Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 139

Ye Shaohua took a look at Liu Yizhou, then took his coat and went out of the box directly.

From the beginning to the end, she was very quiet and didn’t ask Liu Yizhou a word more.

In fact, she didn’t know Liu Yizhou. She didn’t even know what Liu Yizhou did. She only knew that his family was probably very rich.

This kind of upper class society has never been touched before with the original body, so it naturally makes a lot of jokes if she can’t recognize it.

Seeing Ye Shaohua leave without saying a word, which is totally different from the appearance of some questions before. Yu zhehan looks at her embarrassed figure and sneers, “it’s quite interesting.”

Just now, the girl frowned and looked at Liu Yizhou. “Yizhou, what do you mean? Do you want someone who looks like Yijun to disgust Yijun?”

Smell speech, Liu Yizhou complexion one side, he clenched was looked at that girl.

“Yi Xian, you speak less.” Yu zhehan stretched her hand.

“Why should I say less?” Yi xian didn’t stop talking, and her reaction was bigger than before. “Yijun just returned home. I think you broke up with this person earlier, or you will know that Yijun is proud and can’t stand such things when she sees her.”

Hearing this, Liu Yizhou also responded.

Especially when he heard the words “Yijun”, he unconsciously clenched the necklace between his neck.

What kind of past events seemed to sink into? After a while, the group of friends heard his slightly low voice, “I know.”

* *

[the original owner has three wishes this time. First, take good care of her mother, stop suicide and let her die in the hospital alone, so that she can live a good life. This is the main task. Second, she should pay back 200,000 yuan of Liu Yizhou as early as possible. Third, she should leave Liu Yizhou. ]

Ye Shaohua followed her memory to find the school of s University.

I don’t know how to describe the task of the original Lord. The original Lord didn’t hate anyone. It seems that she didn’t hate Liu Yizhou at the moment of her death.

Because he gave her a ray of light in her darkest hours.

Saved her.

“Shaohua, are you back?” Originally a senior this year, I found a lot to do in addition to my internship.

The four girls in their dormitories are all financial students. She is the same ordinary family as the eldest and the second in the dormitories. The senior also has no ability to find an internship at home. They only work together in a well-known enterprise according to the arrangement of the school.

“Are you ok?” Seeing ye Shaohua take off her coat, her face is different from that of the past. The dorm boss can’t help talking.

Ye Shaohua put his coat in the basin and soaked it in water for a while, all of which she knew very well.

“It’s OK. I’ve been working part-time for a long time. I’m tired.” Ye Shaohua laughs at the dormitory for a long time. Her acting skills makes her look like her original body.

In addition to the eyes look brighter than before, the spirit is better than before, almost unintentionally.

“I don’t think our school flower sister looks better than before. When do you find a boyfriend when you look so beautiful? Our department has been waiting for you for three years.”

Ye Shaohua shook her head. “Eldest sister, don’t you know my situation. How dare I drag others down?”

The dorm boss opened her mouth and looked at Ye Shaohua’s cold eyes. She couldn’t say what she said. She just patted Ye Shaohua on the shoulder.

Ordinary beauties always provoke the same-sex jealousy, but ye Shaohua won’t. She has a hard life since childhood and lives a simple life in college. When other people are still competing with each other, she has already worked two jobs to get a full scholarship.

People who look better than you and people who work harder, what do you want to be jealous of?

Therefore, ye Shaohua also has a title of “iceberg school flower” at S University.

“Ye Shaohua, you went to work tonight. I didn’t see that. Our company sent a beautiful manager in the air. The boss invited me at night. I saw the legendary sea turtle gold-plated beauty manager!” Said the dorm boss to show her a sneak photo.

“It’s said that it’s the double master’s degree graduated from Harvard. It took the boss 3 million yuan per year to leave people behind.” Speaking of this, the dorm boss said, “you said she’s only 26, three years older than us. How can she be so powerful? Ah, by the way, Shaohua, did you find that you look a little like her? “

It’s just a bit like that. The dorm boss doesn’t have any other ideas. Looking at Ye Shaohua’s eyes, she feels something.

Two people, one is a fresh student of s University who is still working in a small company, and the other is a master’s degree in gold-plated turtles studying abroad, which are basically people of two worlds.

Ye Shaohua moved her eyes and saw the man smiling politely.

She reached for the table and recognized the characters.

Zhao Yijun, the successful lady who couldn’t keep up with the original shoot.

Ye Shaohua works as an intern in Fenghai group. She takes a part-time job when she is on vacation. The next day is Sunday. She doesn’t have to work, but she has an internship in a coffee shop.

Without resigning in advance, ye Shaohua decided to consult with the foreman today and quit three days later.

After finishing her part-time job, she hurried to Liu Yizhou’s residence again. Liu Yizhou just sent a message to let her go.

When she arrived at the villa where Liu Yizhou lived, Chen Zhizheng, the male assistant of the other party, was coming down from his study. When he saw Ye Shaohua, his brow was wrinkled, but he didn’t say anything. There were many such things as rich families, and he was not qualified to judge Ye Shaohua.

Liu Yizhou is processing the documents in the shopping mall. Seeing Ye Shaohua knock on the door, he can’t help but put down his pen.

He didn’t control his mood last night.

But now that Zhao Yijun is back, there is still a break in the matter.

He reached out and just wanted to take out the money in the cupboard. Ye Shaohua had put a cup of coffee in front of him. The temperature was just right. She remembered her role now, the best stand in.

“It’s wrong here.” A white hand nodded where he had just signed.

The fingers are not as delicate as the average girl’s, but also with a thick cocoon.

Liu Yizhou takes a look at the place she pointed, and finds that the financial department has miscalculated a place, which is not clear to professionals.

This kind of Ye Shaohua is different from the past. Instead of asking why he cried like an ordinary person, he could not help looking at the cold breath of fireworks on her.

Just like this, Liu Yizhou didn’t get out the break-up fee.

Ye Shaohua came down the stairs. Just after arriving at the entrance of the stairs, he met Yu zhehan who came in to see Liu Yizhou.

“Why are you still here? Didn’t you understand what you said yesterday?” Seeing ye Shaohua coming down from the upstairs, Yu zhehan’s eyes are sharp. “You are also a famous university graduate. You are not complete. Why don’t you rely on your own hands to do such things?”

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