Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 221

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As a child, the original master was devoted to learning because of her inferiority and basically had no good friends.

The single result is an excellent one.

But also therefore, she did not play any serious game, this “swordsman love” is a very eating operation of the game.

Although the original master’s talent in the game is not low, he is not as good as An Xun.

Therefore, when An Xun came to the original family with the same divine costume, because of the first-hand operation next to Gao Fushui, the group of people in the family were basically drawn by An Xun.

It’s really hard to find a girl who works well in the game.

However, Ye Shaohua is not the same. Although she has not played online games, her hand speed is not empty. The hand speed of playing this game can surpass her absolutely no more than one hand.

Now the plot has developed to an Xun, and ye Shaohua’s position in the family has been ignored a little.

Ye Shaohua thought, put down the bangs, she does not want to change too much now.

The main original Lord’s character is too different from her. I don’t want her father to think that she is demonized. Take your time.

She came to the wardrobe and looked at the long sleeved trousers in the wardrobe. She casually picked one and changed it.

That’s when I came to the computer and the characters were familiar with the operation.

When the housekeeper saw that she was playing again, he said nothing.

Just quietly brought her a glass of milk.

Friends list, in the first place, the name of Qinghai Guzhou is bright. Qinghai Guzhou is the game name of Gao Fushuai.

The original master’s QQ has been opened, narrowing the dialog box with Gao Fushuai.

Inside is the original Lord an hour ago to ask the love sea lonely boat a word.

Ye SHANGCHU Yang: lone boat, is your number your friend on it?

Love has never returned.

Ye Shaohua didn’t care about him. He directly opened the ranking list, and found that no matter the equipment list, the lingchong list, the PK list or the rank list, the first one was a person – one sword cooking wine.

He is also the clan head of the first family in the Jianghu.

“Swordsman love” is a very popular game. The players of this game have exceeded ten million. It’s hard to think of being the first in the whole service.

Although love boat is a God, it is only the top ten in this ranking.

There are still a few people in front of him who are basically “fashionable”.

Ye Shaohua controls a character to get a copy task. It’s at this time that a girl with long hair and waist in the family chatted with her privately.

[secret chat] long hair and waist: Xiaoye, what happened to you and the clan leader? Why is the patriarch’s name playing with shadows? The clan leader has never given the number to anyone else. I heard the Deputy clan leader say that this is a beautiful woman. Someone in the family has seen her picture. Be careful.

When ye Shaohua saw this sentence, he was in the most difficult copy of the family.

Just after the long hair and waist hair, I saw a world channel announcement on the game screen.

[system notice: congratulations to the player “early sun on the leaves” for defeating unicorn, obtaining orange washing stone * 5, purple God level ethereal jade * 1! ]

[secret chat] long waist and waist: Singled out unicorn, you are not the one I used to know.

Ye Shaohua didn’t reply, but Peiyu sent it by email to long hair and waist.

Her equipment is complete. Long hair and waist are also mages. In the original scenario, only long hair and waist stand on her side from beginning to end.

Received Ye Shaohua’s equipment, long hair and waist took a long time to send several exclamation marks.

Ye Shaohua shut down the secret chat and sent the little mage to the big desert with the teleport.

Here, the world boss will be refreshed randomly. Ye Shaohua’s orange Wu is still short of a crystal. Only the world boss will burst this equipment.

The boss in the world is usually painted by the big family members in teams, because the boss has a high damage.

Ye Shaohua evaded waves of attacks by virtue of his position.

One hand is pressing the keyboard, one hand is controlling the mouse, boss is taken directly by her big move!

“Lying trough, what’s the operation!” At the same time, the popular family channel, a bright boy excitedly said, “patriarch, do you see, see, this person’s operation is more coquettish than yours!”

There are other chirping voices. The boy said that he thought the patriarch would not talk to him.

After all, their clan leaders are too cold and tall. They usually just don’t talk when they are fighting, let alone now.

Unexpectedly, when he had just finished speaking, the patriarch who thought he could not speak began to speak.

A very lazy word, “well.”

After this voice, the people in the popular family are crazy, especially the new people who have not heard the voice of the patriarch, one by one, are lying in the trough, including the women.

“I thought the patriarch was a man who was stingy!”

“Me too!”

“+ ID card!”


Chu Yun, who is being discussed, is leaning on a chair. His long, white fingers press the mouse, but no one moves. The “one sword cooking wine” on the screen is still invisible.

Originally tonight, he came to block the world boss with his family members. Unexpectedly, the boss was found in advance.

He was about to leave when he suddenly found that the little mage was on his own.

Up to now, she sits cross legged in the desert to refine the equipment directly, and he does not control the characters to leave.

The door of the office was opened.

Forestry’s face appeared in front of him, “how about, fourth brother, how about this man’s operation? If we add her, our copy of demons is likely to pass the customs.”

He came up to see Chu Yun still looking at the man named “the early sun on the leaves”.

“Wait a minute,” the forestry eyes stare big, “four elder brothers, you won’t be interested in this person! Chu Yang on this leaf is a very famous human demon! “

Forestry has cooperated with the family of love boat, and naturally has heard about love boat.

Let’s not talk about anything else first. It’s just a name. At first, it’s a boy’s name.

“Fourth brother, ye Shangchu yang has never participated in the family voice, nor sent photos. People in nianzhou family suspect that she is a human demon. I didn’t believe it at first, but you see, she’s such a powerful operator. She’s definitely a foot pincher! ” Forestry wants to shake Chu Yun.

Chu Yun did not care about him, but reached out and tapped on the keyboard to send a friend application to ye Shangchu Yang.

But it didn’t pass in the last few minutes.

This is a little fun. Chu Yun squints and touches his chin.

And Ye Shaohua on this side didn’t see Chu Yun, because the love boat sent her a video call directly.

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