling.

Just as Lin Hai was about to despair, suddenly a faint white light came out of the trunk of the car and wrapped up Lin Hai’s whole body.

Lin Hai felt only a warm airflow and entered his mind, and then carefully cared for his injured soul like a mother stroking a baby.

Although the pain is still intense, it has obviously alleviated, and the dispirited spirit is recovering at a slightly unnoticeable rate.

“What happened?” Lin Hai was stunned, and could not help but feel happy.

“Made, let me just say, it’s nothing!”

Jumping out of the car, Lin Hai opened the trunk and took out the old painting from Wan gutang and Hu Weiwei, who had won the bet, and held it tightly in his arms.

It’s up to you to save your life.

In the hospital.

Dean Du personally re-examined the bald head, and was shocked to find that all the bleeding points in the head had been completely stopped and perfected, without leaving any sequelae.

“It’s amazing. It’s amazing. What was recorded in ancient books is true!”

Dean Du was a fool.

Above the bald head hospital bed, a girl with a beautiful face and a tall figure floated like a ghost.

Only those two small clenched fists and frowning Dai eyebrows exposed the anger in Chu Lin’er’s heart.

“I’m so mad. I’m so mad! I didn’t expect to fail on my first assignment. If I knew who the bastard was, my grandmother would never spare him!”

At the same time, the prefecture.

The King of Chujiang squinted his eyes and listened to the recent work of the two cadres in front of him.

“In this month, 7,192 ghosts of China were added, 17 souls stayed in Yang, 3 ghosts, reincarnation…”

“Well?” The King of Chujiang opened his eyes and stood up.

The bull who is reporting on his work is shocked and his words stop.

“That’s all right, you go on.” After a long time, the King of Chujiang slowly sat down and motioned to Niutou.

“7365 reincarnated babies have basically maintained the balance of entry and exit within the prefecture…”

Niutou reported respectfully, but the King of Chujiang never heard a word again.

At this time, his heart has already been overwhelmed.

“Golden needle crosses the soul! It’s the reappearance of Golden Needle Crossing the Soul! What the hell is this?

Lin Hai was lying in the car, his hands clinging to the ancient paintings, sleeping soundly, with a painful expression on his face.

When I woke up again, it was already dark.

Lin Hai rubbed and rubbed his almost split head. Although it still hurt badly, it was not as unbearable as it was at first.

Sit up slowly and breathe out. Lin Hai knows that this life has been recovered.

He is so terrible and he can’t easily use the gold needle in the future.

Take the picture to your eyes, Lin Haimo said, “Heaven’s eyes, open!”

It lasted for five or six minutes until Lin Hai’s spirit was in short supply, and there was no abnormality in the painting.

“It’s strange that I can’t see why. When I selected the painting that day, I saw clearly that the woman in the painting moved.”

Lin Hai shook his head, but no matter what, this painting is a treasure, but he just got back from it.

“Grunt…” Lin Haitui cried for a while, slept in the car for a day, and was already hungry.

Opening the door, Lin Hai got off the bus.

“Sleeping in the trough, what the hell!”

Lin Hai was shocked. As soon as he got off the bus, a smiling face came up and almost sticked to his face.

“This gentleman, I am the dean of the First People’s Hospital. My name is Du Chun.”

Only then did Lin Hai see clearly that the old man who laughed like a wolf’s grandmother was not the dean Du?

“Hello, Dean Du, is my friend all right?” Lin Hai hastily asked, although he was confident in his efforts to cross the soul with the golden needle, he was more reassured to ask.

“It’s all right. We expect to be discharged in a few days.” Du Chun hesitated for a moment and began to say, “Did Mr. Du save your friend’s soul with a golden needle recorded in ancient books?”

Lin Hai was stunned and looked at Du Chun differently.

“Did you know that the golden needle crosses the soul?”

“What! It’s really a golden needle crossing the soul!” Du Chun was shocked.

Previously, he saw Lin Hai imposing needles on acupoints for bald heads, but only speculated. Now, he has been personally confirmed from Lin Hai. He feels that his life’s learning has been subverted.

For a long time, Du Chun swallowed his saliva arduously and said respectfully, “Sir, is there really a soul in that man’s body?”

“Soul? It should exist.” Lin Hai thought about it and said.

Previously, he really felt the existence of his soul, let alone a group of gods in his Wechat.

The immortals are real, and the soul in the human body seems to be nothing unacceptable.

In that case, Du Chun would absolutely scorn and even reprimand the other party’s feudal superstition in person.

He is an absolute atheist. For most of his life as a doctor, he has been used to the life and death of human beings. Whether he was a noble official or a poor beggar, he died like a lamp, and there is no soul without soul.

But today, after seeing the rise and fall of a bald head and he feels that his beliefs are shaken.

“Well, Dean Du, if you’re okay, I have to go. my stomach I’ve been protesting for half a day.”

Dean Du hesitated for a moment, then seemed to have made a great decision, solemnly said: “Sir, I want to worship you as a teacher, please accept my apprentice.”


Lin Hai almost sprayed!

What? Master worship?

Your sister, another teacher worshiper!

Lin Hai was depressed. Is his brother so long as Master?

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