Special Agent’s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration TOC

She is the rising (new) movie queen of the entertainment circle, who is also Beijing’s Ye Family long-lost Second Young Miss. Everyone knows that the Ye Family Eldest Young Miss is the chairman of Fenghai Group; Ye Family Third Young Master is a Major General of the military area; and yet, Ye family wants the second young miss to come back home, but she is just a flower vase (pretty face) of the entertainment industry.

Father doesn’t love her, Mother is not fond of her. However, no one knows that she is merely a vase on the surface. In fact, she is actually the top special agent that gives endless headaches to all international big shots. She, is higher (loftier) than the military industry added together!

But she didn’t imagine that, with one slip, she unexpectedly got bound to a system that draws energy from completing tasks.

From then on, she crossed numerous parallel worlds and rewrote all kinds of miserable lives. Regardless of which world, she lived flourishingly. But she did not expect to attract a mysterious force’s big shot during these tasks…

When she draws the energy to return to the summit of reality, With the body of Ye’s family second miss, she can have whatever she wants​, but the family business can’t accept it. It’s just that it’s not good to have a man who is always behind her, how can she be worthy of the title ‘Top Secret Agent’ given by the international big shots?!

Wait for her to unmask her identity, one by one, it is precisely the time for the Phoenix to overlook the land under the heavens.

One is a mysterious teenager who is frighteningly outstanding. The other is a top agent who is famous all over the world. It’s a love showdown between the strong and the strong.

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