My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 37, is a ghost

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In the afternoon, Du Chun called Lin Hai again.

“Master, I don’t know if you are busy. Peng Tao is still waiting for me.”

“Well, I’m fine. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Lin Hai drove to the hospital and went straight to the president’s office.

“Master, you are here.” As soon as Lin Hai came in, Du Chun rushed up to greet him with a charming smile on his face.

When Peng Tao saw it, his eyes were straight.

In the morning, Du Chun said to him that he wanted to worship Lin Hai as a teacher, but he still did not believe it.

Now at first sight, I almost dropped my eyes.

I couldn’t help but feel more confidence in Lin Hai’s treatment of her father.

Lin Hai took a seat directly.

“How many times have I told you that I haven’t agreed to accept you as an apprentice, so don’t call Master.” Lin Hai’s face was impatient.

Lin Hai has a headache at the thought of Du Chun and Guangtou Qiang (the bald head).

Made, one without EQ, one without IQ, will appoint a disgraceful teacher in the future.

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s still in the test period, I understand.” Du Chun laughed and nodded.

Peng Tao looked confused.

Made, what kind of person is Du Chun? People don’t seem to like it very much if they want to worship teachers.

If this is to be said, who believes it?

“Ah, Xiao Lin, I’m sorry about the morning.” Peng Tao felt it was unnatural to call himself Lin Hai Xiaolin.

“It’s all right.” Lin Hai waved his hand generously.

“Let’s go and see the patients. Can’t you manage your food?”

“Yes, yes, to see the patient.” Du Chun and Peng Tao hastened to echo Tao.

Along the way, Lin Hai walked forward in front of him and Du Chun and Peng Tao were half behind, followed closely.

“I wipe, what is this person’s identity, the dean and the police chief, personally accompanying.”

“I don’t know. Looking at such a young age, what kind of leader should it be? It’s the son of a big leader or something.

“But the dean and the director of public security can be catered to carefully, absolutely big people!”

Whether it is the staff of the hospital or the patients and family members who come to see the doctor, when they see this scene, they all look at Lin Hai differently and speculate about his identity one after another.

Lin Hai naturally did not know this. He drove on and followed Peng Tao’s police car all the way to a villa group in the eastern suburbs.

“I wipe, Director Peng, quite corrupt ah, how much greed?” Looking at the villa in front of us, Lin Hai said without a cover.

Peng Tao, who was leading the way ahead, almost planted on the ground.

Your sister, can you chat?

At present, Peng Tao can only take a deep breath and endure the desire of Lin Hai.

“Xiao Lin” said with a smile “my father still has some basic business, depending on me alone, where to buy a villa ah.”

Lin Hai watched the greening and picturesque scenery in the villa area all the way, and felt a sigh in his heart.

Made, rich people just enjoy it.

I also forgot to ask Guangtou Qiang, how about the house to inquire about themselves.

I should be a little money now. I will live in the villa sometime, and then take over my parents to enjoy the happiness.

“Here we are.” Peng Tao stopped in front of a villa a little closer.

Once inside, Lin hai was shocked by the luxurious decoration and all kinds of high-end furniture.

No wonder everyone likes money. It’s good to have money.

Looking at the people who live here, Lin Hai feels that he has been living in vain for over twenty years.

“Gee, dumplings!”

“Huh?” Lin Hai, looking around with her head up, was interrupted by a harsh voice.

Looking up, a fashionable girl in her twenties came down the stairs.

“How do you talk, San mei?” Peng Tao rebuked the girl.

“Big Brother, don’t be a bad director, just want to train anyone, and don’t bring anyone home. Look at his virtue, look around, not what is a dumpling?”

“Shut up! You should be polite to Xiao Lin. He’s the one I invited to treat my dad!!”

“Cure? Just him? ” Peng Xue seemed to hear a big joke and giggled.

“Don’t make trouble, brother. Look at his dress. He’s a beggar, isn’t he?”

Made, beggar, your sister, beggar!

The mud man was still three-fold angry. Lin hai couldn’t help it!

“Who is this fool? Your sister?” Lin Hai asked Peng Tao.

“Who are you talking about? Who are you talking about?” In Lin Hai’s words, Peng Shidun was suddenly hairy.

“Big brother, look at who you brought with you. How vulgar you are. Get out of here!”

“What’s the noise!” At that moment, a slightly fat woman came down.

“Mom, look at my eldest brother, take everyone home!” When Peng Xue saw the woman, he immediately ran over to act like a spoiler.

“Cher, don’t make any fools. You are often abroad. You may not know him. This is Du, Dean of the Municipal People’s Hospital. Please call him Du Bobo as soon as possible.” Zhou Xiao quickly pointed to Du Chun to introduce.

“Hum! Come on, you can’t climb high!” Du Chun snorted and turned his head.

He can now speak of the worship of Lin Hai. When Peng Xue showed disrespect to Lin Hai, the stubborn old man suddenly lost his temper.

“What about the dean? He hasn’t cured my father’s illness yet.” Peng Xue muttered in a low voice.

“You child.” Zhou Xiao patted Peng Xue gently. “Dean Du, I’m sorry. I’m so accustomed to Xue.”

Zhou Xiao smiled and apologized to Du Chun. He didn’t look at Lin Hai from beginning to end.

“Dean Du, Director Peng, it seems that I’m not very popular here. I think I’d better go so as not to be offensive.” Lin Hai was really angry with his master’s attitude.

“It’s time to go, and nobody left you!” Peng Xue turned a white eye.

“Xue er, shut up!” Peng Tao glared at Peng Xue and turned to Zhou Xiao. “Mom, this is Lin Hai. I invited him to see my father.”

Zhou Xiao frowned. “Xiao Tao, why are you starting to fool around?”

“No, Mom…”

“Well, stop talking, Xiaoxue has invited Professor Smith of Stanford University Medical College in the United States, and is now in the room to treat your father. I believe there will be a way soon.”

Made, Lin Hai scolded herself. It’s a shame. Come over again.

Turn around and Lin Hai will leave.

“Professor Smith, how is my father?” A native of the Americans came out of the room on the second floor and Peng Xue rushed up.

“Very strange, really strange!” Smith said, speaking in hard Chinese.

“Then, can you treat it?” Peng Xue asked eagerly.

“Alas.” Smith shook his head.

“What! Can’t even cure you? You are the best medical expert in the United States and even in the world.”

“Why? Dean Du, why are you here too?” Instead of answering Peng Xue’s question, Smith looked at Du Chun with surprise on his face.

“Ha-ha, Smith, I haven’t seen you in five or six years.” Du Chun was very happy to meet his old friend.

Smith turned to Peng Xue and said, “Dean Du is here. Why did you invite me from the United States? President Du’s medical skill is above mine.”

“This…” Peng Xue was speechless.

“Mr. Peng’s illness is beyond my control.” Smith shook his head and went downstairs to leave.

“Let’s go too. Are we still here, waiting for others to rush out?” Lin Hai greeted Du Chun and turned to go out.

“Wait a minute!” Peng Tao saw the situation and quickly stopped Lin Hai.

“Xiao Lin, I’m sorry, but my sister doesn’t understand. Give me face and help my father see it?”

Peng Tao begged, knowing that Lin Hai was the last hope.

“Brother, what do you say? I don’t understand anymore.”

“Shut up for me!” Peng Tao is in a hurry, this sister, it is not enough to succeed but more than enough to fail.

“I’m tired, Xiaoxue. Help me to see Mr. Smith and you Du Bobo off.” Zhou Xiao turned into the bedroom on the second floor.

It is self-evident that this is a farewell.

Lin Hai laughed anxiously and left the villa with the same angry Du Chun, regardless of Peng Tao’s obstruction.

“Huh?” Just out of the door, Lin Hai’s eyelids jumped.

At the same time, the eyes of heaven are bright and open automatically again.

“Ghost!” Lin Hai cried out and his hair stood on end.

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