My Amazing WeChat – Chapter 81, Endgame

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When Lin Hai came out, he had found that his mobile phone was still on his body, and it was in the pocket of this woman’s dress.

“There must be a signal, there must be a signal!” Lin Hai prayed in silence.

Take out your cell phone and have a look. Fuck you, there is no signal!

Lin Hai is cold.

Why? Wait! Lin Hai suddenly found that although there was no call signal, there was a 4G on the top.

“Ha ha, there’s a network here. It’s 4G!” Looking at the mobile data icon displayed above the mobile phone, Lin Hai is excited.

“I love you, Huaxia mobile!”

“I love you, Miss 10086 customer service!”

Lin Hai’s words are incoherent with joy.

Quickly open the browser, in the browser’s search bar, Lin Hai entered the word “the chess game”.

Suddenly, a large website came out.

Lin Hai finds a point to go in.

Just in, a woman with exposed clothes and thirsty face jumped out.

“Tip: it is detected that your mobile phone does not have a color player installed. Please click download and install to watch more private movies.”

Watch your sister! What about the chess game?

Lin Hai directly closed the web page and clicked on another one.

“Dong Dong! Your QQ friends send you messages. Please click to check. ” A large dialog box, the content of the site is blocked.

I wish you the best!

Lin Hai directly points to close, which into thinking, the page directly jump, to an ons dating site.

Mom, can you rely on the score?

Lin Hai is going crazy. The more anxious he is, the more chaotic he is.

It’s all closed. Click to open one. The website reading progress bar is moving all the time, but it can’t be opened.

“Ah ah! Your uncle’s Du Niang! ” Lin Hai is crazy.

After half an hour, Lin Hai found a reliable chess forum.

Browsing the chess game that was sent by the above netizens, Lin Hai carefully selected.

I can’t be careless. It’s so related to my own life.

Although Lin Hai’s chess level is bad, it’s OK to understand it.

After a while, Lin Hai screened three or four pieces.

“That’s it. It’s up to mad to win or lose!” In the end, Lin Hai chose the one with the most posts.

“Your elder brother’s life depends on you. I hope you can stand the most difficult title in history!”

Determined, Lin Hai walked towards the chess sage.

Xian’er was surprised when she saw this.

“Master, you will…” Before xian’er finished, Lin Hai Hua pulled all the pieces on the chess table to the ground.

The chess master took the chess piece and still didn’t respond.

You can’t even do that!

Lin Hai is totally convinced.

“Huh?” It took two minutes for the chess master to look up.

Lin Hai looks, You, how slow is the response.

The chess master looked at Lin Hai strangely, and then saw the pieces scattered all over the place. Suddenly, his angry hair and hair were all on.

“Son of a bitch, dare to destroy me to play chess, want to die!” Finish saying, suddenly a strong momentum appeared in the chess sage, Lin Hai found that he could not even move.

Maddy, how strong!

“Sir, wait a moment.” Lin Hai shouted.

“Hum, what else can I say to influence my chess? Die! “

“I didn’t mean to disturb the senior to play chess. I have a reason!” Lin Hai felt that he could hardly breathe.

“Hum, isn’t it just for assessment? Destroy my chess game. Do you want to check? What a dream! “

The chess master held out his big hand and patted Lin Hai’s head.

“Chess master, be merciful!” Xian’er sees this, a exclamation, hurries to shout.

However, the chess sage didn’t pay attention to it. Seeing the palm of his hand, he would fall on the top of Lin Hai’s head.

“I’m here to compete with you!” At the critical moment, Lin Hai shouted and closed his eyes at the same time.

Mark, it’s a matter of life or death.

Lin Hai is gambling!

He saw the chess sage play chess with himself before, which shows two problems.

First, this chess sage has been obsessed with playing chess to a certain extent. otherwise which normal person will play against himself?

Second, the chess sage is bored to a certain extent. If anyone plays chess with him, even if it stinks, it is better than playing with himself.

Out of these two considerations, Lin Hai felt that if he offered to play chess with the chess sage, he would probably agree.

“Oh? Play chess with me? You? ” Sure enough, as soon as Lin Hai’s words were spoken, the chess sage Sheng Sheng took the fallen palm, less than a centimeter away from the top of Lin Hai’s brain.

Lin Hai was in a cold sweat and often breathed a sigh.

Mark, the bet is right. I’ve saved my life for the time being.

But whether we can live in the end depends on the back.

“Yes, I don’t know how dare you compete with me?” Lin Hai said in a hurry.

“Hahaha, isn’t your tone small?” At the same time, the suffocating momentum of the chess player also dispersed.

“It depends on how dare you.” Lin Hai said, looking directly at the chess player.

The chess master kept silent and stared at Lin Hai for a long time. He didn’t speak until Lin Hai was almost discouraged.

“In that case, I will play with you.”

“Good!” Lin Hai promised.

The success of the examination depends on the later.

“It’s up to you to decide how to compare. After the event, I said that I cheated the small with the big.” Said the chess sage with a look of indifference.

“When I was bored, I designed a complete set of pieces. I don’t know if the chess master dare to try and crack it?”

“The endgame? Ha ha ha ha, there is no end in the world that I can’t solve. “

Hearing this, Lin Hai made a thump in his heart.

Maddy, it’s true. If that’s the case, my brother will die.

No, I have to set some resistance for this old guy.

“Master chessman joked. There is no unsolvable situation in the world. Even if you give me a one hundred and eighty year old situation, it will be solved. Don’t you think?” Lin Hai deliberately said it was very important in the past hundred and eighty years.

“Hum, boy, don’t stir me up here. I won’t play tricks on you in terms of time. The time to crack it is up to you.” Said the chess sage angrily.

“Well, in that case, ten minutes. I don’t know if you dare?” Lin Hai raised his chin and deliberately made a look of contempt.

“Ten minutes?” The chess master is stunned for a while. You should know that he can be called a loser. He has his own subtlety. Even if he is a chess master, he is likely to fail if he thinks wrong at the beginning.

In other words, there are only one or two opportunities. Once the initial thinking deviates, time will be wasted.

But when he looked up and saw the look of contempt on Lin Hai’s face, the chess master suddenly got angry.

When did you get despised in chess, Mad?

“OK, I agreed!” Said the chess sage loudly.

Hearing the words, Lin Hai was happy.

“I think the chess master also knows that the younger generation is here for assessment. Why don’t you combine assessment with gambling chess this time? What do you want?”

“Well, if I lose, you will pass the examination.” The chess sage gave a cold hum.

“Ha ha, OK!” Lin Hai laughs!

Then, from the pieces on the ground, I picked a few and put them on the chessboard according to my memory.

“Chess master, please.” Lin Hai beckoned to the chess master.

“Well, I’ll see you through.”

Said, the chess sage immediately entered a state, it seems that all the spirit, are put into the present situation.

Lin Hai carefully watched every expression change of the chess sage, playing drums in his heart.

Mark, don’t break it. My brother’s life depends on this.

I don’t know how long.

“Ha ha ha ha, this is a wonderful ending, but I have a way to solve it!”

All of a sudden, the chess master snapped and quickly moved a few pieces, and the situation was solved!

“Well, this time, what else do you have to say!”

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