My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 55, Conquest

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A large pot of stomach, Linhai immediately felt burning in his heart, his face was red.

“Brother Lin, good!” Xiao Yi raised her thumb toward Lin Hai, and then filled Lin Hai’s wine separator.

“Come on, let’s make a couple of good things and go one more!” Xiao Yi didn’t even give her a chance to eat, so she raised the wine again.

“Brother, your injury is still not good, drink less!” Xiao Qian persuaded.

“It’s all right. It’s a hammer. Come on, Brother Lin, I’ll do it first!” Xiao Yi dried up the second cup directly.

“Brother Lin, we did it too.”

Your sister! Lin Hai scolded. The first cup went down, but it had not slowed down yet. The second cup began again.

Made, drink it, whoever’s afraid of it!

Lin Hai is also a young man, how can he easily lose?

Hold up your cup, lift your neck, and the second cup goes down.

At this point, Lin Hai fainted directly, feeling a little spinning.

“Haha, good, like a man!” Xiao Yi’s bright smile.

“Come on, everybody fill up the third cup!”

I rubbed it, and I still come back. Lin Hai is really a bit embarrassed this time!

“Brother Lin, in our army, there is a rule about drinking. The first three drinks should be done together. After three drinks, we can play it freely. Let’s dry the third one!”

“Yes!” The men all stood up and their glasses met.

It’s Day! Lin Hai secretly said, baby’s heart is bitter.

Made, fight it!

As soon as he closed his eyes and raised his neck, Lin Hai’s third cup fell into his stomach.

“Voof!” Linhai felt a tumble in his stomach and almost vomited out.

Sitting in the seat, the whole person began to shake in a hurry.

Made, you can’t broadcast live. That’s a big shame.

“Ha-ha, eat and eat!” Xiao Yi sat down and greeted everyone to eat.

Made, let’s eat at last!

Lin Hai quickly took two mouthfuls of dishes and pressed down the force of vomiting.

Grandpa, he never drinks with the soldier again. He’s so desperate. He hasn’t had any drinks for five minutes. He’s gone down half a kilo.

If only I had a reputation for that, I would just use my internal force to force the wine out of my fingers, so that I would not die these dog days.

Why? Internal force!

Lin Hai’s head glittered with brilliance.

Made, did you not reach the level of primitive birth when you ate that kiddan?

What kind of rush son in the body is congenital and innocent, is it similar to internal force?

Grass, try it!

Lin Hai wanted to do so, quickly breathing the body’s true gas, trying to control the body’s alcohol.

Fuck! Succeed!

Unexpectedly, the infuriating body in the body can really trigger the flow of alcohol in the direction you want.

“Yes!” Lin Hai was surprised.

I wipe, or not!

That section of fame will have six veins of God sword ah, so you can release the wine from the acupuncture points.

What should I do? This wine has no outlet, even if it can be controlled, has a gross use?

Where can I find out? Lin Hai frowned and thought?

Suddenly, there was a light in front of me.

Lin Hai showed a bad laugh, Made. Isn’t that the exit? There’s no one on his finger, anywhere else!

Lin Hai urged Zhenqi to push the alcohol in his body towards his lower abdomen.

Suddenly, a rush of urine came.

“Excuse me, go to the bathroom!” Lin Hai went to the bathroom, pulled open his pants and began to drain water.

“Haha, cool!” After a bubble of urine, Lin Hai, like just finished drinking, not only his face returned to normal, but also had no alcohol.

Sample, this time my brother won’t drink you all down.

This time Lin Hai is proud.

Back at the table, Lin Hai just sat down and Xiao Yi gathered the glasses together.

It’s still a big cup!

“Brother Lin, according to our drinking rules, when you go to the bathroom halfway, you will be fined a glass of wine. Well, you didn’t know before, but the rules can’t be broken. Fine you a glass. I’ll accompany you. How about that?”

Come on! Who is afraid of who?

Lin Hai has a bottom now. Don’t mention a cup. Every bottle is not afraid of you.

Lin Hai wrinkled the wine as soon as he lifted his neck.

“Ha-ha, Brother Lin, a good amount of wine!” Xiao Yi filled the cup again.

“Come on, Brother Lin, I salute you for this cup and thank you for saving your life yesterday.”

“Come on, Brother Lin, this cup. Thank you for helping me teach the little devil today.”

“Come on, Brother Lin, this cup, thank you for letting the Chinese people lift their eyebrows and breathe today!”

After a while, Xiao Yi and Lin Hai drank three more cups.

Lin Hai refused to refuse, silently using internal force to drive the wine to the lower abdomen.

“Come on, Brother Lin, I give you a toast!”

“Come on, Brother Lin, I’ll walk with you!”

“Come on, brothers Lin, let’s meet!”

Next, these soldiers raised their glasses one by one and kept toasting Lin Hai.

Near Lin Hai, three empty bottles were quickly placed.

Unconsciously, three bottles of liquor have already gone down.

Several soldiers exchanged their eyes and finally looked at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi now has a little face, under his feet, also placed two empty bottles.

Looking at Lin Hai’s unchanged appearance, Xiao Yi felt admiration in her heart.

“Ha-ha, Brother Lin, it’s huge!” Xiao Yi heartfelt praise.

“Where is it? Compared with several brothers, it’s still far behind. Come on, let’s have a drink from Lin Hai.” With that, Lin Hai stood up, one neck up, another cup went down.

Several people looked at each other and had to fill their drinks and have a drink.

Lin Hai swept his eyes around and gave a sneer in his heart.

Sample, just a group of people took turns to irrigate me, why, not now?

Hey hey, that’s embarrassing. It’s my turn to fight back!

Lin Hai gives Xiao Yia drink directly.

“Come on, Brother Xiao, I respect you as a hero, this cup, hero!” Lin Hai lifted his neck and dried up.

“Ha-ha, a bullshit hero, but to be worthy of the country and the people!” Xiao Yi raised her head and poured down the wine.

Lin Hai fell to Zhaoshan again.

“Brother Zhao Shan, I respect you one more, iron bone, good man!” Lin Hai wrinkled another one.

“Ha-ha, do it!” Zhao Shan did it, too.

Lin Hai respects the past one by one. No matter who he goes to, he is bored.

The two sides come and go, fighting one round after another.

I don’t know how long it took for ten boxes of wine to be dried up by these gentlemen.

“Waiter, drink again!” Lin Hai shouted.

“Wait a minute! No, no! ” Xiao Yi quickly stopped it.

“Brother Xiao, what does that mean? I haven’t had a good drink yet?”

A burst of triumph in Lin Hai’s heart, Made, began to pour himself so fiercely. What’s wrong, now?

Xiao Yi is obviously a little too much to speak straight.

“Brother Lin, let me tell you so.” Xiao Yi belched.

“In our army, even if you have the ability and moral integrity, you can’t drink, and your brothers may not look up to you.”

“Don’t laugh when you are drunk in the sand. How many people have fought in ancient times? Our soldiers are not alcoholics, but with their heads tied to their belts. Who knows if we will see the sun tomorrow after today?

Xiao Yi’s words immediately made Lin Hai sigh with emotion. Yesterday, he could see it with his own eyes. Even though Xiao Yi was of eminent origin, how did he choose to be a soldier? Life is not as fragile as it might be lost at any time?

“Brother Lin, at first we drink with you like this. I hope you don’t mind. We sincerely regard you as a brother and admire you from the heart. If you conquer us in wine, we will completely stop treating you as an outsider!”

Lin Haihaha laughed, “I don’t know, brother’s alcohol, have you entered your eyes?”

“Brothers Lin laughed, our brothers, asked themselves in drinking, who really did not fear, but today, we took, five of our brothers, one of you, unexpectedly can not get the upper hand!”

“Do not say, in the future, Lin Hai is our brother.”

On the table, there was a burst of cheers.

Several people reported the next birth year, and finally found that Lin Hai was 22 years old, the oldest.

Xiao Yi is also 22 years old, three months younger than Lin Hai, ranking second in the list.

“All right!” Xiao Yi stood up. “Since Lin Hai is our brother now, we will call him Haige together in the future!”

“Haige!” Five men in the army, a roar, shocking.

Lin Hai was really touched.

Just ready to stand up, a burst of bloating in the lower abdomen!

I wipe, it’s broken!

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