My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 54, The police uncle is good

“Who called the police?” A policeman with two bars and three flowers on his shoulders asked the crowd.

“¥@¥”, before, the little devil who had a sentence from the wellhead strain stood up.


Lin Hai goes with one mouth.

“Made, have I ever told you not to talk about him in the land of China? Your bird’s words are too dirty for your ears.”

The little devil apparently understood Chinese and shut up immediately.

The onlookers were even more excited.

“Who’s this young man? He’s so bullish. He dares to hit people in front of the police!”

“Didn’t he seem to know those soldiers? Maybe it’s the military, too. The military is afraid of a policeman with a ball.”

The police officer was also stunned. He never thought that Lin Hai dared to act in front of them.

“What the hell is going on?” At present, it is better to clarify the origin of the matter first.

“Police officer, this is the case.” Among the crowd, several good things came out.

Barabara, how unreasonable, how arrogant, how bullying, out of nowhere, add fuel and vinegar to the story of the little devil before, said that the little devil directly into a heinous person, so that who listened, would like to go up to a mad flat meal is not disgusted.

Lin Hai listened beside him, and there was a chill on the ridge of his neck.

In the future, he must not offend the aunt of China in the future. It’s too stunned. This mouth is simply killing people without seeing blood.

Sure enough, the policeman’s face was angry.

“Police comrade, don’t listen to their nonsense. This is not the case at all. That stinky soldier stepped on Mr. Iguchi’s shoes, not only did he not apologize, but also bullied others. That man smoked Mr. Iguchi’s mouth several times. I tell you, it seriously damaged the relationship between China and the island country. If we don’t punish him severely, we will. It’s bound to protest to the Foreign Ministry.” The ugly woman hurried out and said.

“Is that the case?” Asked the policeman with a suspicious face.

“Comrade policeman, don’t listen to this two devils’nonsense. It’s clear that those devils are unreasonable!”

“That’s right. That boy is gentle and graceful at first sight. He can’t help himself. How can he beat someone?”

“Yes, he didn’t hit anybody at all. The little devil fell himself.”

People came out one after another, scrambling to give Lin Hai false testimony.

I wipe, yes!

Lin Hai had a good time. My people in Greater China are still very united when they are united with the outside world.

“Nonsense, you guys are bloody!” The ugly woman is in a hurry.

“You just bleed, we all saw, there was no beating!”

“Well, you can’t help but admit that slap. These police comrades saw it just now.”

“What do you see? Don’t talk nonsense, I haven’t seen anything!” Before the crowd could speak, the police officer spoke first.

“You…” The ugly woman is silly. She never expected that even the police would follow suit and make false certificates.

“I warn you, this is China, China welcomes international friends, but there is one thing you remember for me, in the land of China, we must abide by the laws of China, if you break the law, no matter who you are, we China police, take care of it!”

“So, please stop falsifying this gentleman, Otherwise, I will arrest you with blasphemy!”

The policeman said coldly with a stern face.

“Good! What a policeman uncle is!”

“Outside unanimously, drive out the devil!”

“Huaxia is mighty! Soldiers are mighty! The police are mighty!”

Little devils are all fools.

He did, and the police were on the other side.

It’s a little tricky.

With a wave from the wellhead plant, the little devils went away in disgrace.

Can’t we just leave and stay? What else might happen?

After a while, not only was he beaten up, but his libel crime was coming out soon.

“Ha-ha, little devil go away!”

“Let’s go back to our hometown,” he said. “China does not welcome Island pigs!”

Except for “nv you!” I don’t know who added a sentence, and then there was another burst of laughter.

The crowd dispersed happily.

“Thank you, comrade!” Xiao Yi stepped forward and saluted the police.

The policeman quickly saluted and smiled.

“Don’t think that it is only the duty of your soldiers to resist external humiliation. Our police are equally responsible!”

Watching the police officer leave, Lin Hai pouted his lips.

“It seems that there are good people in the police.”

“You seem to have a strong opinion of the police?” Xiao Qian asked curiously.

She can’t understand Lin Hai now.

Not only did he possess magical medical skills, but he took his brother back from the God of death.

Moreover, under the eyes of all the people, they dared to slap the islanders, even if the police came, they could not miss it.

Where on earth did he come from?

“It’s not that I have a problem with the police. There are too few policemen who are dedicated to the people.”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, brother, just now it was so relieved!”

Several soldiers also gathered around and smiled kindly at Lin Hai.

These men in the army seldom serve one person, but today, they are thoroughly attired to Lin Hai.

Lin Hai smiled.

“Your brothers, wearing military uniforms, represent China, some things are not easy to do, so I have to do it for you. You can’t let the little devils of dog days scatter wild on our land in China.”

“Ha ha, that’s right, brother. We’ll meet you later. Let’s go and find a place. Let’s have a good drink.” Xiao Yi said with a smile.

“Well, I’d like to accompany you.” Lin Hai is very fond of these hot-blooded men and willing to make friends with them.

Bishui Yuntian Business Club is one of the best in Yankyu. The people who come here for consumption are either high-ranking officials or big stars. Ordinary people can’t afford entry fees at all.

Xiao Yi took Lin Hai directly to a private room on the second floor.

“Ten boxes of Maotai first!” Xiao Yi told the waiter.

Lin Haigang sat down on Sunday. In a word from Xiao Yi, he almost went under the table.

Counting, counting Xiao Qian, there are only seven people.

This Nima can’t drink a crate by herself.

“Is it too much?”

“Ha-ha, brother, don’t worry about it. No one will pour you any more, no matter how much you can drink.”

Lin Hai breathed a sigh of relief. Otherwise, he would not dare to sit on the table with his small amount of wine.

Soon, all the food and wine came up.

“Come on, today is very happy. Yesterday, Brother Lin saved my life. Today, Brother Lin freed my encirclement. He said nothing. That’s fate. Let’s drink to this fate!”

Xiao Yi lifted the wine distributor, lifted her neck and went straight down to a large pot.

“I wipe!” Lin Hai is also preparing to pour into a small wine cup.

This is also pouring a hair ah pour, people drink big pots, they can not carry small pots.

Making friends is not like that!

“Come on, do it! It’s done! ” Several soldiers touched each other’s cups and all of them dropped their bellies in a large pot.

“Brother Lin, you don’t have to care about us. You’re like Xiao Qian. Just drink a cup.” Xiao Yi grinned.

Your sister! Lin Hai burst into flames!

Isn’t he contemptuous of others?

The same as women? Brother can’t afford to lose this man!

Lin Hai did not speak, but he took up the wine divider and drank it all at once.

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