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Not surprisingly, there are many people with color on their faces in the step classroom. Seeing Xunzi and Xu Ze come in, they all smile and nod their heads, which was a bit conceited.

Xunzi patted Xu Ze’s shoulder proudly and said, “see, we brothers are interesting enough. Ah Ze, are you interested in playing with us”

Touched the arm that was clapped a little sore, Xu Ze raised his delicate eyebrows, but said: “you know I’m really not good at ball games. Besides, I’m still at work. Where can I have time to play ball?”

“All right, all right…” Xunzi, with a look of regret, glanced at Xu Ze and sighed, “Ah Ze, in fact, you really have to play basketball. Only basketball can truly reflect the charm of our men. Otherwise, it’s a small idea to surpass Zhang Tianyu with your qualification.”

“Zhang Tianyu?” Xu Ze smiled bitterly. He can’t compare with the basketball prince who is popular with girls in the whole school. He not only has a girl’s favorite face, but also plays basketball well. He recruited a girl named Qingmi. He changed seven or eight girlfriends in two years. It’s said that apart from eating in front of sun Lingfei, there are not many girls who can resist his charm. We can’t compare with him.

Hard to finish a day’s class, Xu Ze in the heart of his several meals after money, had to work hard again for his stomach.

The business of Huimin clinic seems to be getting more and more prosperous recently. When Xu Ze arrived at the clinic, there were three or four waiting patients sitting on the waiting chair.

Sister Luo was busy in the injection room alone. When she saw Xu Ze coming, her face was full of joy: “Xu Ze, come to help. I’ve been busy all afternoon and haven’t a rest.” Xu Ze nodded, put on his work clothes and began to assist sister Luo in dispensing medicine and infusion.

Just a little busy clearing up, Xu Ze heard the old doctor Zhang sitting outside shouting: “Xu Ze, come to make an electrocardiogram for this old man!”

Listening to the words of the old doctor Zhang, Xu Ze hurriedly fixed the needle with an infusion stick, and then told the patient not to move the needle hand around, went forward to help the old man on crutches walk slowly to the back consulting room panting.

Ask the family lie down on the bed. After the old man unties his clothes, Xu Ze quickly takes the opportunity to take out the stethoscope and listen to the old man carefully.

“There are a few wheezes in the lungs, the rhythm seems to be a little irregular, and the heart is a little noisy; the old man’s shortness of breath seems to be a coronary heart disease with a high probability of heart failure!” After having a general understanding of the old man’s condition, Xu Ze moved out of the bedside table the new ECG machine which was added by the clinic.

Every time he saw this new machine, which was half lighter than the previous one and cost more than ten thousand yuan, Xu Ze couldn’t help but murmuring to himself that it really cost much more to engage in western medicine than in traditional Chinese medicine. The most valuable equipment in his own hospital is only a 200 yuan fast blood glucose meter. This old doctor has bought a car or changed equipment these two years, I don’t know how much money he has made; it’s a difference between heaven and earth.

Xu Ze murmured for two times, and began to make an electrocardiogram. He carefully clamped the lead at the old man’s withered wrist and ankle. Then he asked his family members to help him untie the old man’s coat, dip it in water with a cotton swab, wet it with a cotton swab at the thin and angular breastbone, and then connect the negative pressure balls of the six chest leads in the order of red, yellow, green, brown, black and purple, and then gently press on the machine The two keys, along with the sound of “hissing” and the long electrocardiographic drawing, slide out slowly.

“A new machine is a new one. It’s much better than that old one!” Xu Ze stretched out his hand to hold his glasses, looked carefully at the figure sliding out of the electrocardiograph paper, and soon came to the conclusion: “hmm The ST segment of v4v5v6 obviously moves down more than 0.05mv. There is myocardial ischemia. It seems that there is no obvious myocardial infarction, and there is a little arrhythmia! “

Soon, at the end of the drawing, the computer automatically gave a conclusion that soon confirmed Xu Ze’s judgment: “sinus arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia!”

Xu Ze smiled contentedly, then tore off the electrocardiographic drawing, folded it carefully, put it in the pocket of the work clothes, and then asked the family to help the old man get up, and sat back at the doctor’s table.

He folded the map paper neatly and carefully handed it to old doctor Zhang and said, “old Zhang, have a look!”

Old doctor Zhang looked at the neatly folded drawing on hand, nodded his head, thought about it, and then said to Xu Ze, “you can show the feverish patient how his temperature is, check it carefully, and then prescribe a medicine for me.”

“Ah…” Hearing this, Xu Ze nodded happily. This is a test for him. This time, he has a good chance to get his approval. If he later recognizes his ability, there will be many benefits Nothing can go wrong this time,

Thinking of this, Xu Ze carefully took his stethoscope from the shelf beside the diagnosis table and hung it on his neck. Then he went to the young man sitting beside him and said with a smile, “the thermometer is OK. Take it out and have a look!”

“It’s thirty-eight degrees five. There’s a fever indeed.” Xu Ze nodded, then took the flashlight and cotton swab from his pocket, and motioned to the patient, “open your mouth and look at your throat!”

Under the light of a small flashlight, the two huge and bright red tonsils in the patient’s throat, as expected, are boldly proclaiming their existence to Xu Ze;

“The tonsil is 2 ° swollen, but there is no obvious purulent point!” Xu Ze suddenly nodded his head, then threw the cotton swab in the garbage can beside him, hung the stethoscope on his ear, and listened to the patient’s lungs attentively.

Feeling the sound coming from the stethoscope, Xu Ze quickly made a diagnosis in his mind: “the tonsil is 2 ° swollen, the breathing sound of both lungs is slightly thick, no obvious rale is found; the main symptoms of the patient are fever, chills, headache, a little cough, no obvious expectoration and vomiting; the diagnosis of acute tonsillitis is right!”

It’s easy to prescribe the medicine after the diagnosis is confirmed. Although on weekdays, Dr. Zhang doesn’t feel relieved to ask Xu Ze to prescribe the medicine for the patient, it’s just because Xu Ze is too young to really get his trust. That doesn’t mean that Xu Ze doesn’t have the ability. After all, Xu Ze has studied in Dr. Zhang for many years and exercised at home for a long time. Of course, these minor diseases can be caught by hand Come on.

Immediately sit back at the diagnosis table, take out the prescription, and according to the habit of the former Doctor Zhang, write on the prescription: “100ml of normal saline + 2.0 intravenous drip of cefuroxime sodium twice a day, skin test; 100ml of ofloxacin twice a day; 250ml of 5% glucose + 0.5 intravenous drip of ribavirin once a day; 500ml of 5% glucose + 3.0 of vitamin C3, 60.2 of vitamin B60, 10ml of 10% potassium chloride once a day; an It’s a near 0.5 intramuscular injection, now! “

After looking at the prescription in hand, Xu Ze checked it carefully again. Cefuroxime sodium and ofloxacin are used for anti-inflammatory, ribavirin is used for anti-virus, analgin is used for fever and headache, vitamins and glucose are used for rehydration, which should be enough, and the dosage is right. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by Xu Ze are similar to those used by old doctor Zhang in the past.

Now I looked at Dr. Zhang. At this time, Dr. Zhang had finished prescribing the medicine for the old man and handed it to the nurse for infusion. Xu Ze took the prescription and handed it to Dr. Zhang. Then he carefully said, “the patient’s temperature is 38.5 degrees, the throat is red, the tonsil is 2 degrees swollen, the respiratory sound of the lung is a little thick, but no rale is heard. I think the diagnosis should be acute tonsillitis!”

After that, he looked at old doctor Zhang nervously, waiting for his judgment.

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