Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 229

On this side, Lin Lin saw the news that Ye Shang Chuyang and Yijian Zhujiu had formed a love relationship in the river and lake express.

The cigarette just lit almost didn’t burn itself.

“Lin Shao, is there anything wrong with this plan?” The manager of the design department around him was a little scared.

Smoke winding up, let Lin’s face look a little fuzzy.

“No problem.” He exhaled a puff of smoke and waved the design manager away.

On the screen, countless people are congratulating the two, and many of them are popular in the family.

Lin Lin is very complicated.

He admitted that he was very interested in Ye Shang Chuyang, but when he saw that picture, he was a little tangled.

Although I still feel that Ye Shang Chuyang is different, I didn’t have the throbbing feeling.

Lin Lin has seen too many beauties, even the game players recognized that the first beauty of casual play did not give him a particularly amazing feeling.

Hesitated so for a while, then saw Yijian Zhujiu to form the affection with Ye Shang Chuyang.

At this moment, Lin Lin was a little strange, but it didn’t mean to stop it.

What he doesn’t understand is that the woman chasing Chu Yun can circle around Qingshi.

Any one is more beautiful than Ye Shang Chuyang. How can Chu Yun fall in love with her.

He put out the smoke and opened the door to find Chu Yun.

“Come back.” See the Secretary holding a pile of documents in Chu Yun’s office door, Lin Lin played a loud finger.

The Secretary immediately regained his consciousness and left in embarrassment.

After two steps, he found that the document had not been handed over to the boss, and then he turned it back to Chu Yun.

I dare not look up in the whole process.

“Fourth brother, are you ok?” Lin Lin originally wanted to ask why Chu Yun was in love with Ye Shang Chuyang, “fourth brother?”

However, as soon as I saw the other party sitting on the chair, I seemed to be a little stunned.

Hearing the sound of Lin Lin, Chu Yun came back to himself.

He slightly drooped his eyes and covered the excitement in them.

Want to sign a few words on the file, “it’s OK.”

It was a long time before he calmed down.

Surface base.

Ye Shang Chuyang asked him to meet.

Chu Yun looks at a series of numbers sent by Ye Shang Chuyang on the game interface, which is her QQ number.

She’ll have to send her phone number later.

When he opens a number, he doesn’t use it to input a number.

Seeing that Chu Yun didn’t know why he was immersed in his own world, Lin Lin knocked on the table and asked curiously, “fourth brother, are you so strange today?”

Chu Yun recovered and found out a string of penguins named Ye Shang Chuyang. After that, he seriously ordered to add friends. “It’s OK. The day after tomorrow, the cooperation with Jianye will be postponed for one day.”

“Postponed?” Lin Lin pause, slightly squint, “are you sure?”

It took Chu Yun three months to prepare for Jianye case, and the whole company attached great importance to it.

He’s putting it off now?

Lin Lin took the cup of coffee from the assistant outside and felt that something was wrong.

“Well, I’m going to see Ye Shang Chuyang the day after tomorrow.” Chu Yun said here, with gentle eyes.

“Poof –” Lin Lin spewed out a mouthful of coffee, and he pointed to Chu Yun in horror, “You, you, you… don’t you? Can you really like that? “

Before the photos on the Internet came out, Lin Lin was looking forward to Ye Shang Chuyang.

May be thick skinned to follow Chu Yun to see Ye Shang Chuyang.

But now he’s not interested at all.

The other side has an interesting soul, all aspects are in tune with themselves.

However, they don’t even like each other’s appearance.

Temperament is different from his imagination by more than one level.

Lin Lin didn’t say anything to Chu Yun any more. He thought that when he saw him, Chu Yun would be disappointed.


Long hair and waist is a player who gets along with the original owner for a long time.

It can be said that she is half the master of the original master.

At that time, it was with long hair and belt that the original owner passed the novice task.

Ye Shaohua wanted to meet with long hair and waist, and the next day she took the money to the gift shop which had been set long ago and got a set of handmade gifts.

Listen to housekeeper said Ye Shaohua to go out to see friends, Ye Qingkun was happier than Ye Shaohua.

Then I heard the housekeeper say that Ye Shaohua bought a gift for that friend.

Ye Qingkun was stunned with excitement.

Then he thought deeply and climbed up the stairs.

Two minutes later, he went downstairs again.

Lift the shirt sleeve of the left arm very high, and then sit opposite Ye Shaohua, who is in charge of tidying up. Raise your left hand and look at the watch, “your eyes are not good when you are old, housekeeper, please come and see what time it is for me.”

The housekeeper watched as the gentleman went upstairs to change a watch, but he couldn’t help taking a puff.

Then he dutifully said, “Sir, your watch is broken.”

Ye Qingkun looks at Ye Shaohua and has no reaction. Before ye Shaohua goes upstairs, he deliberately raises his wrist in front of her several times.

The housekeeper pushed down his glasses without expression.

Sir, can I call you mentally retarded? Do you dare to say yes?

To tell you the truth, Ye Shaohua didn’t get along with her elders. She just felt that Ye Qingkun was a little strange tonight.

But thinking about meeting with long hair and waist, she didn’t pay so much attention.

The plane with long hair and waist is more than 3 pm. The airport is a little far away from here.

It took the driver nearly two hours to get to the airport.

Long hair and waist will wear their own yellow dress to Ye Shang Chuyang, and then began to look for each other in the crowd.

However, she did not see Ye Shang Chuyang, only a person in black suddenly appeared, that person is very polite: “excuse me, are you miss long hair and waist?”

Long hair and waist, looking at the man wearing a very exquisite tailored suit, knowing that the man would not be interested in himself, immediately nodded, “are you?”

The housekeeper leaned slightly and took the luggage from her long hair and waist. “Our young lady asked me to wait for you here. She was going to pick you up in person, but she had an accident on the way. Now she is in the hospital.”

“Car accident?” Long hair and waist heart next flustered, “OK?”

“It’s all right. Miss is just a little bruised on her arm.” seeing the worried look of long hair and waist, the housekeeper’s smile became more and more gentle. “Miss Longfa, please come with me. Miss will be here in a minute.”

Ye Shaohua will meet at a delicious local restaurant.

It was ye Qingkun who helped her find it. Before ye Shaohua came, the housekeeper helped to receive her long hair and waist.

Long hair and waist to the first, in the middle she also called Ye Shaohua, heard each other’s voice is no different from before, she was relieved.

Ye Shaohua brought his long hair, waist and sword to a discussion group.

She asked her hair and waist before inviting Yijian to cook wine.

Longfa show that he is very interested in Yijian Dashen, and he doesn’t mind one more person at all.

She sat in the box, and before waiting for a while, the discussion group broke a new message.

Yijian is cooking wine. They say they will be there soon.

Long hair and waist back to a dance expression, received a game friend’s message, is the family often with their own team.

Night: I heard that you are cooking wine with Yijian, and you also have Ye Shang Chuyang? Be careful. If you are a lewd man, you should contact me at any time.

See this one, long hair and waist frown.

There was no reply.

In the game, the slightly more handsome men have the wind, only Yijian Zhujiu does not.

Everyone is guessing that he is a greasy middle-aged man.

Long hair and waist are thinking, box door was knocked twice.

The Housekeeper on one side went straight to the door.

The young man is lowering his head to recover the message on his mobile phone and hears the sound of opening the door.

He looked up politely and said thank you to the housekeeper.

The light from the box hit his face, which clearly showed his delicate and beautiful eyebrows and long curly eyelashes.

The moment he looked up, it seemed that the dark corridor behind him was bright.

Long hair and waist pupil slowly become round, for a time did not put in front of this expensive man and the game in the middle-aged men with obscene greasy hook.

Chu Yun was the first to say, “Hello, I’m Yijian. You should have long hair and waist.”

He just stood there, and he also had an unspeakable nobility.

Low low reverberates in the whole box with a loose voice.

Long hair and waist stay for a long time before reaction, “Great… Great God, hello.”

The housekeeper helped his glasses and looked at the young man in front of him with a tangled expression.

Long hair and waist dark poke pick up the mobile phone, give ye Shaohua hair private chat.

Long hair and waist: hold grass! Xiaoye, I see the great god! This world is terrifying!

Long hair and waist: and Xiaoye, do you really like Dashen when you meet him?

Ye Shang Chuyang: well. I have arrived.

Seeing Ye Shang Chuyang’s reply, his long hair and waist are a little tangled. I’m afraid that many girls are chasing him for such a high-quality boy as Yijian Zhujiu. Xiao Ye really She was a little worried.

Long hair and waist: I’ll go down to meet you.

She put down her cell phone, and the housekeeper just stood up, “ladies and gentlemen, I’m going back to the hospital, and the young lady will be there soon.”

Long hair and waist to stand up, have not had time to speak.

Chu Yun’s voice interrupted her, “just in time, let’s go down together.”

A group of three went downstairs.

The housekeeper stood at the door, pointing to a black car parked across the road: “here we are, miss.”

Hearing this, Chu Yun raised his head subconsciously with his long hair and waist, and the co driver’s seat of the black car had been opened.

A thin figure is coming down from inside.

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