Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 227

If they are ordinary friends, the housekeeper and Ye Qingkun will be very happy.

However, the two men downstairs are obviously not ordinary people.

If you don’t talk about it, it’s not easy to get angry.

Ye Qingkun has been in the shopping mall for so many years and has known many powerful people.

Ye Shaohua’s mother’s side is the same, but no one is more powerful than the two men in front of him.

It’s a very strange feeling.

In short, the two people sitting on the sofa exuded an unpleasant atmosphere.

Especially when he saw his daughter chatting with these two people, he felt even more strange.

“These two are…” Ye Qingkun cuts the fruit for Ye Shaohua, inserts a toothpick and brings it over. He looks at the two young people around him with some vigilance.

Ye Shaohua smiles at Ye Qingkun, “these two are my business partners. Dad, you know I’m practicing and working with them on a software, right?”

The last sentence was to the two young men.

Two eight level members of the special operations team, at this time, ” … Yes, uncle”


Their great and mysterious identity of supreme power is regarded as a place for internship?!

But today they came to persuade Ye Shaohua to join.

Originally thought Ye Shaohua will be excited, find a secret place to talk, did not expect the other party is very perfunctory let them sit in the hall.

The expression on her face was flat from beginning to end.

The two old members are just like the new ones.

But think about each other’s ability, two people dare not speak.

As soon as she joined the intelligence group, she became a member of the Ninth level, and the third person of the organization. They didn’t find it strange.

They pushed ye Qingkun’s very warm invitation to stay, ready to leave.

Ye Shaohua suddenly said, “wait a minute.”

Then she took a crumpled up piece of paper from the pocket of jeans, “this is the first thing you want. I’ll give you the rest if it passes.”

Knowing that this might be a new weapon, the two men were awed and left respectfully.

Before going upstairs, ye Shaohua hugged Ye Qingkun, “Dad, uncle housekeeper, go to bed early.”

Ye Qingkun looks at Ye Shaohua’s back and his excited fingers are shaking.

This is the first time my daughter has been so close to herself.

He called the secretary, and within a few minutes, Ye Shaohua’s pocket money in the card had increased by another 500,000.

Seeing Ye Qingkun excitedly run a few laps in the living room, the housekeeper couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

* *

It has been two days since Ye Shaohua finished what the organization wanted.

These two days, Yijian Zhujiu with her and finally get the Phoenix stone.

Ye Shaohua had just started the game and found that the news in the world was getting quickly.

Before she could see what she was talking about, a message came from her long hair and waist.

[secret chat] long hair and waist : there are pictures of Xianhua Nongying on the game forum, high-definition daily photos without code, and people in the game are attracted to see them. I also secretly looked at it, and it was really amazing. All these people in the game were crying and howling, bowing at the foot of Xianhua Nongying.

[secret chat] long hair and waist: it’s not hard to understand. From a girl’s point of view, Xiaohua nongying is also a standard beauty, and she is really the flower of a university. In the forum, some people even sent her folk dance at the entrance ceremony.

Beautiful people get special treatment no matter where they are.

Not to mention such a rare beauty as Xianhua Nongying.

People understand the way that the lonely boat in love sea contacts with Ye Shang Chuyang.

[Secret Chat] Ye Shang Chuyang: Oh.

Long hair and waist hate iron not steel.

[secret chat] long hair and waist : forget it. Do you know that orange and those members of the nianzhou family attack you one by one at the bottom of the forum. It’s really irritating. Even the great God and the world are affected.

Long hair and waist in penguin to Ye Shaohua made a connection, ye Shaohua point into a look.

On the first floor is An Xun’s face.

Some of the classic looks, white and beautiful, also have school flower fame, in the loser all over the game, has been regarded as an uncommon beauty.

The people who spoke on the forum didn’t cover up their ID at all.

Orange: Yijian Zhujiu is blind to the world. What do you think of Ye Shang Chuyang’s beautiful voice? She is not shameful!

Some passers-by retorted.

Haihaiyue: if you have the ability to let Ye Shang Chuyang take photos, if you have the ability to let Ye Shang Chuyang take photos, do you dare to see Ye Shang Chuyang!

Orange: How dare Ye Shang Chuyang? She’s afraid that she will be compared to the dust.


At the same time, Qinghai Guzhou also saw the pictures of Xianhua Nongying.

The Xianhuanongying above is a beauty, which can be put in front of people’s eyes.

This time, he didn’t hesitate any more, and directly formed a relationship with Xianhua Nongying.

An Xun had been waiting for Yijian Zhujiu and the people from all over the world to add her.

However, after waiting for a long time, I didn’t wait.

She couldn’t help frowning, thinking that the group of people would not be blind.

Finally, a sneer.

After waiting for a long time, he directly agreed to Qinghai Guzhou.

Long hair and waist are forming a team with Ye Shaohua. After hearing the news, they mutter and scold Qinghai Guzhou, and then leave it alone.

But this is not the end of it.

It’s under the photo building.

Two hours later, another photo of Ye Shang Chuyang came out.

The buildings close to Xianhua Nongying formed a sharp contrast.

* *

When he knew the news, Lin Lin was signing the beautiful secretary’s document, and he turned his pen in his hand. “Fourth brother, just now the visitor said that Xiao Ye had taken a photo. To tell you the truth, do you want to see what she looks like?”

Chu Yun stood by the French window, smelling the words, squinting slightly, “exploding?”

“Yes, after a burst of photos, her photos were immediately exploded,” Lin Lin thought, and turned on Chu Yun’s computer, “your computer password is less.”

Chu Yun twisted his brows and said a number.

After turning on the computer, Lin Lin went directly to the official website and click on the forum.

All of a sudden, I found the post of Ye Shang Chuyang.

He was not interested in the legendary school flower, but ran directly to Ye Shang Chuyang.

“Yes, that’s it. Fourth brother, come and have a look at Xiao Ye…”

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