Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 226

Ye Shaohua: “… …”

Before that, she was the vice head of the guild, not a few days after she broke the relationship with Qinghai Guzhou.

Qinghai Guzhou brought her down to grow old and promoted Xianhua Nong to become the head of the guild.

As the deputy chief, Xianhua Nongying was naturally able to kick her.

This is the first time she has experienced such a thing.

Get kicked out of the guild.

At this time, Tianxia just sent her 50,000 gold coins by mail, which was 30,000 gold coins more than the market price.

Ye Shaohua didn’t need the four elephant staff. It happened that she didn’t hate Tianxia, so she gave it to him.

Unexpectedly, the other party sent her 50,000 gold coins.

Ye Shaohua did not return the gold coin.

Just opened the mail and sent 100,000 gold coins back to Tianxia.

[Secret Chat] Ye Shang Chuyang: I’m not short of money.

See this sentence, Tianxia was stunned for a moment, and then stretch out his hand against the lip to smile.

He has met many women in the game, or begged him to accept a disciple, and asked for equipment.

This thing is very normal in the game, however this is the first time, a woman gave him an orange weapon.

“I’m not short of money,” he said

He is very interested in both character and voice.

After Ye Shaohua finished, Tianxia didn’t return 100,000 gold coins to her, and she also received an invitation to join the team.

[Team] Ye Shang Chuyang : ?

Yijian Zhujiu did not speak, just let Ye Shaohua open the voice, he directly said: “need Phoenix stone?”

For the next half an hour, Yijian Zhujiu with her to clean up the difficult copy of Phoenix Mountain. At this time, the two people were in poor luck and did not get the Phoenix stone.

Ye Shaohua is a bit regretful.

Make an appointment to clean up the copy again next time.

At this time, Yijian Zhujiu sounded in a low voice again, like a fresh wind: “would you like to come to our guild?”

Ye Shaohua could not help touching her ears.

Just wanted to ask him how he knew she was quitting the guild, he saw three notices from the system.

[Player Orange issued a reward of 10,000 gold to Ye Shang Chuyang! ]

[Player Orange issued a reward of 10,000 gold to Ye Shang Chuyang! ]

[Player Orange issued a reward of 10,000 gold to Ye Shang Chuyang! ]

Yijian Zhujiu invited her into the Fengxing guild, ye Shaohua directly agreed.

The Fengxing Family Channel became happy all of a sudden, and there were those who clamored for ye Shaohua to say a word. They all heard that Ye Shaohua’s voice was very good.

[trumpet] Yijian Zhujiu : the one who wants to kill Ye Shang Chuyang is to do the right thing with us.

[trumpet] Tianxia : the one who wants to kill Ye Shang Chuyang is to do the right thing with us.

[trumpet] Tourist Yin : the one who wants to kill Ye Shang Chuyang is to do the right thing with us.

[World] I love learning : I was shocked when I saw a great sword speak for the first time!

[World] The kite that can’t catch up: God ask!

[World] Brothers come to kill me : the top three gods in the list, cowhide!


The reward order just issued by the orange was abolished. Who would be so short-sighted to fight with the Fengxing guild? There are not many people in this guild, but everyone is a lunatic on the PK list.

Seeing this scene, Xin Zhonghua, a member of the Nianzhou guild, was not very happy.

Especially oranges and others.

They spoke directly.

“It’s stupid Yijian Zhujiu,” said the orange hatefully. “You don’t want to be a school flower, but you accept a demon.”

Ann Xun’s face is not very good in front of the computer.

Before entering the Nianzhou guild, she was actually optimistic about the Fengxing guild.

It’s a pity that Yijian is a wood. When she was doing a task in the field, she opened her voice and asked him for help.

He is good, did not say anything, opened a big trick second, boss does not count, also gave her seconds.

She sent him three friend applications, which were ignored by the other party.

There is no way to find Qinghai Guzhou.

An Xun has always been an existence that people look up to, and has never been so neglected.

In her anger, she thought, what would happen if Yijian Zhujiu knew what ye Shaohua looked like in reality, and what she looked like in reality?

Thinking of this, she sent a message to Yijian Zhujiu as a stranger.

Xiaohua nongying : Dashen, there is one thing I must tell you. Ye Shang Chuyang cheated you. She is hard to say in real life.

Yijian Zhujiu saw the news of Xianhua Nongying.

He noticed that Xianhua Nongying should know Ye Shaohua. He remembered that Qinghai Guzhou and Ye Shaohua wanted to be in love with Xianhua Nongying. He couldn’t help but smile sarcastically.

He was sure that it was intentional.

And then they’re blacklisted.

After noticing that he was pulled out of the blacklist, An Xun almost died of anger.

At this time, Qinghai Guzhou is online, and I just hear the words of orange and guild members.

“What school flower?” Song Chen asked.

Orange immediately said: “Is Nongying ah. She’s the flower of their school. By the way, you should have been invited to the official player meeting. when we join it, Nongying go.”

Song Chen was surprised by the fact that An Xun was the flower of the school. “Of course, my guild will all go then. It happens that I am in Qingshi, and I will arrange accommodation for you.”

“By the way Qingshi,” An Xun saw that the family were discussing her, and her mood improved instantly. “I kicked Ye Shang Chuyang out. She would rather give the alliance leader Yijian than contribute to the guild. I didn’t mean to do it, just thinking about…”

Hearing An Xun said that when Ye Shang Chuyang gave Yijian, Qinghai Guzhou’s tone was very cold, “It’s okay, you did this thing right, it’s better for such a person to kick out of the guild early. “

Long hair and waist have been in the guild Yijian out.

I didn’t expect this reaction.

Long hair and waist sneered, “this copy of the Fengxing family accounts for more than half of the credit, not to mention that the order of the alliance leader belongs to Xiaoye alone. She can give it to whoever she wants. How many strengthening stones Xiaoye has added to the guild warehouse in recent months, Yijian, I am so disappointed with you

After that, she quit the guild directly.

Ye Shaohua did not know long hair and waist this matter, she quit the game, housekeeper outside knock on the door.

“Miss, there are some strange people looking for you downstairs.”

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