Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 228

Lin Lin is very fond of Ye shang chuyang.

The other person’s personality makes him feel very interesting.

For the first time, he looked forward to what a person in the game would look like.

With great expectation, he opened the picture of Ye Shang Chuyang.

Lin Lin is not a person who only looks at faces, but who doesn’t like beauties in the world?

When you see the ordinary and gloomy face of Ye Shang Chuyang covered by bangs, Lin Lin is really a little disappointed.

He even regretted opening the picture.

Thinking of this, he took a look at Chu Yun.

He knew that this fourth brother was very different to Ye Shang Chuyang. From the first time he added friends, he also accompanied others to brush Phoenix stone, which clearly means to pick up girls.

However, there was no disappointment on Chu Yun’s face.

“Very cute.” Chu Yun looks at the person in the picture, the corner of his mouth is curving slightly.

He couldn’t help thinking that this man was speaking seriously against this face.

It’s really…


Chu Yun chuckled.

And then he casually hooked his fingers.

Lin Lin immediately gave up his seat, he looked at Chu Yun strangely, and then went back to his office.

Although some disappointed, but Lin Lin is still very like Ye Shang Chuyang this person, he some do not believe that kind of voice people, even with such a face.

Lin Lin back to the office also opened the game.

With such a mood, he can’t wait to open the game.

[secret chat] Tianxia : Xiaoye, isn’t you that person on the forum?

[Secret Chat] Ye Shang Chuyang : it’s me.

It’s going to be a real sense of loss.

If Ye Shang Chuyang was such an image in his eyes at the beginning, he would not have such a mood.

But he held the kind of excitement to Ye Shang Chuyang, and he had great expectations for Ye Shang Chuyang from the beginning, but he didn’t expect this result.

Seriously, it’s impossible without a sense of difference.

Lin Lin looked at the list of friends in the game and found that Ye Shang Chuyang and Yijian were forming a team.

Think about the fourth brother is still with the other team, Lin Lin thought for a long time or sent the news to Chu Yun.

[Secret chat] Tianxia : fourth brother, that person is really Xiaoye.

At the end of this sentence, he felt that his fourth brother would be as disappointed as he was.

The next second, however, his screen was covered with blue petals.

[player Yijian Zhujiu gives it to player Ye Shang Chuyang blue enchantress flower basket * 10, which is really amazing! ]

[player Yijian Zhujiu gives it to player Ye Shang Chuyang blue enchantress flower basket * 10, which is really amazing! ]

[player Yijian Zhujiu gives it to player Ye Shang Chuyang blue enchantress flower basket * 10, which is really amazing! ]


It took 20 pieces of news to finish.

And the interface of all players stayed in the rain of blue enchantress for nearly half an hour.

The number of idle people in the game took a sword to boil the hops in RMB.

A blue enchantress flower basket is 999rmb. In addition, Adding up, it costs hundreds of thousands of RMB to Yijian Zhujiu.

It’s more exaggerated than last time.

People in the game do not say, but those girls are basically envious.

This is probably the dream of these little girls playing games.

Nian Zhou family.

Orange jealously way: “Yijian Zhujiu must be a fat head pig brain person, otherwise how can you even see Ye Shang Chuyang.”

Orange asked herself that she was several times more attractive than Ye Shang Chuyang.

This sentence has been recognized by all members of the family.

After all, Yijian Zhujiu didn’t send his photos. If he was very handsome, how could he not post it?

An Xun thought the same way.

No wonder Yijian Zhujiu doesn’t add herself, for fear that she is ashamed to see his looks.

When Qing Hai Guzhou saw the photos of Ye Shang Chuyang on the forum, he was very glad of his previous decision.

And here, Ye Shaohua, who received so many flowers, was a little confused.

There is also a chat page with long hair and waist on the screen.

[Secret chat] Long hair to waist : that’s a deal, Xiao Ye. I’ll go to Qingshi on business the day after tomorrow, and I’ll take refuge in you then! Cross your waist and laugh!

[Secret chat] Long hair to waist : Misty grass, misty grass, is the God so proud! Terrible, terrible!

[secret chat] Ye Shang Chuyang: send the phone number to penguin later, and remember to check it.

[Secret chat] Long hair and waist: OK! I’m looking forward to meeting Xiaoye!

[secret chat] Ye Shang Chuyang: I’m afraid it’s shocking.

[Secret chat] Long hair and wais: sister doesn’t dislike your little leaf!

After typing, Ye Shaohua closed the chat interface between Long Hair and Waist to the world.

Then click on the voice chat in the team.

“Xiao Ye,” seeing that the female mage’s body on the screen hasn’t moved for a long time, Chu Yun’s fingers can’t help tightening, “swordsman has officially launched a couple mission, I……”

Ye Shaohua interrupted him directly, “just ask you, didn’t you see the photos on the forum?”

It was the second time he had heard her voice since that.

Very clear voice, but also with some lazy ending.

Chu Yunqing coughed, “see.”

Ye Shaohua, “don’t you think it’s ugly?”

Chu Yun was surprised for a moment, he paused, and then added a low, “no, it’s lovely.”

Ye Shaohua : “…”

She dislikes her former self, OK!

Half a day did not hear each other’s reply, Chu Yun slightly pursed lips.

Just as he was about to say he was joking.

Ye Shaohua finally said, “Let’s go to Yue Lao Temple.”


Chu Yun was stunned for a moment, and then reaction, also did not stop, immediately with the transmission to the temple.

The secretary who sent the documents looked at his boss with a red face and was surprised at the door of the office. He was immersed in his boss’s beauty for a long time before he reflected.

Ye Shaohua took advantage of the Yuelao mission, looking at a very serious answer Yijian Zhujiu.

“Big God, I don’t know your name yet.” Her voice tilted like a feather.

Chu Yun whispered a smile, “Chu Yun, my name is Chu Yun. Chu, who is besieged on all sides, Yun is the cloud of white clouds.”

As soon as Ye Shaohua heard the name, he decided.

Oh, Yun.

It must be him.

Thinking of this, Ye Shaohua raised her eyes, stretched out her hand to lift the bangs in front of her forehead, revealed her heart stirring face, and said in her provocative voice, “are you free the day after tomorrow, I’ll go with long hair facial base by the way?”

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