My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 27, The Threat of Scar Face

Lin Hai refused directly and turned around and left.

Unexpectedly, Du Chun, an old man, was stubborn and followed Lin Hai’s buttocks all the way.

“If you don’t promise, I’ll always be behind you.”

“Well .” Lin Haicai was not threatened by him.

He found a roadside stall and Lin Hai ordered a bowl of beef noodles.

Du Chun sat across from Lin Hai and asked for a bowl, which was more fragrant than Lin Hai. Finally, Lin Hai had to pay the bill.

Lin Hai is so angry. What kind of people are these?

After dinner, Du Chun fulfilled his promise and followed Lin Hai closely.

Lin Hai burst into tears and laughter. How can you say that Dean Du is also a trump figure? How can he be as rascal as bald-headed Qiang at first?

Why? Wait, the bald head is strong?

There’s a flash of inspiration in Lin Ming’s mind.

“You go to the hospital to find bald-headed Qiang, oh, that is the man I just saved, that is my big apprentice, you say what I said, let him accept apprentices instead of teachers.”

“Ah, that’s the elder brother. All right, Master. Then I won’t disturb you. I’ll go to see the elder brother.” Du Chun left happily.

Lin Hai breathed a sigh, and eventually dismissed. As for the trouble behind, leave it to bareheaded Qiang to deal with, and he was too lazy to deal with it.

Lin Hai got on the bus and went back to school.

“Well?” As soon as I got downstairs, I saw two BMWs parked at the dormitory door.

When Lin Hai got out of the car, four people in black came down from each BMW and stopped Lin Hai.

“You are Lin Hai?” The head of the black man, with a long narrow scar on his face, like an earthworm, stretches from his eyebrows to his lips and looks terrible.

“I am.” Lin Hai felt a trace of danger from his scar face.

This man has seen blood on his hands!

Lin Hai had to be on guard.

“Come with us.”

“Who are you?” Where to go?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Scar face toward the person behind his mouth, instantly, two black-clothed people fiercely rushed up.

Lin Hai sees the incoming person is not good, simply starts first is strong, clicks two feet, kicks two black clothes person to fly out.

“Grass, dare to do it!” Scar face opens its mouth to spit out the cigarette butt far away, towards the Lin Hai surface door, like the wind and electricity, is a punch.

Lin Hai’s pupils shrank sharply.


With a sudden shake of his head, Lin Hai avoided a punch from Scar Face and was about to fight back. He could not imagine that he had kicked under Scar Face.

What the fuck!

Lin Hai was shocked and turned back.

The foot of the scar face, with a strong wind, brushed past Lin Hai’s chest.

“It’s dangerous!” Lin Hai secretly called for luck.

Unfortunately, Lin Hai was very happy too early. Scar Face employs a series of feet, with one kick in the head and one foot in the head, followed by the next.

“Day, there is no end!”

Lin Hai watched this foot come to his chest, but did not know how to hide.

“This kid’s over. Brother Scar’s foot goes down and his ribs must be broken at least three or four.”

“It’s good to break three or four roots. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Brother Scar kicked a fierce horse to death.”

“Well, who can’t make him lift up? It’s okay to just tie up your hands and catch him.”

Several men in black, with sneers on their faces, have begun to imagine the tragedy of Lin Hai.


Scar face with a grin, and a kick kicked on the chest of Lin Hai.


Lin Hai was kicked back three or four steps in succession.

“Days, what a fucking pain!”

Lin Hai grinned his mouth and rubbed it against his chest.

“What’s going on in the situation!”

Several black-clad people who were waiting for the good show were foolish.

Having suffered a scarred face like a thousand feet, it was only a few steps backward, nothing happened?

This is not scientific ah this!

Looking back at the scar face, a few people in black are more confused.

The corner of the mouth of the scarred face kept twitching, and the right foot kept rubbing something on the ground.

What’s the situation with Scar? What about grinding cigarette ends?

So is he going to take part in Yang Kun’s imitation show?

A few people you look at me, I look at you, it is a mist.

Scar face is now hard to say, just that foot, thought to solve Lin Hai directly.

I can’t think about it. Just as I went down, I just kicked it on the iron plate, Lin Hai fart, scar face, the whole leg was shocked, pain and numbness, are almost unconscious.

“What about him? Has this kid ever practiced a a kind of kung fu like a golden bell?”

After a long period of activity, the scarred face’s legs returned to normal.

By this time, a group of students had gathered under the dormitory building.

Seeing this situation, one after another stopped to watch and talk about it.

“Is this making a movie? The actor with scarred face just now has good skills. He kicks in a row, fast and beautiful.

“Make a movie. Where do you see a camera?”

“The one opposite seems to be our school, yes, yes, it’s the King of Songs Lin Hai!”

“Song King Lin Hai? Why haven’t you heard of it?” A boy wearing glasses asked weakly.

“Neither the King of Songs nor Lin Hai knows it? That’s the new celebrity in our school. Don’t you usually go online?” The boy was instantly scorned.

Several girls who recognize Lin Hai are even more crazy.

“King Lin Haige, I am your fan!”

“Lin Hai, I love you, I want to give birth to monkeys for you!”

“Lin Hai, 18674852736, this is my number. I’ll be on call when I need it.”

Lin Hai was listening, sweating furiously.

Your sister’s and brother’s doors have been blocked, so what’s wrong with them?

He doesn’t need to be on call. You’re playing very well.

If my brother’s fans rush up and help my brother dry the goods in front of him, then he is really in love.

The face of the opposite scar frowned slightly. The more people gathered, the more I knew that today I couldn’t take Lin Hai away.

“Boy, you’re lucky today.”

Two BMWs roared out of school.

Lin Hai didn’t stop either. He went upstairs and went back to his dormitory.

“Hai zi, what happened downstairs just now?” As soon as they entered the dormitory, Wang Peng surrounded them.

Obviously, what happened downstairs just now, they have seen it in the window.

“It’s all right.” The origin of Scar Face is unknown. Lin Hai doesn’t want several brothers to be involved.

“Hai zi, if you have any trouble, let me know. my dad still has some friends.” Liu Liang came up and said solemnly.

“That’s all right. Don’t worry. Go and do what you should do.” Lin Hai was so moved that he reached out and pushed Liu Liang back to the computer.

Lying in bed, Lin Hai recalled what had just happened.

He had vaguely guessed that the scarred face should be with Hu.

He had made an appointment with Hu Wei before, and Hu Wei brought 30 black-clothed men, who said they were black eagles, just like today’s black-clothed men.

After clearing up Hu wei himself, Scar Face came to my door soon, apparently in revenge for Hu wei.

“Made, this scarred face is much worse than the thirty black men.”

Lin Hai rubbed and rubbed his chest, which was still painful. He felt that he had been holding it up a bit before.

I thought I was invincible in the world when I took Zhujidan. I didn’t think I was an opponent if I made a scar face at random.

Scar face today is only a kick to oneself, if one day take a knife, then oneself will not hiccup.

The more Lin Haiyue thought about it, the more terrified he felt.

Made, no way. It’s necessary to learn martial arts just to achieve what kind of shit is inherently useful in the early days.

But who should I learn from?

Lin Hai was thinking hard, and suddenly he slapped his thighs!

“Grass, how did I forget him?”

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