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Hearing that outside, it became more and more bizarre. Xu Ze’s sweat kept running. If he had such ability, he would stay in school and be an apprentice in someone’s clinic?

Gradually, Xu Ze couldn’t stay, because there was a lot of rumors outside. Many old patients in the town listened to the rumors outside, but gradually became moved. They all thought that if this little doctor Xu had the ability to cure his old disease as well as the rumor, he would earn more money. So they planned to come to see this new little doctor.

Hearing this news, Xu Ze is afraid to stay at home. He has some abilities. He knows very well. If he is sure of common diseases, but these patients are old patients for many years. I don’t know how many hospitals he has visited. They are basically difficult diseases. In case these patients want to come to his home, he can’t cure them.

At present, I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to leave. I hurriedly heard Xu’s father and Xu’s mother, and then I rode my bike to rush out of the town.

Along the way, people looked at Xu Ze in a hurry and greeted him warmly one by one. Xu Ze was not in the mood to grind with them, but he responded a little and rushed forward without stopping.

It took a few minutes to get out of town and onto the road outside.

Xu Ze wipes the sweat on his forehead and breathes a sigh. He is the only doctor who can be forced to hide from patients like this. Besides, he is not a formal doctor, and even an intern. It’s a troublesome thing if he can see the problem for others.

Xu Ze sighed. He didn’t expect that he would get into such trouble if he saved person. He was really depressed. However, he didn’t care. He had to go back to school first to avoid the wind.

Xu Ze has a lot of experience on the way to keep his physical strength. After all, the journey of nearly sixty kilometers is not a fake.

As Xu Ze slowly moves forward, a program in his mind is activated again: the bioelectrical energy storage function is accelerated to start

With the movement of Xu Ze, a thread of energy full of vitality slowly emerges from every body cell and converges towards a strange place; and a progress bar in the program is also slowly rising by 23% …. 24%…………

It took more than two hours for Xu Ze to rush back to the school before dark, but he didn’t care to put the bicycle back in the shed, but rushed directly to the second canteen. Xu Ze now only felt that his stomach was in extreme hunger. If he didn’t eat again, he would feel dizzy.

At this time, it’s past the peak of the dinner crowd. There are only about ten people in such a large canteen. Xu Ze rushes directly to the front of the watering table. He asks the big mouth boss who is familiar with him for a piece of cover rice with potato and beef brisket. He is waiting for the rice bowl to come out of the pan. It’s only three or two times when it’s brought to the table. The full plate of food is pulled into his stomach.

With a large number of meals filled in the belly, the wonderful program in someone’s mind again beeps: a large number of biological energy intake, cell energy gradually recovered and began to overflow, the system bioelectrical energy storage started to accelerate again!

Looking at the smooth plate, Xu Ze felt his stomach again and smiled bitterly. He secretly said that he didn’t know what happened recently, but the amount of food was much larger than usual. Especially after finishing the exercise, the amount of food almost doubled. In the past, no matter how to exercise, a piece of potato and beef brisket covered with rice is almost enough to fill the stomach, but today, this plate seems to be only 50-60% full.

“Can’t the boss cut corners on our work today? You don’t need a potato doll with beef brisket? ” Xu Ze smacked his mouth and knew that it was impossible. The big plate just now was absolutely no less than that in the past. Besides, he often took care of his business in the past, and he also called himself his brother and sister’s friendship. He could not be mean to himself.

Moreover, the second canteen’s potato and beef brisket cover rice is famous for its satiety, but it’s just that I can’t eat enough, I’m afraid it’s my own problem.

Seeing that he was a little thin, but still a little muscular, Xu Ze sighed darkly, “if you don’t secrete too much hormone, you’d better not eat too fat at last!”

However, no matter what the reason is, his stomach is still hungry. After thinking about it, Xu Ze finally decides not to think about the consequences of becoming fat, or whether it’s important to have a full stomach.

However, Xu Ze is embarrassed to ask for another cover rice, and occasionally can eat two beef brisket rice. Xing Da can’t say no, but there is absolutely no such light weight level as Xu Ze. If he wants another one, the big mouth boss doesn’t know how he will be surprised.

And keeping his mouth will publicize tomorrow. His skill of building and watering rice will soar again. Xu Ze of Medical College Yes, the thin and handsome guy who has always been a little choosy in his mouth. He ate two meals at a time yesterday, but he didn’t want to finish it. If we didn’t stop him, there would be so many children, maybe he would be broken

So Xu Ze hesitated for a while, and went to the other side of the table where he sold rougamo. He bought two more rougamo and a soup, changed to another place, and continued to eat.

The two steamed buns and a warm and attractive soup just out of the oven are really good things to cultivate people’s appetite. Xu Ze, who has filled half of his stomach, took five minutes to swallow two steamed buns and a bowl of soup, and finally felt the round little belly and sighed contentedly.

When I’m full, I have the strength to think about things. I think that I spent nearly 20 yuan on my dinner today. Xu Ze feels heartache. My mother, this meal is just enough. If I eat like this in the future, I’ll earn 800 yuan in a month. How can I mix~

“It must be that today’s cycling consumes too much energy!” Xu Ze comforted himself, took out a paper towel to wipe his mouth, and then walked back to his bedroom.

According to the Convention, Xu Ze was still at home at this time, so today Xu Ze didn’t need to go to the clinic to work, so he went directly back to the bedroom.

Push open the door, as expected, fat and tough are still fighting their Warcraft in front of the computer; listen to the door ring, fat head also did not return: “mule, how many balls have you won today?”

Hearing this, Xu Ze chuckled and said, “it’s me. Boss has a game today?”

“Ah ze?!” Fatso and Gangzi look back in amazement, looking at Xu Ze, and then they say, “ah Ze, why are you going back today?”

“Ha ha I can’t stay at home, so come out ahead of time! ” Xu Ze walked to the balcony with a smile, took off his clothes, and then went to the bathroom for a bath.

After taking a bath, I washed away all my sweat, which made me come out fresh and fresh. Looking at the hard and fat people struggling in front of the computer, I couldn’t help sighing. I don’t know that I haven’t stayed in the dormitory for a long time. I used to go back to the dormitory only after work at 10 p.m. in the past. It’s hard to stay in the dormitory so early.

Go to, look at Gangzi and Fatty, face excited to shout with their characters, in the woods to wear to wear, with the ground to kill a monster, Xu Ze’s face is rare to show a yearning for.

He really envied the fat people. He could play with the things they wanted to play with such unbridled manner. He could play with his college years. He had nothing to do with making friends with and playing with computers. However, he could only spend his college years in daily work.

But soon, the envy on Xu Ze’s face faded away. He knew his needs and purposes. He was different from them. He could be so carefree. He had a lot of things to bear.

Now when I study with my younger brother and sister, my family has to pay tens of thousands of yuan of tuition and living expenses every year, which makes my family’s life not abundant. As the eldest son of my family, I have to shoulder some things together, at least add more trouble to my family.

As long as you can afford the living expenses, you can reduce the pressure of nearly one thousand yuan for your family every month, and you can learn more practical things. For all of this, it’s worth your hard work!

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