My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 36, Bad luck reminder of God of Wealth

“Hurry up, hurry up!” Huang Shan kept urging.

He spent six million dollars on the stone, and he was nervous.

“Bah!” The teacher who cut the stone spit in the palm of his hand and rubbed it vigorously.

He was not less nervous than Huang Shan. He cut the stone for half his life, or for the first time, it was so valuable.

Even if all the colleagues in the country add up, it is estimated that nobody is there.

The stone was laid out and the machine for cutting the stone was laid on it. The teacher’s eyes shone with excitement.

Made, no matter what the result is, it’s enough to show off to future generations.

“Hey!” With great effort, the teacher cut the knife down.

The crowd, one by one, held their breath and stared big, dared not even blink, afraid to miss the gamble that may never be seen again in this life.

Watching the blade fall, Huang Shan’s heart mentioned his voice and eyes.


One knife to the end!

The crowd stared at the face of the stone.

“No rise!”

With a loud crash, the surrounding area became chaotic.

Huang Shan felt the darkness in front of her eyes and forced her foot to stand firm and shouted at the crowd.

“Made, don’t make any noise! Cut again!”

The teacher also saw sweat on his head.

It’s a stone bought by 6 million yuan. If you can’t cut it out, you’ll die of heartache if you think about it.


Another knife!

No rise!

Huang Shan felt only a rush from his head.

“Cut me the fuck again!”

One knife down, not up!

Another knife, no increase!

Another knife, or did not rise!

The onlookers were numb. Looking at the rubble, no one spoke.

“Why, cut it, it’s still so big, cut it again!”

“And this one. Cut it again.”

Huang Shan went mad, picking up the larger gravel on the ground and throwing it to the teacher.

How many knives, still not a little green.

“Cut, what are you cutting for me!” Huang Shan cried almost madly.

“This boss, really can’t cut, it’s all cut into stone foam.” The teacher said helplessly.

“What!” Huang Shan stared at the droplets on the ground, then turned his head sharply.

“You dare to play with me!” Huang Shan pointed at Lin Hai and looked angry.

“Huang Shao, what does that say? Do you have to buy it yourself? Lin Hai shook hands and said innocently.

“You, you deliberately set up a plan for me!”

“Joke, I don’t know if this stone can’t come out. How can I set up a plan for you?”

“You…” Huang Shanqi almost carried his back.

Liu Liang and Wang Peng watched in the back, relieving their spirits.

Made, let you crazy, dare to beat Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu’s brother to kill you in minutes!

After a long time, Huang Shancai slowed down.

“Very well, I remember you!” Huang Shan nodded fiercely.

“Today, Lao Tzu recognizes the plant, boy, let’s have a long time to come!”

In the presence of Ye Yu, he dared not start with Huang Shan’s courage. He had to leave a harsh sentence and walk away with a dry dog’s leg.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Hai, you’re damaging.” Ye Yu laughed.

“Who let him bully my brother?” Lin Haizui said disdainfully.

Liu Liang and Wang Peng listened, and their hearts were touched.

After another chat with Ye Yu, Lin Hai, Liu Liang and Wang Peng came out of the Stone Plaza.

“Haizi, buddies thank you, but you offended Huang Shan today, you should be careful, he is a very good face, there are some forces at home, and Hu Wei, one of the four sons of our school…”

Before Liu Liang finished, Lin Hai took the words over.

“What’s wrong with the four sons, for fear of a hammer!”

Lin Hai, Made, Lao Tzu, the four sons, has offended two people.

Back at school, Lin Hai opened the WeChat and saw that the funny fairies were besieging the God of wealth again.

Monkey King: @God of Wealth, old waiter, idle, happy red envelope.

Nazha: That’s right. Grandpa Caishen hasn’t given a red envelope for a long time.

Raytheon: @God of Wealth, come out and know you are here!

Erlang God: I sent the wheezing dog to his house and picked him up!

Xiaotian Dog: Wang Wang Wang!

God of Wealth: Don’t bother, you!

Mother: Ah, come out, send it fast, send it fast!

Dragon King of the East China Sea: Wait for the red envelope.

White gold Star: @God of Wealth, you can send one, break the money to avoid disaster.

God of Wealth: You rascals!

Ding Dong!

I wipe, red envelope!

Lin Hai hasn’t had time to grab it yet.


The sound of gold coins in bags.


Lin Hai just remembered that he had packed the red envelope and hung it outside. He was so excited when he saw the red envelope just now that he forgot it.

Open your wallet and take a look.



Lin Hai’s eyes straightened out.

9999 merit points!

Ha-ha, how generous this old man is today, remember the day he just joined the group, the best hand is only 1.1 ah.

By this time, the group had been in disorder

Chang’e: @God of Wealth, as always stingy, only 0.01, stingy.

Muzao: @God of Wealth, I am 0.01, stingy + 1

Huber: @ God of Wealth, 0.01, stingy + 2

Dragon King of the East China Sea: @God of Wealth, Miser+3

Barefoot Fairy: @God of Wealth, Miser+4

The formation is lined up again.

God of Wealth: Shut up, Made! Lao Tzu has made 10,000 merit points.

Erlang God: I don’t care how much I send. Anyway, I grab 0.01, @ God of Wealth, Miser + 5

Monkey King: @God of Wealth, my old grandson is 0.01, stingy + 6

Seven fairies: @ God of Wealth, I only grabbed 0.01 oh, stingy + 7

God of Wealth: I’m so mad. You’re stingy. Your whole family are stingy!

Group news: the spirit of wealth is depressed, vomiting blood and injuries, and the line of conduct is reduced by 10 years!


Ha ha ha ha…

Lin Hai laughed directly. It was so happy. It was just like yesterday.

Ding Dong!

Some people add their friends.

Lin Hai opened his address book and looked at it.

“I wipe, God of Wealth!”

Remembering this unfortunate egg, Lin Hai laughed wildly again, covering his stomach and ordering him to pass.

Once passed, the God of wealth sent a series of angry expressions directly.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Why, stingy!

I wipe, as soon as the message is sent out, Lin Hai regrets it.

Made, look at those funny chats. They just hit the cheapskate.

God of Wealth: Your sister…

Tip: Wealth and spirit depression attack the heart, vomiting blood and injuries, road line reduced by 10 years!

Little Muddleheaded Fairy:…

Lin Hai burst into tears and laughter, and his brother really didn’t mean it.

God of Wealth: It’s all right if people say I’m a cheapskate. You grabbed 9999, not only didn’t help me to talk in the crowd, but also called me a cheapskate like them, you, you and you… (a series of angry expressions on the back)

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: I’m sorry. Look at their calls. Shun Shun Shun.

God of Wealth: (a series of angry expressions) Help me to talk in the group.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Okay, let’s go.

Lin Hai opened the Tiantian trading group and directly @ all members.

Little Muddleheaded Fairy: Well, declare that, the red envelope of the God of wealth, I just grabbed 9999 points of merit, so the God of wealth is not a stingy person.

God of Wealth: Well, you all see it.

As soon as the God of wealth spoke, the group that had quieted down was bustling again.

Pig eight quit: @ little silly fairy, how much do you grab, close my old pig’s hair, anyway, the old pig will get 0.01, so @ God of wealth is a cheap dog!

Giant Spirit: That is, no matter how much others snatch, I am not just snatching 0.01, @ God of Wealth, Miser + 1

Goddess of Night: Ibid. @God of Wealth, Miser+2

Lan Caihe: I only got 0.01, @ God of Wealth, Miser + 3

Shouxing: @God of Wealth, Miser+4

Lin Hai watched the formation of the group rise again and his laughing stomach ached.

God of Wealth: Ah ah ah ah, you…

Group news: the spirit of wealth is depressed, vomiting blood and injuries, and the line of conduct is reduced by 10 years!

Well, another 10 years have passed!

Lin Hai is laughing and angry.

Send a red envelope and pay for three mouthfuls of blood. Isn’t this God of wealth unlucky?

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