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Xu Ze was wearing clothes while his head was spinning quickly, and soon thought of a unique possibility.

“Oh… I’m afraid it’s about that kid! ” Xu Ze murmured, thinking about it, this is the most likely one. Otherwise, other people will not have nothing to give themselves.

At the bottom of his heart, Xu Ze settled down, put on his clothes, and went downstairs accompanied by his happy mother.

At this time, the downstairs medical center is already full of people. There is a red banner on the table in the middle, with two lines of glittering words on it: Xu’s medical center helps the world and the son inherits his father’s work!

At this time, the old Wang head was sitting at the table with his grandson’s daughter-in-law. He was smiling all over his face. He warmly complimented his father Xu for his skill in medicine, and taught a son, but he was also a magpie.

And Xu’s father, with a smile on his face, even said that he had won the prize and had tea and tea But we can see the color of self-esteem in our eyes. After all, no matter who is responsible for this matter, everyone should be proud of it. Having such a son who strives to earn face is even more happy than giving his own flag.

At this time, people with sharp eyes saw Xu Ze come down the stairs and shouted, “Xu Ze is coming, Xu Ze is coming down!”

The benefactor who the old man listened to came down. At present, he couldn’t care to compliment Xu’s father any more. He hurriedly took his grandson’s daughter-in-law and stood up. Looking at Xu Ze who came down the stairs, he bowed to Xu Ze and cried out with gratitude, “benefactor!”

After that, they turned around and pulled the daughter-in-law and grandson behind them. In the exclamation of the people nearby, the three people knelt down to Xu Ze like this. They were so scared that Xu Ze and his mother in front of them, and Xu Fu in the back rushed forward to hold the old Wang’s head. Xu Ze grabbed the old Wang’s head and hurriedly said: “No, no, no old man, isn’t this shame me!”

Xu Ze said that Xu’s father and Xu’s mother were so kind to persuade him. The old king got up straight and took Xu Ze’s arm in tears. He even said, “benefactor, if you didn’t pass by, my family ’s lone seedling is gone. You are really the benefactor of our family. I’m so grateful!”

“Where Where, this is what I should do. Besides, when I meet such a thing, who can not reach out! ” Xu Ze carefully held the old Wang’s head, sat down beside him, and quickly explained, “I’ll be happy if Xiaojun is OK, old man. I can’t stand it if you come here to thank him personally!”

“That is, that is…” Xu’s father looked at Xu Ze’s modest and unassuming behavior and said with satisfaction: “the old man, it’s our duty to cure the sick and save the people. He’s too young to be worthy of your worship!”

“Alas… In other words, Dr. Xu saved our Xiaojun and kept our incense fire. Let alone be worshipped by me. Even if I was a horse and a cow to him, we still don’t know his kindness! ” The old Wang wiped his tears: “my son went early. We left such a single seedling in our family. I almost died the day before yesterday. At that time, I even had the heart to die. If the small army didn’t rescue me at that time, how could I go to see his father and the ancestors of our king’s family?”

Speaking of this, Lao Wang turned his head and looked around at the people who were watching the bustle, and said in a loud voice: “you don’t know, after Dr. Xu saved my grandson, we were sent to the hospital. The doctors in the hospital heard that, they all said that my grandson’s life was very big. Even if he was sent to the hospital, he could not be saved, but he was saved by Dr. Xu. Dr. Xu is really accomplished. He has real ability! “

As soon as the words came out, the people beside me were all amazed and said: “that’s really powerful, it’s really clear!”

“Dr. Xu has not only saved Xiaojun, but our family! Of course, Dr. Xu deserves my respect. ” After that, Lao wangtou struggled to kneel down for Xu Ze again. After being persuaded by Xu Ze’s family, Lao wangtou forced his grandson to worship Xu Ze, which ended.

The family finally sent the grateful old Wang’s family out of the house. The busy neighbors came to congratulate the Xu’s father and son.

“I watched Ah Ze grow up. At that time, I said that this boy must have future achievements You see, I’m in the middle now. Ah Ze is still reading. I’m not sure what Professor He will become in the future! ” The old man Tang next door boasted with complacency on his face. It seemed that he had taught it by himself.

“That is, that is, Ah Ze is not an ordinary child, and it will definitely come out later…” They all agreed with each other. Gradually, even the eight characters of Xu Ze in the following decades were approved: I think Xu Ze Ten years later, Professor Cheng will become famous all over the country. Thirty years later, he will win Nobel Prize. There is no problem

Xu’s father and mother, who were full of complacency, were sweating, but Xu Ze had already heard their scalp tingling, so they went back to the building.

Although the protagonist is not present, but the people are very flattered for a while, these neighbors just look reluctant to spread.

However, with the spread of the neighborhood, soon the whole town knew the wonderful deeds of Xu family doctor who saved even the dead people;

Gradually, things about Xu Ze spread more and more, but in the morning, even Xu Ze became a part-time apprentice in the provincial city, but it gradually spread more and more evil. It was said that when Xu Ze just went to the provincial city to study, he was hit by a certain apricot forest national who lived in seclusion in the provincial city. At that time, he knew the Pearl at a glance, and thought that this son was extraordinary, which was rare in a hundred years At first sight, Xu Ze was forced to worship his teacher. After two years of teaching, Haosheng achieved such a good method. Such a Leng is to Xu Ze’s body to spend a layer of gold.

Although many people are dismissive of this matter, the doctors of several other clinics in the town think that Xu is just lucky. The blind cat ran into a dead mouse. If he met him, he could easily earn a good reputation.

But who knows that the world is hard to predict, and soon things become more and more widespread. In the past, many patients with cold, cough, vomiting and fever who had been transfused with liquid and injected in Xu Ze’s place boasted proudly.

A skinny old man squatted under the big tree at the entrance of the town. In the eyes of a group of bored people after dinner, he looked up at the sky, touched two white whiskers, and said with emotion: “last time, Dr. Xu saved my life. I had a fever and diarrhea at the beginning. I didn’t feel good after taking medicine in doctor Tao’s place for several days. I couldn’t walk when I saw people lying in bed. I was almost out of breath. Finally, I was almost out of breath. I sent someone to find Dr. Xu. As a result, Dr. Xu gave me a shot. What a miracle doctor…… “

Hearing the old man’s words, people nodded and said, “it’s really a little doctor…”

A doctor Tao, hiding behind a tree, heard this, and cried with tears on his face: “old man, last time you were just an enteritis, but you had diarrhea for a long time, of course, you can’t walk away. It would have been better to infuse some liquid, but your old man didn’t even give up the money to take medicine. I heard that you need 100 yuan for infusion, and you can’t work or die. In addition to Xu Ze’s fledgling kid, he will stupidly give you infusion according to the cost of medicine. He will even pay for the injection fee, the outpatient fee, the infusion set, and only charge you 35 for home infusion. Alas If I had known, I would have lost money to give you a fluid infusion. “

Such a thing is more than just one thing. Those good people help us to become more and more mysterious. So, Xu Ze’s fame spread rapidly. It’s a momentum that Xu’s father and other doctors have become the first doctor in Chentang town.

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