My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 60, Bonesetting is a technical activity

Scar’s face was full of anger and he rushed up in a fierce manner.

I don’t care whether my feet hurt or not. Just shining on Lin Hai’s chest is a series of kicks, fast and fierce.

“Scratch, can you be a little innovative!” Lin Hai dodged his first foot when he shook himself.

When the second foot of Scar Face kicked, Lin Hai suddenly extended his hands and grabbed Scar Face’s ankle and knee joint.

“Crack it” out.

With a grunt from the scar’s face, the whole leg would lose its strength immediately.

“I wipe your mother!” Scar face is also a cruel role, enduring pain, waving a punch toward Lin Hai.

Lin Hai is not in a hurry. On one side, he grabbed the arm of Scar Face and pushed it one by one.


Another crisp noise!

The arms of the scarred face also fell.

One arm and one leg were unloaded, the scar face suddenly lost its balance and fell to the ground with a flop.

“Come on with me and scrap him!” The scarred face of the fallen knife bears the pain and gives orders.

Seven men in black waved steel pipes and rushed up.

Lin Hai sneered. It was so easy to deal with these little guys.

There was a clatter, and after a while, all seven black-clad men were laid down.

Lin Hai clapped his hands and went to the face of Scar.

“I said lame legs.”

“Made, Lao Tzu calls the legs of death.”

“Never your sister, now you’re clearly lame.” Lin Hai went to give a mouth.

“Come on, these two times, who made you come?”

“Hum.” Scar face snorted and turned his head.

“If you don’t say that, I know it’s under the guise of nonsense.” Lin Hai said lightly.

“Last time in the woods, Hu Wei brought 30 people from your Black Hawk Society. I don’t know what the relationship between Hu Wei and your Black Hawk Society would be, but I advise you not to confront me again, otherwise, the consequences will not be yours.”

After that, Lin Hai turned around and returned to the car.

“Master, you are too pushy. Even the famous desperate legs on the rivers and lakes have been mutilated by you, good fellow, this…”

“Get out of the car!” Before the bald head had finished, Lin Hai interrupted him.

“Get off, get off? Master, I…” Baldheaded Qiang thought that Lin Hai was not satisfied with his performance, and he was panicked at once.

Lin Hai turned a white eye and slapped at the big bald ladle.

“Didn’t you say you’ve driven broken bread for more than ten years and never driven a luxury car before?”

Lin Hai pointed to two BMWs parked by the road.

“Go ahead and choose one. Look at which one. It’s yours.”

“Really, really?” The bald head is a bit masked.

“Go down and drive, don’t pull down.” Lin Hai’s face was impatient.

“Yes, yes, I want!” The bald head was so happy that he jumped out of the car and jumped into one of the BMWs.

Two cars went into the city one after the other.

Baldheaded Qiang sat in a luxurious BMW car, his mouth laughing almost dropped to his ears, he really did not expect that one day, he can also drive this level of car.

“Made, we must follow Master and do well in the future!”

The Black Hawk Society headquarters, three when the family looked at the scar face painful appearance, a face of anger.

“Made, this is not over. I’ll take a couple of people to avenge the old four.”

“Lao San, come back! The other side is very skillful. Don’t act rashly. Let your second brother connect his arms and legs first.”

Du Tao, the two masters with a hazy face, put his mouth out.

“Oh, insect carving skills, just dislocation, a trifle.”

Du Tao said so, a few people breathed a sigh of relief.

Du Tao, who is good at grabbing and fighting, is good at unloading other people’s arms and legs. Since he said so, he must be able to connect the old four’s arms and legs.

Du Tao went over and grabbed the scarred face by the arm.

“Fourth, it hurts a little. Hold it up.”

“Rest assured, second brother, can hold back.”

Du Tao nodded, then pushed and pushed!

“Hum!” A muffled hum from the scarred face.


“All right.” Du Tao loosened his scarred arm.

“This small means of unloading my arms and legs is all I have left for Du Tao. There is no technical content at all.”



“Second brother, it seems that it was not connected, and it fell.”

Scar face painful teeth, weak said.

When Du Tao changed his face, he reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Made, is it really falling?” Du Tao scolded in his heart.

“That’s all right. I’ll pick you up again.”



“All right.”

Du Tao was quite sure this time. After receiving it, he made a special inspection.

“Bone-setting is a technical work. It’s difficult to say, easy to say…”



“Second brother, it seems to fall again!”

Du Tao blushed and suddenly became difficult to look at.

“Let me see.”

“Wipe, see the ghost, really dropped again.”

“Crack!” Du Tao was picked up again.

This time, Du Tao checked it more carefully and made sure it was all right before he let go.

“Don’t worry about it this time. I promise Du Tao with my personality that he will never again…”



Du Tao’s face is green!

“I’m your sister today!”

An arm that has grabbed the scar face does not care whether it hurts or does not hurt.



It’s connected.

Less than a minute.



It dropped.

Made, I’ll take it again!

Less than a minute, it’s gone again!

Grass, I don’t believe it. I’ll take it again!

In less than a minute, it’s gone again!

Day, I answer!

Drop it!

I’ll pick up again!

Drop it!

I still pick up!

It’s gone again!

Du Tao’s face was blue, and his arm was stronger than that of Scar Face.

Scar face was torn to death, a sad face without tears, and finally could not help it.

“Two brothers, two brothers, no, no, I think, this is a good way to make a big 360-degree turn, you see, this is good, very good.”

Made, take it on. The arm’s fine. It’s killing me.

After Lin Hai returned, he went to Liu xinyue’s house to see the situation of Liushan.

Before going to Yanyun, Lin Hai had given Liu Xinyue a mortal version of the soul-restoring pill and ordered him to eat it for Liushan.

Lin Hai opened his eyes and found that Liushan’s ghost and body had a smaller shadow. According to this effect, if the remaining two were eaten, it would be possible to completely coincide.

Once they overlap, Liushan will probably wake up.

During this period, Du Chun called Lin Hai and told him that Peng Tao’s father had recovered. According to the previous agreement, Peng Tao transferred 5 million yuan to Du Chun for transfer.

Lin Hai let Du Chun help to call his own card. Looking at the text message prompt, his own card is more than 5 million, Lin Hai secretly cried out, cool!

“Master, where are you?” Barefoot calls.

“What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you ask me about the house before? Now there is just a low-price sale, about 10% lower than the market price, a great discount.

“I wipe, where are you? I’ll go and find you.”

Lin Hai felt a little excitement in his heart. Did he finally have his own house?

Drive on, and bald headed toward the southern suburbs.

Lin Hai felt more and more familiar as he drove.

When the place arrived, Lin Hai sneered.

I wipe, what a coincidence!

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