My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 28, is very deep. How deep is it?

Lin Hai picked up his cell phone and found WeChat of Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong, is the only one who wins the battle against the Buddha and learns martial arts. He learns two tricks and blows the scar face into paper before breathing out.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Da Sheng, is he there?

Lin Hai sent Sun Wukong a message full of excitement.

Sun Wukong: What’s wrong with finding my old Sun?

The monkey returned directly in seconds, presumably playing with his cell phone.

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: Dasheng, Xiaoxian wants to ask you for a secret book of martial arts (behind is three drooling expressions)

Sun Wukong: My old grandson only has the immortal method. Where did he come from such a child’s thing as the secret books of martial arts?

Er… Lin Hai sweated wildly.

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: What immortal method does the Great Saint have that he can learn at the beginning of his life?

Sun Wukong: Initial? Isn’t that human? How could my grandson have it? There are quite a few above Jinxian. Do you learn?

Lin Hai was depressed, Made. I wanted to learn, but I was a human being.

It seems that it is no use trying to learn from Sun Wukong.

Ding Dong!

Uh huh? Golden Flower Boy!

Lin Hai suddenly sat up from the bed.

Open the message.

Golden Flower Boy: Shangxian, Huanxindan has been successfully decomposed. I still need to rearrange the potency. Without any accident, we can finish the work tomorrow.

“Yeah!” Lin Hai’s exciting fist can finally save Xinyue’s father.

Don’t tell Xinyue first, surprise her tomorrow!

“Grass, and he didn’t grab it.” Liu Xin, who was lying under Lin Hai, threw his mobile phone aside and said sadly.

“What’s to be grabbed?” Wang Peng asked, playing a game.

“Red envelope, I added a relay red envelope group, Made, nine out of ten can’t grab it.”

“Grass, you are a pig. Download a plugin.”

“This red envelope has a hang-in?” Liu Xin looked surprised.

“Where, why didn’t he think of the next plug-in!” Lin Hai heard Wang Peng’s words and clapped his head excitedly.

Quickly open Baidu, search for red envelope plug-in.

After a while, the plug-in was ready and installed, Lin Hai shouted toward the lower bunk.

“Liu Xin, give brother a red envelope.”

“Far younger sister, you are on the road tiger, but also exploit me and other small people.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up, there’s something urgent!”


Ding Dong!

Red envelopes!

I haven’t waited for Lin Hai to poke at the screen yet.

“Wow!” The sound of gold coins in the bag.

You got Liu Xin’s red envelope.

“Haha, that’s great.” Lin Hai would like to jump out of bed, Prince Peng’s fat face a mouthful.

Now that’s all right. Somebody gives out a red envelope and the plug-in is automatically snatched.

Made, I don’t believe that those gods can outpace the plug-in.

“Huh? Wait a minute!” Lin Hai looked at Liu Xinfa’s amount.


“Your sister, can you cut a little bit more before you pay a penny?”

“One point is love, one point is love.” Liu Xin whispered.

Although the wound of the soul has been nurtured for a day, Lin Hai’s head is still a little dull and painful.

Before ten o’clock, Lin Hai felt a burst of fatigue and went to bed.

The next day, Lin Hai opened the Wechat and stared at the Tiantian trading group.

He still has some bottoms in his mind. He needs to verify for himself which one is better, the speed of the plug-in and the immortal.

Ding Dong!

A big red packet appeared on the screen.

“Come on!” Lin hai became nervous and succeeded or failed.


You got the red envelope of Taishang Laojun!


Looking at the prompt on the screen, Lin Hai danced excitedly.

Made, immortal bull force ah, speed is great ah, brother I have plug-in, every minute to kill you.

Regardless of these teasing fairies, Lin Hai opens the bag of heaven and earth.

Yang Yuandan: Ten years of life.

My grass, good stuff. It’s a life increase of 10 years.

“Look at what level you can take it?” Lin Hai subconsciously looked for the line of small characters.

But after searching for half a day, I couldn’t find any more words besides the brief explanation in the previous sentence.

“What’s the situation?” Lin Hai is somewhat confused.

Then, the reaction came.

“Ha-ha, if there is no hierarchical description, can’t ordinary people use it?”

Made, Laojun, the old man, finally got to the point.

In order to confirm whether his guess is correct, Lin Hai also @Taishang Laojun in the group.

Little Muddleheaded Immortal: @Taishang Laojun, is this Yangyuandan available to ordinary people?

Laojun: Nonsense!


Lin Hai has a black line.

Made, this nonsense means whether it can be used or not.

Chang’e: @ Little Muddle Immortal, Yangyuandan is a chicken rib, no use, immortal life is a millennium start, more than 10 years, less than 10 years, no difference, ordinary people use it is good, but immortal never separated, want to use it is not necessary.

Haha, it’s better to be Chang’e’s sister. It’s really disgusting to be too old for Laojun.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: @Chang’e, thank you for your sister, next time invite you to dinner.

Withdrawal from Weixin, Lin Hai thought, this Yangyuandan is too precious, or do not extract the good, in case of loss.

Put it in the Wechat for the time being, and save it for your parents later.

There was no class in the morning. Lin Hai thought about it and sent a message to Liu Xinyue.

“How’s the voice training going?”

Liu Xinyue soon returned.

“Basically mastered the method of pronunciation you taught me, but I don’t know why, just can’t sing the effect of you, or you can help me see if there is something wrong with me.”

“Well, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Music Department Voice Training Room, students ah ah ah ah ah hoisted voice.

As soon as Lin Hai entered, he immediately attracted the eyes of the students inside.

“Wow! The King of Songs is coming!”

“Song King, we love you!”

“King of Songs, can you tutor me alone and let me do anything?”

Girls screamed at Lin Hai like fools.

Lin Hai rubbed his nose, Made. It’s a bit out of place.

“Look at our song king. She is very popular with girls. Last time, she was here, but she got both fame and wealth.” Liu Xinyue said with a smiling face.

“That’s all clouds. Brother is a man with connotations.” Lin Haiduse waved his hand.

Liu Xinyue chuckled. “Come on, the two words have nothing to do with half your money.”

They chatted for a while, and Lin Haizheng said, “You sing a song, I listen to it.”

“Well.” Liu Xinyue promised, then Bei Ji lightly opened and sang a sad love song.

Lin Hai listened carefully, Liu Xinyue’s voice is pure, there is really no problem, although it is very good, but Lin Hai always feels something worse, as if he lacks soul.

After singing a song, Liu Xinyue quietly looked at Lin Hai, waiting for Lin Hai’s comments.

Lin Hai frowned and thought for a while.

“The song you sang is perfect, but it can’t touch people’s hearts. I feel that there is a lack of real emotion in it.”

“Is that so?” Liu Xinyue and Dai Mei faintly frown. She feels that she has already melted into the song.

“Yes, I suggest you…”

“Well, isn’t this the singing king who’s been in the limelight lately? How come we really have an affair with our pure University flower Liu Xinyue?” Lin Hai’s words were interrupted by a very discordant voice.

Turning around, a lady dressed up as enchanting and sexy came slowly.

“Zheng Shuang, pay attention to what you say.” Liu Xinyue had a burst of disgust.

The visitor ignored Liu Xinyue and threw a glamorous eye at Lin Hai. He said in a delicate voice, “Handsome man, my name is Zheng Shuang. I don’t know if you have ever heard of anyone else?”

“Zheng Shuang? I have long heard of your name. Of course Lin Hai has heard of it.

Zheng Shuang is also a student of music department. Like Liu Xinyue, Zheng Shuang is one of the four great flowers of Jiangnan University, known as the “enchanting school flower”.

At the same time, it is also the most frequent woman in the male dormitory sleeping talks.

No other reason, because Zheng Shuang is not only sexy and beautiful, but also said to be fashionable, Wang Peng’s fat man can not help but fantasize about Zheng Shuang’s beautiful body and tube.

Liu Xinyue sees Zheng Shuang and talks with Lin Hai on his own initiative. I don’t know why, but I feel upset.

“Zheng Shuang, we still have to practice singing. Please don’t disturb us.”

“Practice singing? Ha ha, Xinyue, I advise you to forget it. There is still half a month to go. It’s the Municipal Green Song Competition. I also compete this time. Do you think you can compete with me?

“You alone?” Liu Xinyue sneered, “Your level, others do not know, our department is not clear yet?”

“Really? Let’s see.” Zheng Shuang giggled, leaving Liu Xinyue a meaningful smile, twisting the sexy waist, in the boys’hot eyes, left the training room.

“That’s right.” Walking through the door, Zheng Shuang suddenly turned around and threw a glamorous eye at Lin Hai.

“I said,”King of Songs, if you have time, can you help me with my tutoring? Very deep! “

“Very deep? How deep is it?” Lin Hai’s playful laughter.

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