My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 59, Half-way Interception

“Huang Shao, wasn’t that the kid who met at Shifang Gambling Center? Let’s rush over and fuck it.” Said a little fucker dressed in fancy clothes.

“Don’t go.” Huang Shan stopped in a hurry.

“When I came back from Shifang, I inquired about it. This kid is also from Jiangnan University. His name is Lin Hai. Moreover, he broke Huwei’s finger and he was very good at it.”

“Is he? Well, you can’t just let him go.” It is well known in the circle that Hu was broken his finger.

“Let go? How is that possible? Huang Shan sneered and took out his cell phone.

“Hu Shao, I am Huang Shan…”

Just after Lin Hai left the station, he saw a big bald head shining and looking at the people who were leaving.

“Master, here! Let him go!” Bareheaded strong see Lin Hai, exciting side wave, while driving away the crowd.

People around them are hiding far away and throwing strange eyes at Lin Hai at the same time.

Lin Hai is so angry, go up and slap in the face of the big bald.

“He, what shout, you see to frighten people, do not know that I and you are the same thing, really how he affects the image.”

“Master, we are all the same.” The bald head touched the bald head.


All the way, your sister!

Lin Hai really regretted having let his bald head pick up the station.

Coming to the front of the car, the bareheaded man quickly pulled the co-driver’s door open.

“Master, please get on the car.”

After Lin Hai’s car, bareheaded jumped to the driver’s seat, and the car rushed out.

“My day, your uncle, drive slowly.” Lin Hai’s body was thrown asked, his head almost touched the glass, and he slapped in the face of the big bald slap.

“Hey, I have broken the bread for ten years, and the first time I opened the luxury car like this, I was excited.” Baldheaded grinning.

The car pulled out of the station and soon entered Yingbin Street.

Yingbin Street is surrounded by a new area developed by Jiangnan City. The roads are wide, but there are few people.

At an intersection ahead, two white BMWs, twinkling, stopped at the roadside.

Seeing Lin Hai’s car coming, eight people in black came down from the car immediately, each with steel pipe in his hand, and stood in the middle of the road.

“Squeak!” The bareheaded man stopped the car.

“Get off!” A man in black drank fiercely.

The bareheaded man snapped and locked the door.


People look for stubble, but also have weapons, their own side of the two people, the situation is not optimistic.

Lin Hai turned a blind eye and again expressed concern about the intelligence quotient of his bareheaded head.

Your sister’s, there is a wool use to lock the car door, this posture, do you think people will not smash the car?

Just go down and fuck it.

“Open the door and get off.” Lin Hai ordered.

Getting out of the car, bareheaded and vigilant, Lin Hai was blocked behind him.

“Huh? Wipe, it’s quite sensible. Lin Hai nodded with satisfaction.

Look up, I wipe, are acquaintances ah.

Last time in school, it was these goods, led by the scar face.

“What’s the matter, brothers? Didn’t you play enough last time? Lin Hai eyebrows a pick, said.

“Huh, Made, the last time there were so many people in the school, you escaped the scourge. Today, you’re dead!” Scar face raised the steel pipe in hand, incomparable arrogance.

The last time I kicked Lin Hai, I hurt myself enough. These scars have a long heart and come with steel pipes.

“Master, it’s broken. This scar face is the four masters of the Black Hawk Club. It’s known as the desperate leg. It’s said that if one leg goes down, it can break a stake.”

Bareheaded and clenched his fists, he whispered nervously.

“Desperate legs? Hum, my brother made him lame today! “

Made, the last time he kicked him, he was so painful that he had no place to avenge himself. He actually delivered it to his door.

“Master, let me go first and say something nice. If it’s no use, I’ll stand in front of you and run away.” Baldheaded Qiang said solemnly and went forward.

“Isn’t this Brother Scar of the Black Hawk Society? I’m a skinhead man from South Street. Come to Brother Scar and smoke a cigarette.” The bald head forced a cigarette and said with a smile.

“Is you numb.” Scar face fan out the cigarette directly. “What onion are you, roll aside for me!”

The cold flashes in the bareheaded eyes forcibly restrained the anger in the heart.

“Haha, Scar Brother, are all brothers on the road. If there is any offence, another day, I bareheaded myself to go to the door to plead guilty, and then go to the splendid table to make amends to Scar Brother, how about that?”

Scarface A slap in the mouth, took the steel pipe in his hand and patted the bald head with a strong bald head.

“To apologize? How old are you? What qualifications do you have to make amends to me?” The voice of Scar’s face is extremely arrogant.

The bareheaded face also cooled down.

“Brother Scar, so to speak, today’s thing, can’t be good?”

“Good for your paralysis!” Scar face raised his chin, squeezed a few words from the teeth, and said.

A bareheaded, strong eye, followed by no sign, towards the crotch of the scar face is a foot.

“I am going to paralyze you!”

At the same time, bareheaded strong back to the Lin Hai shouted: “Master, run!”

Lin Hai looked behind and felt a touch of emotion.

This skinhead is strong, and at the critical moment, he is loyal to himself.

“Wipe, how dare he do it!” On one side of the scar face, he hides his bareheaded foot.

Subsequently, the steel pipe in hand, with a strong wind, toward the bald head with a strong bald head, severely pulled down.

“It’s over!” When you close your eyes with a strong bald head, the speed of scarring your face is too fast to hide.

“Huh?” After waiting for half a day, there was no discomfort on the bald head.

I wipe. Did I hit it asked? Didn’t I hit it?

The bareheaded man opened his eyes and was stunned.

Lin Hai was standing in the middle of himself and his scarred face, holding the steel pipe in his right hand.

Scar face on the strong arm, exposed veins, the scar on the face because of the hard twist.

“Made, let go!” The strength of the scar face was exerted, but the steel pipe could not be pulled out.

“Master?” He knows that Lin Hai can fight, but he never thought that Lin Hai is strong enough to deal with the character of Scar Face.

“A few dogs can’t be cleaned up. It’s disgraceful! Roll back and go!” Lin Hai cursed.

“Ah!” Bareheaded, strong-ass and bumpy-ass run back for a good show.

“You let me go!” Half a day can not capture, scar face anxious, simply two hands together, seize the steel pipe, desperate to recapture.

“Wipe, how stingy he is, a broken pipe, as for so desperate? If you want it, you’re the one.” Lin Hai disdained to pout his mouth, and then relaxed his hand.

Scar face is now the whole body of strength, are used to retrieve steel pipe.

That’s why Lin Hai suddenly let go.

As a result, there was no force on the other side, and the scarred face immediately retreated several steps, with a flop and a fall on its back.

“Ha-ha-ha, this fool!” The bald head was watching behind, and burst into laughter.

The scarred face was blue, and the steel pipe was not needed when he got up from the ground.

“Made, Lao Tzu must kick you to the cinder today!”

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