Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 220

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Qu Huashang said Gu Xing’s name when she followed her.

So everyone here knows that he is the second killer in the Jianghu.

Almost everyone is frightened by the name of the star picking tower.

It’s also scary that lone star has never failed.

Now someone can catch his throwing knife with his bare hands?

Everyone was shocked.

However, no one was surprised after the appearance of the man who was like walking out of ink painting.

It turned out to be him, the seventh prince.

No wonder.

“Building, owner?” When Gu Xing sees Yuwen Yun, he immediately “poops” and kneels down.

Then he didn’t look at Qu Huashang and said directly, “I’ll go back to the building and accept the punishment.”

After saying that he did not stay in place, left directly, after leaving looked at the woman who was protected by the landlord, some surprised.

People thought this was the most surprising, but then there are more surprised.

When Ye Shaohua didn’t pay attention to Yuwen Yun, she just raised her head slightly, overlapped the swords and spears in the guard’s hands, and then “snapped” down.

This time, Yuwen Yun is surprised to see Ye Shaohua.

In addition to hiding behind her and secretly seeing all these vassal princes, “Miss ye, how many troops do you need? You can tell me! I’m all for you! “

At this time, Qu Taifu, who had a satisfied face, was too frightened to resist.

He took out his talisman and looked at Ye Shaohua and a group of generals who followed general Ye. He said in a loud voice, “talisman here, everyone listen to me…”

However, before a word was finished, the talisman in his hand appeared in Ye Shaohua’s hand.

“That’s how you send 100,000 troops?” Ye Shaohua chuckled, and then slowly crumbled the talisman. “Don’t say it’s not a real talisman, even if it’s true, you rebel want to command the Third Army! Even if you get the real talisman, I will get your first rank among the three armies! “

“Wait, you’re not going to mix barracks, are you?” Yuwen Yun suddenly said, “you didn’t promise me to go wandering in the Jianghu?”

Ye Shaohua doesn’t want to pay attention to him. General Ye takes Zuo Xiang and takes all the rebels to jail.

Yuwen Jing has no way to save. These people release the prince under house arrest and let him inherit the throne.

Especially Sun Ping, who was following Qu Huashang, saw Shuangyue  in the crowd before he was beheaded and asked for it to save him.

However, Shuangyue just looked at him with a sneer and threw a rotten egg at him.

The one who was thrown rotten eggs was Qu Huashang, who was high above.

Qu Huashang didn’t expect to be insulted before she died.

If she had known that Ye Shaohua had this ability, she would not have done right with Ye Shaohua!

After the plot of the world is completed, the system does not remind, and Ye Shaohua also feels the time has come.

Many people have only one black and white twin evils in the Jianghu. Yuwen Yun, who succeeded two Wulin leaders, abdicated. Since then, he has only been wearing black clothes.

Everyone knows that Baisha has disappeared, but they don’t know that the real thing missing is the man in black.

* *

When she woke up from the coma again, Ye Shaohua found her head hurt.

There is an old, soft voice in my ear, “Miss, you have been playing for hours. Take a rest and have a meal.”

Ye Shaohua pressed his temple. “OK.”

The old man seemed surprised that she was so clever today, but she didn’t say anything. She arranged the food immediately.

While Ye Shaohua was eating and receiving the plot, her head began to recover gradually.

This is a modern society.

The original owner is the only daughter of a real estate tycoon. She grew up with her father since childhood. She didn’t know who her mother was. Someone said that her mother ran away with others when she was born. Fortunately, her father competed and broke into a real estate tycoon from a rural man.

Nor did he marry another stepmother, and he loved hisonly daughter.

However, the original owner is very self abased, because she has a red heart birthmark on the corner of her eyes, only the small nail cap is so big.

Because she was laughed at when she was a child, she did not dare to open her eyes to see people, and there were long bangs blocking the birthmark.

Because of the inferiority in reality, she is infatuated with online games.

She likes a thing very hard. She never lacks money. She is always dressed in a divine costume and a fashionable dress. She is called a goddess. She also marries a rich and handsome patriarch in the game.

All day addicted to the game, guarding the high rich handsome line.

She didn’t expect that once she found that Gao Fushui, who was not online in the daytime, was online, and she was pleasantly invited to do the task.

The other side says it’s not me.

Then her friends in the game told her that the clan leader was very close to a beautiful woman recently, and was still the elder of the clan.

The original owner added the penguin with the trumpet, and asked carefully.

Gao fushai sent the video directly. The original owner didn’t dare to take it.

I didn’t expect Gao fushai to directly hang up the video and delete her QQ number.

After asking Ye Shaohua if he would let go of the relationship, he didn’t get a reply. The next day, Gao Fushui forced him to spend more than 200 RMB to divorce her.

As long as the women in the game are somewhat beautiful, they have taken beautiful pictures in the family group, only Ye Shaohua has not.

After Gao fushai divorced her, these people knew that Gao fushai had no pictures of her.

Not long later, the game forum burst out a picture of Ye Shaohua. Everyone knew that the goddess in the game was so ugly.

Everyone in the game is saying that she’s ugly and mischievous.

She killed herself in depression, and her father went straight mad.

How compassionate can people on the Internet have towards an ugly woman? One is worse than the other. They also find out the three dimensions of the original owner.

The mother of the original owner didn’t run at all, but her father was still a small person at that time. Her mother’s family couldn’t see her father and forced them to divorce.

The original mother married and settled down.

She gave birth to a son and a daughter. Ann Xun, the girl, is the beauty who mixed into the game.

From the beginning, she regarded Ye Shaohua as a plaything.

Ye Fu has become a real estate tycoon, but he can’t compare with their family.

After she pulled Ye Shaohua into the abyss little by little, the matter was soon known by the people of the original mother’s family. However, after knowing that ye Shaohua was such a person, she did not punish an Xun.

On the contrary, he helped An shun to hide all this, because ye Shaohua was a very big scandal for their family existence, which could not be seen.

And An shun has no psychological pressure at all, because for her, ye Shaohua is just an ant like existence, a real estate tycoon.

When ye Shaohua returned to her room, she took a bath and poked the bangs on her forehead to reveal the red heart birthmark around her eyes.

Because after taking a bath, the thin lips become more and more red, and the dark eyes are like a whirlpool, which makes people indulge in it with only one look.

The lack of the corner of the eye and the red heart of the fingernail add a mysterious color to her.

The beauty is not in the skin but in the bone. Of course, the skin of this body is also very beautiful, but the original owner is too self abased and pitiful.

Thinking of this, ye Shaohua looks into the mirror and slowly draws a lazy and evil smile.

She began to wipe out the fog on the mirror bit by bit, “now, let me live for you, guard your family, and see who dares not to look at the door…”

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