My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 61, Buying Houses

“Master, this is it.” The bald head pointed at a villa and said.

Lin Hai nodded.

Before coming, bareheaded Qiang called the owner of the villa. She was a middle-aged woman.

“Sir, my villa, from the renovation, did not live for a day, if it is not urgent to use money, I am reluctant to sell, you come in and see, this pattern, this decoration…”

The woman is so glib and beautiful that she speaks the villa perfectly.

Lin Hai waved and interrupted the woman’s words.

“All right, just say, how much is it?”

“Sir, when I bought my villa, it cost 18 million yuan, more than 2 million yuan for decoration, and the furniture in the house…”

“How much is it?” Lin Hai showed great impatience.


The woman wanted to talk about the value of the villa. She would like to talk about the price for a while, but she didn’t think that the other party was young, but very delicate, and did not give her the opportunity.

“I am in urgent need of money now. If you sincerely want 18 million dollars, decoration and furniture, I will give them away, and…”

“Eight million!” Lin Hai interrupted the woman directly.

“What?” The woman was stunned, and then she laughed angrily. “Are you kidding?”

The bareheaded Qiang was strong on one side, and the eyes almost stared out.

“I wipe, Master is too ruthless, this bargaining, directly returned to Grandma’s home.”

“No kidding at all.” Lin Hai shook his head.

“Well, if you really want to, 16 million, that’s my bottom line.”

“Let’s go.” Lin Hai and bald head gave a strong greeting and turned to leave.

“Hey, wait a minute, don’t go, let’s go, 15 million, how, really can’t be less, don’t believe you inquire about the nearby house, 15 million has no such price.”

Lin Hai stopped and his mouth was warped.

“Ten million, just do it, pull it down if you can’t.”

“That’s too little, 10 million, how can it be?”

Lin Hai smiled, looked around at the villa next to him, and then said to the woman with deep meaning, “How do you feel gloomy here?”

When a woman listens, her face changes.

“In two days, even if there is less than 0 behind your price, do you think anyone will buy it?”

The woman stared at Lin Hai dead, hoping to swallow Lin Hai.

“Bareheaded, when she sells the house to me, the garden in front of you, you flatten me, turn it over again, and then turn deeper. If he buried a bone shelf underneath, he wouldn’t frighten his brother.”

“Oh.” Bareheaded and casual consent.

If you think too much of your master, you can get the price out. Unless someone is a fool, you can see a ghost if you can sell it.

Lin Hai’s words make women’s faces change again.

Struggle for a long time, bite one’s teeth.

“Well, 10 million is 10 million, cheap you!”

“What, what?” “How much do you say?”

“Hum, 10 million!”

I rubbed my head and felt that he could not understand the world.

Lin Hai turned up and threw the bank card to the bareheaded one.

It’s natural that we don’t need to go through formalities. We have to run errands with bare heads.

Lin Hai is very happy.

The problem of the house has also been solved, and it is very satisfactory.

Next week, I will take the college entrance examination. When the college entrance examination is over, I will bring the family to the city.

At that time, living in villas, driving luxury cars, so that parents who have worked hard for half their lives, also enjoy the blessings of their sons.

Think about it, Lin Hai feels very warm and happy.

Lin Hai just walked for a while. In mid-air, Chu Liner floated over and stopped in front of Peng Tao’s villa.

“It’s very gloomy here. There should have been a terrible ghost who lived here before, and there seems to be no one living here for a week or so. Yes, from now on, it will be the princess’s residence on earth.”

Lin Hai is walking around on the road, and WeChat is ringing.

“Come home for dinner in the evening.” Liu Xinyue sent a message.

“Why, miss me?” Behind the Linhai information, there was a drooling expression.

“I want you to be a big head, you stinking hooligan!”

Forehead… Lin Hai’s face is black, no, your sister’s, how does this tone resemble Liu Xinqing?

Sure enough, soon the message came back.

“Lin Hai, I’m sorry, I went out to buy vegetables just now. I didn’t bring my cell phone. My mother told Xiao Qing to tell you that she didn’t answer your phone call and sent messages to you with my WeChat.”

I wipe, it is indeed a little aunt ah! It’s so hot.

Liu Xinyue said so, Lin Hai just remembered that Liu Xinqing’s phone was still on his blacklist.

Quickly recovered and saved.

Think about it, the contact has a “barbarian girl!”

Who let this girl be so savage to herself, Lin Hai’s bad laugh.

“Here comes Xiaohai, sit down first, and dinner will be ready in a minute.” As soon as she entered, Zhao Fang poked her head out of the kitchen and said.

“Good aunt.” Lin Hai greeted with a smile.

“Huh, stinky rascal!” Liu Xinqing took a look at Lin Hai and went inside.

Alas, Lin Hai sighed. This first impression is so hard to change.

“Lin Hai, Xiao Qing is still young and ignorant. Don’t mind.” Liu Xinyue said with apology.

“Must mind!” Lin Hai pretended to be annoyed.


“So…” Lin Hai’s bad smile made him and Liu Xinyue in the living room.

“I’ll punish you for being a sister.” Lin Hai said, slapping on Liu Xinyue’s fat buttocks.

“Ah!” Liu Xinyue exclaimed.

“Sister, this question…” Just then, Liu Xinqing came out with a book and saw the palm of Lin Hai falling on Liu Xinyue’s buttock.

“Well, he’s a bad rascal.”

“Xiao Qing, what’s wrong?” Liu Xinyue blushed with shame and gave Lin Hai a fierce stare.

“Sister, I can’t solve this physics problem. Please help me see it.”

Liu Xinyue took over the book and drew with pen and paper for half a day, but she could not solve it.

“Ask you Hai Ge, sister is learning music, science is not good at things.”

Liu Xinqing listens, small mouth.

“Just him? A stinky rascal, it’s estimated that he can’t do anything except picking up girls.”

Lin Hai was reluctant to listen.

I depend, say I stinky rascal can, but you can’t insult my IQ.

Brother, science is the first in the school.

“Here, let me see.” Lin Hai reached out and grabbed the book.

Then it’s done directly on paper.

“All right.” In less than ten minutes, Lin Hai put the steps of solving the problem before Liu Xinqing’s eyes, then put his feet on his hands and whistled with a forced face.

Liu Xinqing took it over and looked at it. The steps were clear and the ideas were clear. It was really solved.

I could not help but look at Lin Hai in surprise.

“Can you imagine that you are not worthless? It’s really good.”

Lin Hai turns his eyes white. What is really good? His brother has many advantages. It has advantages and advantages.

It’s just that your little girl has no chance to see it, but your sister can.

Lin Hai’s bad thinking.

“When the meal is ready, come out and serve it.” Zhao Fang shouted in the kitchen.

Soon the table was full.

“Xiao Qing, next week’s College Entrance Examination, eat more meat, tonify the body.” Zhao Fang asked.

“Um.” Liu Xinqing promised.

“Mom, many of our classmates chatted privately. On the day of the college entrance examination, parents were prepared to accompany them all the time. You said their parents didn’t think much of it, and they could not replace the child’s examination. What’s the use of accompanying them?” After dinner, Liu Xinqing said.

The speaker has no intention, listen intentionally.

Zhao Fang’s face was dim.

“Xiao Qing, the situation of our family, you know, your father is unconscious. Mom has to take care of it all day. Your sister is racing.”

“Oh, mom, what are you talking about? I don’t mean that…” Liu Xinqing was in a hurry. She didn’t think that she could say a word casually, which made her mother think more.

“Well, when you two grew up, the most important thing that Mom could not do was what other children had, and you didn’t have.”

“Mom, stop talking, I really don’t mean that…” Liu Xinqing is crying.

“Well, auntie, on the day of college entrance examination, I will accompany Xiao Qing!” Lin Hai suddenly said.

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